HR Functions Of Lahore International Expo Center.


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HR Functions Of Lahore International Expo Center.

  1. 1. One of the objective of our project is to a complete survey of the one uniqueservices provider in the Lahore, Lahore International Expo Center. . We focus onthe HR functions of the expo and learn how to manage all the human resourcesin an organization which leads us towards human management growth.Lahore International Expo Center was incorporated in Pakistan on 19 July 2004 asa private limited. It is a standardized platform that will provide great businessgenerating opportunities to the industrial sector of economy. In this project ourfocus is on the HR functions which are planning, recruitment & selection, training& development, compensation & benefits protection and communications. Themajor brands of the expo center are Trade Exhibition, Seminars,, CorporateEvents,, Cultural & Entertainments Events. In the BCG Matrix, expo brands relayon such way Convocations are under the Star Matrix, trade exhibitions are underthe Cash cow, Cultural events are under Question mark, and Corporate event andseminars are under the Dog. After that we analysis the SWOT of the expo center.Expo Pakistan is helps Pakistan to expand its international trade.
  2. 2. Situationanalysis is use to analyze both the internal and external environments of an organization inorder to understand the firm’s own capabilities, customers and business environment. Expo Pakistan is the biggest trade fair and platform for exporters of Pakistan. The situation analysis contains 5Cs Analysis ,swot analysis . In 5Cs our is the expo center. are PC, Awari, Al hammra. are the public of the Lahore, companies are Superior university, UMT, UBL, State life, PIA. of the expo center is very peace full.Lahore International Expo Center is a corporate body jointly owned by the Government ofPakistan and Government of the Punjab with a mandate to design, and promote a state-of-the-art Lahore International Expo Centre. The Centre is providing a platform ofinternational standard to the manufacturers, exporters, traders and service providers toeffectively introduce and market their products and services through trade exhibitions, fairsand conferences.
  3. 3. Lahore International Expo Centre is the focal point for welcoming and encouraging cultural and economic prosperity for the Country by providing a platform of international standards to the manufacturers, exporters, traders and service providers to effectively introduce and market their products and services through the trade exhibitions, fairs and conferences.Lahore International Expo Center continues its level of excellence and worldrecognition as a state-of-the-art exhibition facility. All team members are giventhe skill and training to perform their jobs in an effective and professionalmanner. Each team member is given guidance and motivation to achieve theirgoals in personal and professional development.
  4. 4. The shared values that exists with the boundaries of Expo Centre Lahore are: Team work Higher motivational level Ethical values Strong communicationThe Goal of this organization is to generate higher revenue through providing aninternational level business generating platform & to stand at the best level inworld. Expo Centre is launched to rival and boast the highly skilled professionalsto provide the best quality export opportunities to the economic sector.
  5. 5. In 2002 the federal government & Punjab government signed a M.O.U(Memorandum of Understanding) in which it was stated that we are launcha standardized platform that will provide great business generatingopportunities to the industrial sector of our economy. Lahore InternationalExpo Centre was incorporated in Pakistan on 19th July, 2004 as a privatelimited company under the company ordinance 1984.
  6. 6. The Inauguration is held of Lahore International Expo Center on 1st May,2010 was done by Mr. Shabaz Sharif & yousaf Raza Gillani.
  7. 7. It is designed by the renowned architect Nayyar Ali Dadda, this landmarkcomplex is a blending of tradition with the ultra-modern place where natureand technology runny space to showcase Pakistan’s past, present and future.The structure are designed to conform to standards of functionality and qualitymaintained at first rate European venues and will be the most technologicallyadvanced facilities of their kind.In the construction of expo Centre federal government has committed Rs.2billion for the construction ofthe Centre and PunjabGovernment hasprovided 50 acres of land worthRs.5 billion toward theenabling of this facility.It is one of the biggesttrading place in Pakistanwhich promotesPakistan’s goodwill .
  8. 8. 4 of Federal Government4 of Punjab President of LCCIGovernment 4 of Punjab Government 11 Board of Directors Prominent Exporter (by President of Punjab & Federal FPCC&I Government Both)
  9. 9. . Board of Directors Chief Operating Officer Finance & Business Administration Engineering & Technology Division DivisionHR & Administration Business Mechanical & Development Civil Department Technical Department Department Department Sales & Event Accounts Electrical Management I.P Department Department Department Department Procurement Department MIS DepartmentStores/ Inventory Corporate & Legal Department Affairs Department
  10. 10. Seminars,Conferences & Conventions Corporate Events Convocations Cultural & Entertainments Events
  11. 11. It provides a useful way of looking at the opportunities opento you, and helps you analyses which segments of yourbusiness are in a good position –and which ones aren’t. . Inthe BCG Matrix, expo brands relay on such wayConvocations are under the Star Matrix, trade exhibitionsare under the Cash cow, Cultural events are under Questionmark, and Corporate event and seminars are under the Dog.
  12. 12. . 1.Uniqueness of the 1. Low maturity of the system within project organization 2.Autonomy 2. Poor Communication at external 3.No bureaucracy level. 4.No nepotism 5.Team work1.Expo Centre is one of the most 1. Downfall of economy in Pakistan.Raising and Standardized platform for 2. unstable political conditionexporters of Pakistan.2. It is the only Expo Centre in Punjab.
  13. 13. • On the behalf of origination Define vacancy C.v Interview Impress candidates Offer for job
  14. 14. In Expo Centre Lahore for recruitment of Applicants internal, external as well as internetsource is also used. Test•Interview•Greatening information
  15. 15. In Expo Centre Lahore the appraisal of employees’ performances is reviewedsemi-annually and annually.•
  16. 16. In Expo Centre Lahore all the employees are highly compensated. The compensationplans are maintained properly in order to retain the smart & hardworking employees ofthe company.