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Personality development

  1. 1. My First Day At Frankfinn…It Was Grand Moment In My Life I Was Placing My Feet On First Step Of MyDream Carrier Some Where I Was Nervous Because Of New Place, New SyllabusAnd New Environment. As Anew Student I Was Quite And Watching What IsGoing In The Class When I Started To Speak I Got Panic Due To Nervousness AndEnvironmental Changes. But Now I Am Friendly With This Environment After ThisEvent Day Now I Am Comparing My Previous Days With This Days Now I AmBecome Judicious And Rational I Could Manage Hard Situation With CorrectDecision-making. I Found My Self As Ambient Person I Checked Both Side OfSituation And Holding A Middle Ground Of Situation In Terms Of Conditioning SoEvery Day I Motivate My Self. Because Conditioning Definition Says “You CantChange Your Past But You Can Develop Your Future By Utilizing Your PresentWell.” So Every Day Believing That I Am Good Human Being This Is My SelfConditioning Now According To My Environment I Am Conditioning My Self ToAdjust With Environment Like My Office, Class And Family.
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  3. 3. 1) Observe well assimilated Personality in the movie?The great personality in this film is of courseCoach Kabir Khan. When he was thrown out of thecaptainship he didn’t lost faith in god, he had strongbelieve that he will show the world that he is not guiltyand will bring back the victory to India.
  4. 4. 2) What are the Negative and Positive conditioning youobserved in the movie? (M2)Negative Conditioning:This movie is excellent for showing how to get out ofvery difficult situations. Expresses positively andnegatively in man. Negatively it expresses in his lowerconsciousness as ego.
  5. 5. Negative Conditioning: Media cameraman person ruined the careerof the Kabir Khan.This led to the drop out of the captain.Members of the hockey association weredouble minded and didn‟t trust womenshockey team as said womens could not play thegame, they are only meant for preparing foodsand cleaning the floors.Vindhya Nayak is a negative character in themovie, who think negatively. she always tries todominate others.
  6. 6. Positive Conditioning:Following are some coaching concepts that make positive conditioningwork: Take things that are essential for team success (conditioning) andfind a way to make them important to the athletes.The first and the foremost point was never say die attitude generated bythe coach „Kabir Khan‟ in the women‟s hockey team. The coach asked the team to play for each other not against the playerswho are in the same team, that brings the unity in the team. The training of the coach was very good as it results to the world cup(i.e.) one should have excellent and strict trainer to train for the best.
  7. 7. 3)Talk about the GOAL ACHIEVING SKILLS you observed in the movie.(M1)Goal Achieving Skills:From the beginning goal achieving skills have been observed in theleading actor and coach of the Indian hockey women‟s team. Because whenhe was captaining India we have seen how passionate he was towards thegame, but due to some misconceptions and bad luck he was dropped fromthe team believing as he took bribe for the game, thereafter after a long gapof seven years he was able to come back again but not as a player but as acoach of Indian women‟s hockey team. This shows his passion and goalachieving skills, because once he failed to prove his innocence in front ofassociation and public that led him to come back and prove his innocencethat he didn‟t took any bribe and he is still a die hard player of India.
  8. 8.  Coming on the point association after somany misconceptions appointed ‘KabirKhan’ as a coach of India. His strictness, histraining skills proved again that he’s notonly the best player but has good skills ofcoaching (i.e.) Best Coach. His goal was veryclear that he want to make his team win theWorld cup and with that he thought he’ll begetting his position and standard back whichhe lost in the final world cup match of IndiaVs Pakistan
  9. 9. Being a trainer he was with the team till the players need him. Histraining skills were very sharp and considered. He worked very hardbehind his team because his goal was very clear that he want the team toget world cup as in the beginning the team was very weak. There was nounity in it, experienced players were arrogant and was not ready to mix upwith the new players etc. But at the end with his training skills he madethem to play for each other, he converted weak team to a strong teamwhich was highly impossible.
  10. 10. He trained the team in every aspect because hisgoal achieving skills were different and clear. Hisskills led the team to be perfect rather than weak.He stood up to the expectations what the team wasdreaming about
  11. 11. Without any failures, misconceptions, interruption she madethe dream true. At the end with his goal achieving skills heproved that he is right and innocent and then they won theworld cup and he got his respect back. In real life one shouldhave clear goals to do what they aim for in the beginning. Weneed good skills for that (i.e.) hard work + Smart work. Thismeans we all should have Goal Achieving Skills.
  12. 12. 4) During your class activity do you find any leader, what sort of LeadershipQualities you observed? (M3)Leadership Qualities: I found one boy who has lots of capabilities in leadership that is„Jamsheer‟.Jamsheer is a matured person with tricky mind. He can be useful in anysituation. The decision making with resulted conclusions are perfect.Normally people think twice before doing any work, but Jamsheer believes inperfect work. Etiquettes are very important in every field but most of thepeople won‟t follow. He is the person with good etiquettes and he would liketo share without any hesitation and I think that resembles the leadershipqualities. He got vast knowledge and command over aviation and whenneeded he shares the knowledge with the group and not only the group butoutside the group.
  13. 13. He is the person with great temperament,lovable, caring and with balancedetiquettes, which is highly required inthis aviation industry. His mentality ishigh, whenever we sit with him we grabsome knowledge about the field ofaviation industry. I saw all these qualitieswhen we went to our field activity.Frankly speaking after the staffs whoteaches us he is the perfect guy who canteach in regards to this field. Hence Iobserved leadership qualities in„Jamsheer.
  14. 14. 2) What sort of Ego States you observed in the movie. (M2)Ego States: Within each human being are several humanbeings existing at the same time depending upon how theperson is behaving at any given moment.Ego states relates purely to behavioral age , unrelated tochronological age, can change several times duringtransactions, guide human behavior, cause victory or defeat.Parental Ego state: -Authoritative, caring, controlling, advisory and some timebossy.Example:-As Coach he has the abilities to control the team.Adult Ego State:- Care, concern ,respect ,responsibility andmaturity
  15. 15. I‟ve seen this sort of ego in Preeti Sabarwal. Because in thebeginning when she approached at the registration centre, she waslate then too she was arguing with the coach. Child ego state:- The child ego state has the liberty of fun lovingand carefree behavior while being aware that adults and parents arewatching over the behavior the playfulness may end or escalate whenadults and parents entre the scenario Example:- Haryana girl Komal chautala she was not interested topass the ball to Preeti Sabarwal because if she makes a goal thenshe‟ll be left behind in goals.She use to abuse her on the field saying “ I‟ll be the girl whose goingto hit more goals than you”
  16. 16. 2)What barriers did you face during your project work? How can it betranslated to your desired job?(M2)A barrier or barricade is a physical structure which blocks or impedessomething. Barrier to entry, are obstacles that make it difficult to entering.One of the major barriers I have gone through is permission from themanagers for my field activity.Example: - When I went to coffee day the manager did not allow me totake the survey. He said he doesn‟t want to disturb his customers.Types of barriers: - There are three types of barriers which I had faced.
  17. 17.  Communication Barrier Physical Barrier Personal BarrierCommunication barrier: - There are several barriers that effects the flowof communication in an organization this barriers interrupt the flow ofcommunication from the sender to receiver, thus making communicationineffective. Physical Barrier: - Physical Barriers consist of any sound that prevents aperson from being heard. Physical noise interferes with a speakers ability tosend messages and with an audiences ability to receive them. Other physicalblocks include mumbling, speaking too fast, distracting gestures, noiseinside the room such a ringing telephones etc…
  18. 18. Personal Barrier: - Personal barriers open new levels ofawareness, dissolves barriers and aids personal growth. The biggestPersonal Barriers originate below our personal radar. The barriers thatelude you are very clever defense mechanisms that operate so quickly theyappear to be natural, intelligent choices, but in reality they are nothingmore than subtle methods of keeping you from changing, and creating truepersonal growth and development. Based on all these experiences I will tryto improve in many factors that are:Type of approachKnowledge on market
  19. 19. 3) How moral values help an individual to develop effective interpersonalrelation.(M3)Moral values are ideals that guide or qualify your personal conduct andinteraction with others. They help you to distinguish what is right from whatis wrong and inform you on how you can conduct your life in meaning fullway.The life of the individual has meaning only in so far as it aids in makingthe life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful life is sacred that is tosay it is the supreme value to which all other values are subordinates.Moral values helps us to develop our own personality.Moral values can be learned from parents or seniors.From moral values we can change our future decisions.Performing duties fulfilling responsibilities keeping up his words and nothurting others are the characteristics of a gentleman.
  20. 20. 1) Which factor you observed in the movie which you think is responsible fordevelopment of one‟s personality?[D1]The factor which I think is responsible for one‟s personality is theHaryana girl Komal Chautala. She was the centre forward player in themovie, her rivalry was Preeti Sabarwal the another one who plays on thesame place. On the field she never passes the ball to her. She was notmatured. Her mentality was proved to be a child ego state. Time passesbut there were no changes in her character. Both of them were stubbornand on the field they were not ready to pass the ball to each other as theywant to make the goal on their own and be on the top.
  21. 21. The two of them were anger with each other while playingon the field. Than the world cup tournament of women‟s hockeyhave started and they continued their scenario by not passing theball to each other. As they reached finals Kabir Khan coach ofIndian women hockey team noticed the two and called them tosolve the situation. He explains that the game plays with the unity,by playing with each other. He screamed, he yelled then he makethem understand that you have to play for each other to win thefinal match otherwise you will loose it. At the end thing‟s workedKomal Chautala passed the ball other rivalry and that was themoment where they won the world cup. So all the above KomalChautala thought and changed her behavior to win the world cup.This shows that the factor which is responsible for the developmentfor ones personality is Komal Chautala.
  22. 22. 2)Evaluate your own Time Management Style.[D2]Time management can be defined as :- Applyingmanagement principles which helps in maximizing thevalue of time by including those activities which produceresults and rejecting the activities which wastes time orwhich gives negative results.
  23. 23. IMPROVING TIME MANAGEMENT :-PRIORTIZE: We should make a note all what weneed to do and which things is most important shouldbe done first.DO IT NOW: We should stop pending things, shouldtry to complete it as soon as possible. And when ourgoal is achieved it gives us good feelings and gain selfconfidence, which again motivates us to achieve bestin future.SET GOALS,ACHIVE GOALS: The people withstrong goals automatically decides what to do andwhen. It will help us to select the work which isimportant and which is not.
  24. 24. USE WASTED TIME: Check on what else you can do whilecommuting and waiting. Carrying books may help you. When youdelegate, get time commitment. Make associations with friends whoare productive rather than those who indulge in “Time pass”activities.PUT THINGS IN WRITING : Carry a pocket diary and jotting padwith you at all times.
  25. 25. TIME ACTIVITES TIME SPENDTIME ACTIVITES TIME Wakeup, Have a glass ofmilk and some almonds30mins/ Goes for masjid Goes for fitness centre 2hr9.00am Go for my shop 5hr1.30pm Will have my lunch at home 30mins2.00pm Will start for my Frankfinninstitute3hr5.30pm Come back my shop 4hr9.30pm Go for my home and eatdinner and go sleep7hr
  26. 26. 3) How do you think leadership qualities bring about a change in one‟s personaland professional lives.[D3]Leadership qualities can be defined as one‟s ability to get others towillingly follow. Every organization needs leader at every level. A leader must beable to communicate his or her vision. He or she must communicate clearly andpassionately as passion is contagious.A good leader must have a goal to work. Somebody said that action speakslouder than words. So action is the mark of the leader with humility recognizethat they are no better or worse than the other member of the team.
  27. 27. CHANGE IN ONE’S PERSONAL LIVES :Confidence : Only a person who has confidence in his/her abilitiescan help other know their truth worth and perform well .Theconfidence that helps a leader fight problems and come out ofthe successfully.HONESTY : A good leader will always be honest that gains therespect and trust of others. Success is always a team effort andit cannot be possible if the team member’s do not trust theleaders ability and respect his/her judgment.WILL POWER : As they say will power is what makes one breaksman. A true leader will always have a will power to never give upand keep going in spite of troubles. This gives leaders helpsthem succeed in the midst of problems.
  28. 28. CHANGE IN PROFESSIONAL LIVES :People Focus : It is the team that gets the work done and the lot dependson them. Team members look up to a leader only if they considerhim/her apart of the team progress understand problems and givessolution.Motivating : A good leader is one who constantly keeps the teammotivated inspire of all the trouble and is able to derive performanceout of them. Ones needs to understand that a motivated team can dowonders and as such is self motivated and leads them from fronttowards success.Visionary : A good leader must be able to see the future and decide whatis it that has to be done today to achieve a great future. A leaderthinks out of the box and see’s opportunities that other do not
  29. 29. 3) How your inter personal skills will help you in yourpersonal and professional life.[D3] Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use everyday to communicate and interact with otherpeople, individually and in groups. Interpersonal skills include not only how wecommunicate with others, but also our confidence, andour ability to listen and understand. Problemsolving, decision making and personal stressmanagement are also considered interpersonal skills.
  30. 30.  People with strong interpersonal skills are usuallymore successful in both their professional andpersonal lives. They are perceived as morecalm, confident and charismatic, qualities that areoften endearing or appealing to others. Being moreaware of your interpersonal skills can help youimprove and develop them. We provide an extensivelibrary of articles to help you learn about andimprove your interpersonal skills
  31. 31. 1. Smile. Few people want to be around someone who is always down in thedumps. Do your best to be friendly and upbeat with your coworkers. Maintain apositive, cheerful attitude about work and about life. Smile often. The positiveenergy you radiate will draw others to you.2. Be appreciative. Find one positive thing about everyone you work with and letthem hear it. Be generous with praise and kind words of encouragement. Saythank you when someone helps you. Make colleagues feel welcome when theycall or stop by your office. If you let others know that they areappreciated, they‟ll want to give you their best.
  32. 32. 3. Pay attention to others. Observe what‟s going on inother peoples lives. Acknowledge their happymilestones, and express concern and sympathy fordifficult situations such as an illness or death. Makeeye contact and address people by their first names.Ask others for their opinions.4. Communicate clearly. Pay close attention to both what yousay and how you say it. A clear and effective communicatoravoids misunderstandings with coworkers, colleagues, andassociates. Verbal eloquence projects an image of intelligenceand maturity, no matter what your age.
  33. 33. 5. Humor them. Don‟t be afraid to be funny or clever. Mostpeople are drawn to a person that can make them laugh.Use your sense of humors an effective tool to lowerbarriers and gain people‟s affection.6. See it from their side. Empathy means being able to putyourself in someone else‟s shoes and understand howthey feel. Try to view situations and responses fromanother person‟s perspective.
  34. 34. 7. Dont complain. There is nothing worse than a chronic complainer or whiner. If yousimply have to vent about something, save it for your diary. If you must verbalize yourgrievances, vent to your personal friends and family, and keep it short. Spare thosearound you, or else youll get a bad reputation.8. Practice active listening. To actively listen is to demonstrate that you intend to hear andunderstand another‟s point of view. It means restating, in your own words, what theother person has said. In this way, you know that you understood their meaning andthey know that your responses are more than lip service. Your coworkers willappreciate knowing that you really do listen to what they have to say.
  35. 35. 9. Bring people together. Create an environment thatencourages others to work together. Treat everyoneequally, and dont play favorites. Avoid talking aboutothers behind their backs. Follow up another peoplessuggestions or requests. When you make a statement orannouncement, check to see that you have been understood.If folks see you as someone solid and fair, they will grow totrust you.10. Resolve conflicts. Take a step beyond simply bringingpeople together, and become someone who resolves conflictswhen they arise. Learn how to be an effective mediator.
  36. 36. 2) What sort of help you are looking from your facultyregarding your communication and what action planyou would have to follow.[D2/D3]First of all I would like to thank frankfinn fortheir support from the beginning and I hope this willcontinue till the end of my course. Basically I was araw when I came to frankfinn, but the entire staffpolished half of me and still the another half of meremains incomplete.
  37. 37. I need to be improved on my communicationarea. I want extra classes on English from faculty sothat I can improve my self. Because communicationskills are very important in aviation industry.Now days everyone is facing the problem ofcommunication that is speaking English. Not onlyspeaking but also we need to develop in many waysthat are emotions, feelings, hand movements, bodylanguage, and good posture.
  38. 38. I request my faculty to check my workperiodically both spoken and writing. And giving metask which will improve command over language.Monitoring or observing me in class and giving mefeedback, So that I can understand why and when Imake errors and to help me improving my overallcommunication skills.
  39. 39. My Action plans for improving my communication skills: Standing in front of the mirror and practicing. Regular reading newspaper. Regular watching English news channels and English movies. Trying to talk in English both at home and with my friends. Understanding grammar.
  40. 40. 1) What sort of moral values you are lacking and how you can develop thesame? [D1/D2]Moral values change as per the needs of society. But the humannature has not changed for generations. That is why it looks as moralvalues are lacking these days. Moral values are important for thosepersons who are honest, believe in ethics, punctual. But gradually suchtype of peoples are decreasing day by day because the entire system ischanging by corruption, not following the rules and regulations of thecountry, not believing in ethics.
  41. 41. The moral values which are lacking, I can develop are I will try to improve my will-power through this we can achieve anything.Where there is will there is a way. I will try not to lose confidence in anysituation. Being more useful to others. By doing social service
  42. 42. If we maintain moral valuesWe will know many unknown things.We will be mentally peacefulPeople will respect you in home and society.People will trust you in all means.It will improve your overall personality. It helps to looking after the family in a better way.