Video surveillance industry solution


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Video surveillance industry solution

  1. 1. Video Surveillance Retail Industry SolutionThe retail industry is experiencing a shift in the way organizations compete in the market by movingaway from product centric models to customer centric strategies. Our Retail Solutions play a prominentrole in the retail community’s achievement of broader companywide goals that ensure positivecustomer experience, increase revenues and drive overall business performance.Loss PreventionShoplifting, fraud and inventory shrinkage have a significant effect on the profits of retailers each year.With Our Retail Solutions, retailers are better able to prevent and recover lost items, creating ameasureable return on investment. Using intelligent video analytics, designed for specific retailenvironments, retailers can be alerted to and investigate suspicious shopping behaviors, such as: · Loitering in high-risk theft areas · Removal of multiple high-priced items · In-store, after hours motion detection · Electronic Article Surveillance alarm activationSafety & SecurityThe safety and security of both employees and customers is of critical importance to management and isa significant factor in terms of liability and insurance. With Our Retail Solutions, retailers are alerted topotential safety threats without putting staff in danger and have advanced search tools for reviewingrecorded video for investigational purposes.Customer Experience & Business IntelligenceIntelligent video analytics can provide tangible business intelligence that can be used for evaluating theshopping habits of customers, planning store layouts, designing and locating product displays,optimizing space, and improving the overall customer experience. With Our Retail Solutions, retailersare able to: · Count people entering store · Measure traffic flow patterns by aisle, displays, or other areas · Identify peak busy periods · Be alerted to customers at the registerTulip Telecom Limited Page 1
  2. 2. Video Surveillance Education Industry SolutionAround the world, education institutions are challenged to find the balance between fostering an openand nurturing learning environment while also ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and staff.Thankfully, there is a company that can help. Our is assisting educational organizations achieve thisbalance with noticeable benefits. Adding Value with Intelligent Video Management · Increase school security · Coordinate emergency response · Reduce property damage · Reduce spending · Improve the educational experienceBetter, Faster & Coordinated Emergency ResponseOur Education Solutions enable immediate notification and automated response when suspicious eventsoccur, enabling rapid response for security, staff and other first responders . In response to set alarmactivity Our can zoom a PTZ camera in on an alarming object, send alarm images to PDAs or email, lockdoors, close gates or turn on lights. Furthermore, with the ability to give police, fire and ambulance,access to campus video, Our Symphony helps to ensure emergency response personnel are bestprepared to respond effectively to emergency situations.Improve Safety. Reduce Vandalism.Our Education Solutions are designed to identify potentially troublesome events such as movement inalarm zones, perimeter breaches during off-hours, loitering and suspicious bags of objects left behindwithout putting school staff at undue risk during the monitoring process. Additionally, with Our, securitypersonnel can be alerted to events that may compromise emergency procedures, such as objectsblocking emergency exits. Vandalism and property damage are common concern for schools. Oursolutions can not only provide the tools to identify suspicious events in real-time but also to quicklypinpoint events or people from archived video data.Tulip Telecom Limited Page 2
  3. 3. Video Surveillance GovernmentWhether reducing crime in communities, defending the homeland, or dealing with natural or manmadethreats, government agencies at all levels are faced with significant challenges. To overcome thesechallenges, governments are looking to Our to address these threats with noticeable results.AddingValue with Intelligent Video Management · Increase public safety · Accelerate emergency response · Reduce Crime · Optimize operationsIntegrated Video Surveillance. System of SystemsGovernment organizations of all sizes benefit from integrated video management systems built on open,standards-based architectures running on Microsoft® Windows client/server platforms to improvepublic safety, reduce crime, and increase organizational efficiency. Our Government Solutions create a‘system of systems’ that integrates multiple information sensors (access control, HVAC, alarm I/O) andenables remote surveillance, real-time alarm notification, commercial off-the-shelf hardware support,scalability, flexibility, and cost-effective installation and maintenance.Improved Responsiveness. Video VerificationWhether it is real-time notification of security breaches or delivering quick search results from days ofarchived video, Our Government Solutions can reduce delays in action for first responders. And whenemergencies do occur, law enforcement and other security agents can immediately access video fromany networked facility where an alarm was generated verifying the incident so they can respondappropriately. Our solutions drastically reduce false alarms, significantly increasing alarm integrity andincreasing responder readiness.Improve Safety. Reduce Vandalism.Our Government Solutions can identify potentially troublesome events such as movement in alarmzones, perimeter breaches during off-hours, wrong-way movement, loitering and suspicious bags ofobjects left behind without putting staff at undue risk during the monitoring process. Additionally, OurGovernment Solutions can alert security personnel to things that may compromise emergencyprocedures, such as objects blocking emergency exits. Our Government Solutions not only provides thetools to alert of suspicious events in real-time but also to quickly pinpoint recorded activity and identifyperpetrators of criminal activity such as vandalism or break-in’s.Tulip Telecom Limited Page 3
  4. 4. Video SurveillanceOptimize Operations EfficiencyLeveraging the same video system put in place for safety and security purposes, government agenciescan gain valuable information regarding operational inefficiencies and helping to decrease costs. Forexample, Our Government Solutions can allows for people counting and identifying traffic flow patternsthat can help plan government buildings, roads and intersections, and help to staff locationsappropriately. Our Government Solutions can also help enforce payment of parking tickets and othertraffic violations.Tulip Telecom Limited Page 4
  5. 5. Video Surveillance Entertainment & HospitalityHotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, conventions and large events, such as sports competitions ormusic festivals, are increasingly experiencing situations that can significantly affect the customerexperience and severely impact success and revenue. Whether the concern is terrorist attack, violence,vandalism, theft, or customer loyalty, our solutions can help. Adding Value with Intelligent VideoManagement · Increase public safety with accelerated emergency response · Reduce liability and insurance · Meet health and safety regulations · Improve customer experience and increase revenues engineerinProactive SecurityOur Entertainment & Hospitality Solutions allow organizations to be proactive about safety and securityby identifying suspicious behavior or unwelcome guests and monitoring crowded areas. We make it easyto store and search days, weeks or months of recorded video in seconds so that organizations can findand export specific video evidence for insurance claims or police investigations.Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Revenues.Our Entertainment & Hospitality Solutions can provide tangible business intelligence that can be usedfor evaluating crowd patterns, designing pedestrian areas, analyzing wait times at ticket desks, foodstands, or merchandise kiosks, and optimizing staff, helping to improve the overall customer experienceand encourage purchasing behaviors.Tulip Telecom Limited Page 5
  6. 6. Video Surveillance Manufacturing SolutionsIndustrial organizations of all types are under immense stress, Deadlines, Uptime, Quality, Safety. Theseare just some of the challenges facing companies in the automotive, construction, manufacturing,electronics and utilities sectors today. We are helping industrial organizations turn obstacles intoopportunities. Adding Value with Intelligent Video Management · Prevent theft of valuable materials · Decrease delays caused by vandalism to equipment and facilities · Improve quality control · Enforce employee compliance to health and safety regulations · Meet insurance requirementsRemote Site Management & Quality ImprovementOur Industrial Solutions are designed to monitor factory and site perimeters, manufacturing productionlines or factory robots and send alerts if something unusual occurs. This not only reduces the labor costof manual monitoring, but also eliminates the time and cost required for management to physicallytravel to the site by providing access to live and recorded video from any computer with internet access.Additionally with better, more accurate monitoring, production quality is also improved.Security & Theft PreventionNot only is the cost raw materials at industrial sites expensive, but many of the sites themselves arecritical infrastructure facilities that require a high level of security to protect against malicious activities.Our Industrial Solutions helps improve perimeter security, sending real-time alerts and initiatingautomatic response, such as, sounding audible alarms, when suspicious activity is detected on sitesafter-hours or in unauthorized zones. This works to decrease on-site theft, and improve perimeterprotection, decreasing security threats and costs due to shrinkage.Compliance EnforcementWith Our Industrial Solutions, industrial sites are not only alerted to production process abnormalities,but are also provided with a record of employee behavior that can be used for human resources andhealth and safety compliance reporting and investigations. Non-compliance activities can be flagged andeasily reviewed so that immediate action can be taken.Tulip Telecom Limited Page 6