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Ava concept map

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT - 2 Concept Map for AVA Name - Muthu KumaarThangavelu ava.jpg Matric no - G1101765E AVA ( Agri - food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) has its roots from named owns Agriculture Corporate Identity represents Logo of SWIRL depicting Protecting living environment Veterinary Corporate Brochure Co-operative focussed on operations of divisions The Primary Production Department (PPD) established in 1959 a new statutory board Annual Reports Rich Intellectual Capital Corporate Publications include AVA Vision Newsletter Fisheries Human Capital Giro Payment System Plant Bulletin grouped under 3 key organizational assets Customer Operations on Excellence Relational Capital includes Rural Mission derives Comprising of Online Platform provide Improving the livelihood of the farmers Inspection & Laboratory e-Services Singapore Journal of Primary Industries (PPD in 1960s) Team work AVA Board and Management Eliciting Core Values Licences, Permits, Certificates & Registration structured Agriculture with Food Safety with optimal production technology Integrity Legislation/Policies owns/abides to Structural Capital includes exhibited Process ,Technology and Procedures Customer Service standard health and wealth of plants and animals with its Chairman Farm Licensing has contributed over decades in the areas of comprising of Answering the call within 5 rings Care Mr Koh Soo Keong is maintained for Singapores first Agricultural Show Predict and meet the future demands 9 statutues listed under categorized based on 3 sectors Intensive Pig farming estate at Punggol is divided based on operations Corporate and Technology group elementary processes with distinct rectangular shapes developed Achieving Self Sufficiency in production Management Team enquiries and feed back (PPD in 1970s) Assures Email Response within 5 days implemented Ensures Board Members Food Works to Animals & PetResearch on disease diagnosis, monitoring and control Regulatory Programmes and operations group Agriculture & Fisheries Automation and mechanisation Improved farming by Evolving High tech farms involves Integrating food safety programs Food Traders Involves governed by Singapore food regulations (PPD in 1980s) Food Labelling Became Signatory to (PPD in 1990s ) Operating based on futuristic challenges CITES * (PPD in 2000 and Beyond) Screened for Regulatory Programmes Division The Horticulture Services Centre (HSC) Responsible Ownership Established Testing & Certification Animal Disease Diagnosis Certificates and Accreditations Import, Export, Transshipment Centre for Animal Welfare and Control Maintained Products screened for Import,Export, Endangered Species involves recognition of export health certificates carried out by operated by The Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC) Transshipment Protection Technical Services & Research Agro technology Parks for advanced bio tech products obtain provides Food Safety Education involves Label Standards regulated by Animal and Plant Health Centre Stability of food prices is administered by Animal & Pet Services Aquaculture Services Centre (ASC) Fees Applicable Paying AVA License Comprises information on Nutrient function claims CITES* Wild Animals and Birds Act Import,Export and Responsible Pet Ownership Animal & Birds Farming Transshipmet of Plants get Animals and Birds Act follows (RPO) Program (Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes) Rules Monitoring & Control Food safety tips Food facts Veterinary Public Health Centre can be with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Control of Plants Act permit through tradenet in Phytosanitary certificate following AVA License comprises of getting Wholesome Meat and Fish Act Veterinary Public Health Laboratory Animals and Birds 6 Agro Technology Parks Other Land/sea based farms regulated under Animals and Birds Act 2002 Surveillance & Compliance Division (Pet Shop and Exhibition) Rules 2004 Control of Plants Act governed by Appropriate Permit Insect Feeds Sale of Food Act Veterinary Biologics regulated by Animals and Birds Act Animal feeds Animal Quarantine Singapore Land Authority & Laboratory animals Ornamental Fish and Pathogens Animals and Birds Personal Pets Commercial Pets Site Licensing Section (AVA) (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules Good Agricultural Practice for Vegetable Farming (GAP-VF) The Animal and Plant Health Centre (APHC) regulated under Certification Scheme APPENDIX through regulated by operated by Endangered Species * CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora regulated by (Import & Export) Act Pollution Control Department (PCD) Implements Control of Plants Act Primary food farming International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV ) COLOR BASED DISTINCTIVE MARK UP SHAPE BASED DISTINCTIVE MARK UP AVA License Quarantine & Inspection Department Animals and Birds Act Feeding Stuffs Act Horticulture Includes Fish administered by - Legacy System Operations Dragon fish farming - Intellectual Capital Individual Contributors Aquaculture Import & Export Regulation Division - AVA Top Level - Individual Operational Process Categories screened for - AVA Human Capital Health Certificates - Legislation administered by AVA - AVA Structural Capital Obtains Tradenet Clearance Permit - AVA Relational Capital - AVA Food Sector Operations - AVA Animals & Pet Sector Operations - AVA Agriculture & Fisheries Operations