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Welcome heath safety123


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This is very basic logistics Health & Safety Presentation file.

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Welcome heath safety123

  2. 2. A Management Health & Safety SystemPlan docheckActlevel ofcontrol
  3. 3. Health Safety: main componentsHEALTH & SAFETYEnvironmentalpolicyHSE-PlanningHSE-Checking &corrective actionHSE-Management reviewHSE-Implementation& operationContinual improvement
  4. 4. Health, safety EnvironmentalPolicy Commitment to continual improvement andprevention of pollution, Air, Water, Energy andRecycle waste. Demonstrates commitment to compliance withlegislation and regulations. A framework for environmental objectives andtargets.
  5. 5. HSE-PlanningObjectives and targets ObjectivesOverall goals of our MLS organization aligned withSafety, Quality and productivity. statement andidentified environmental effects, often included inHealth & Safety policy statement. Safety TargetsSpecific goals of ZERO ACCCIDENT theorganization, should be measurable whereverpracticable. STARRT Card Talk ? Safety TaskAnalysis Risk Reduce Task.
  6. 6. HSE - Implementation andoperation Roles, responsibility, and authority:making environmental Health & Safetymanagement effective. Resources and personnel: implementand control the EMS Management representative(s):co-ordination role - not solelyresponsible! Team effort.
  7. 7. Implementation SafetyTraining, awareness and communication HSE- needs Risk assessment& Control Measures. HSE-Training & awarenessprogrammed: ensureawareness and competentpersonnel. Communication proceduresfor internal & externalcommunication Daily Visual and OperationalSafety Inspection.
  8. 8. Health & SafetyCulture- 1
  9. 9. Health & Safety Culture
  10. 10. Safety Control Measure Structure and Responsibility Training, awareness and competence Health & Safety Communication Documented Safety procedures followto warehouse. Health Safety unsafe practice Operational Good Practice. Emergency preparedness and responseChecking and corrective action. Monitoring and measurement Periodic testing of these procedures
  11. 11. HSE-Implementation and operation identify joint solutions to problems develop a positive health and safety culture whererisks are managed sensibly; reduce accidents and ill health, plus their relatedcosts to your business; bring about improvements in overall efficiency,Safety, quality and productivity‘s. meet customer demands and maintain credibility. Legal requirements. A workforce that feels valued and involved indecision-making plays
  12. 12. HSE- Action NoticeNonconformance & corrective action and records Action to Rash Driving of Forklift / BT Operators. Poor Housekeeping & Poor Maintenance Without Personal Protective Equipment Violation of Driving Eating & Drinking inside the Warehouse Audit results.
  13. 13. Identifying People AtRisk Employees Temporary workers Visitors Contractors Young13• New Employees• Plant & Equipment• Pregnant women• Less able-bodied• Lone workers“ Accidents don’t happen to me.”“ It’s only going to take a minute.”PPE Excuses :
  14. 14. Health Risks Stress Neck and back pain Respective Stress Injury Eye strain Headaches Psychical & Mental Bone Fracture Fatality14