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Various colors available to choose granite countertops


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Various colors available to choose granite countertops

  1. 1. Various colors available to choose granite countertops After diamond, granite is the second solid material known on earth. Granite includes lots of natural resources like crystals & minerals along with quartz and feldspar. The color of granite depends on these natural resources as well as crystals but deciding the right colors of granite countertops is much more challenging. The various effects of colors which come from feldspar are: cherry, emerald, white, and blue and colors generated from quartz are: pale, cloudy and lucid color. In recent trend granite became popular option to make countertops. Granite countertops are known for its durability. There are lots of home improvement shops and home storehouses where you will be able to get granite countertops. The over all beauty of your kitchen depends on the type of granite countertop colors you have chosen. The kitchen is a place which you used on regular basis; therefore you should try to make this place as much comfortable as possible. Now let see various colors of granite countertops: Black color Countertop Black color countertops is the best option to chose because it will be able to provide stylishness as well as an elegant appearance to your kitchen or other places in your home. Granite countertops which is solid black color or the other one that has a modest outline created on it and made out of tiny stones or crystals can increase the value of your home. You can opt for the black color granite if the internal part of your home made out of white color. Black granite countertops will distinguish well with the internal white color which makes your home much more beautiful. India, Australia, Sweden and South Africa are the places where black color granite mined. Red color Countertop Red color is a symbol of love; therefore red color countertops provide a loving and exciting appearance in the first sight. Red color countertops available in various shades which vary from shine salmon to gloomy reddish purple. Though red granite countertops are somewhat costly but they include top quality attraction to your home with their different hot colors.
  2. 2. It’s very rare to find solid red granite countertops because they often come with the blend of other colors such as black, silver and brown. Red color countertops can come with white or golden chip that increases the attractiveness of the countertop. Blue color Countertop Blue color granite countertops are available in various colors such as: violet, sapphire blue, lavender, royal blue and ice blue. Blue is the favorite color for many people which make blue granite countertops most preferred countertops for internal beautification. Green color Countertop Green color granite countertops are comparatively not much expensive and they offer wide varieties of colors. Green granite countertops provide a normal appearance to your kitchen and bathroom therefore they are not that much fashionable as compared to other colors of countertops. There are various shades of green color countertops available such as emerald green, pearl green, forest green and sea green.