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HR Functions of Lahore International Expo Center.


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Lahore International Expo Center.

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HR Functions of Lahore International Expo Center.

  1. 1. “Final Project Report” On “Human Resource Management” “Lahore International Expo Center.”Presented To: Mis. Neiha KhanPresented By: Group ―Supereye‖SHABAN CHEEMA MCE 12169MUTAHIR BILAL MCE 12147NADIA IZHAR MCE12170MEMOONA JAVED MCE12104 Class M.Com Semester 2nd Evening Superior University Lahore. 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSProject Objectives …………………………………………….. 03Executive Summary …………………………………………….. 03Situational Analysis …………………………………………….. 04Introduction of the company ……………………………………………… 05Vision ……………………………………………… 05Mission …………………………………………….. 05Shared Values ……………………………………………. 05Goal ……………………………………………. 06History of the Company ……………………………………………. 06Organizational Hierarchy ……………………………………………. 07Brand Of Company ……………………………………………. 08BCG Matrix ……………………………………………. 09SWOT Analysis ……………………………………………. 11Human Resources Management ……………………………………………. 12Reference ……………………………………………. 16 2
  3. 3. 1. PROJECT OBJECTIVESOne of the objectives of our project is to a complete survey of the one uniqueservices provider in the Lahore, Lahore International Expo Center. We focus on theHR functions of the expo and conduct the situational analysis and SWOT analysis ofchosen organization. In this project we learn how to manage all the humanresources in an organization which leads us towards human management growth. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYNew approaches to executive search and executive resource planning are requiredif functions are to have a strategic impact on improving organizational performance.The main aim of our project is to a complete survey of the one unique servicesprovider in the Lahore, Lahore International Expo Center. For the competition of theobjective our main focus is on the HR function which are planning, recruitment &selection, training & development, compensation & benefits and communications.Firstly we conduct situational analysis through the internal and external resourcesthat directly affect our organization environment.Lahore International Expo Center was incorporated in Pakistan on 19 July 2004 as aprivate limited company under the company ordinance 1984. In 2002, PakistanGovernment launch a standardized platform that will provide great business 3
  4. 4. generating opportunities to the industrial sector of economy. Total investment of theexpo Centre is over to Rs. 20 billion.The major brands of the expo center are Trade Exhibition, Seminars, Conferences &Conventions, Corporate Events, Convocations, and Cultural & EntertainmentsEvents. In the BCG Matrix, expo brands relay on such way Convocations are underthe Star Matrix, trade exhibitions are under the Cash cow, Cultural events are underQuestion mark, and Corporate event and seminars are under the Dog. After that weanalysis the SWOT of the Lahore International Expo Center.Lahore International Expo Center is the biggest trade fair organizer in Pakistan,showcasing the largest collection of Pakistans export merchandise and services.Foreign exhibitors, from neighboring countries, also use this platform to launch theirproducts not only in Pakistan but also capitalize on the presence of internationaltrade visitors from across the globe. 3. SITUATIONAL ANALYSISSituation analysis is a method managers use to analyze both the internal andexternal environments of an organization in order to understand the firm’s owncapabilities, customers and business environment. The situation analysis consists ofseveral methods of analysis: The 5Cs Analysis (Company, Competitors, Customer,Climate, and Collaborator), SWOT analysis.A Marketing Plan is created to guide businesses on how to communicate thebenefits of their products to the needs of potential customer. The situation analysis isthe second step in the marketing plan and is a critical step in establishing a longterm relationship with customers. Expo Centre is one of the most Raising andStandardized. It is the platform for exporters of Pakistan.Our Company is the Lahore International Expo Center, Competitors of expo centerare PC, Avari, Al Hammra, Royal Palm, Customers of the expo center are all theevent organizers, industrialists and others, Collaborated companies of the expo areSuperior university, UMT, Islamic International School system, Lahore city university,NB books, Allied Books, Askari Bank limited, UBL, State life, PIA, and the Climate ofthe expo center are very peace full. 4
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION OF A COMPANYLahore International Expo Center is a corporate body jointly owned by theGovernment of Pakistan and Government of the Punjab with a mandate to design,develop, operate and promote a state-of-the-art Lahore International Expo Centre.The Centre is providing a platform of international standard to the manufacturers,exporters, traders and service providers to effectively introduce and market theirproducts and services through trade exhibitions, fairs and conferences. 4. MISSIONLahore International Expo Centre is the focal point for welcoming and encouragingcultural and economic prosperity for the Country by providing a platform ofinternational standards to the manufacturers, exporters, traders and serviceproviders to effectively introduce and market their products and services through thetrade exhibitions, fairs and conferences. 5. VISIONLahore International Expo Center continues its level of excellence and worldrecognition as a state-of-the-art exhibition facility. All team members are given theskill and training to perform their jobs in an effective and professional manner. Eachteam member is given guidance and motivation to achieve their goals in personaland professional development. 6. SHARED VALUESThe shared values that exist with the boundaries of Expo Centre Lahore are: Team work Higher motivational level Ethical values Strong communication 5
  6. 6. 7. GOALSThe Goal of this organization is to generate higher revenue through providing aninternational level business generating platform & to stand at the best level in world.Expo Centre is launched to rival and boast the highly skilled professionals to providethe best quality export opportunities to the economic sector. 8. HISTORYLahore International Expo Centre was incorporated in Pakistan on 19 July 2004 as aprivate limited company under the company ordinance 1984. In 2002 the federalgovernment & Punjab government signed a document M.O.U (Memorandum ofUnderstanding) in which it was stated that we are launch a standardized platformthat will provide great business generating opportunities to the industrial sector ofour economy. The company commenced its operation from 1May, 2010. Theopening of Expo Centre Lahore was done by Mr. Shabaz Sharif & Yousaf RazaGillani. It is designed by the renowned architect Nayyar Ali Dadda, this landmarkcomplex is a blending of tradition with the ultra-modern place where nature andtechnology fluid space to showcase Pakistan’s past, present and future. Thestructure is designed to conform to standards of functionality and quality maintainedat first rate European venues and will be the most technologically advanced facilitiesof their kind. In order to bring the ambitious vision to life, it is important to make theconstruction process more efficient and manageable. Lahore International ExpoCentre has their four structured the project into three different segments of roadsand infra-structured development. Exhibition halls and secondary buildings andconvention centre.In the construction of expo Centre federal government has committed R.s. 2 billionfor the construction of the Centre the Punjab government has provided 50 acres ofland worth Rs.5 billion toward the enabling of this facility. Further anticipatedinvestment of up to R.s.12 billion is expected from the private sector through BOTprojects taking the total investment into expo Centre to over Rs. 20 billion. 6
  7. 7. 9. ORGANIZATIONAL HIERARCHY Board of Directors Operational Head/Project Director Finance & Business Administration Engineering & Technology Division DivisionHR & Administration Business Mechanical & Development Civil Department Technical Department Department Department Sales & Event Accounts Electrical Management I.P Department Department Department Department Procurement MIS Department DepartmentStores/ Inventory Corporate & Legal Department Affairs Department 7
  8. 8. 10. BRANDS OF A COMPANYa) Trade ExhibitionTrade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) WEXNETPakistan Poultry Associations National Poultry Congress & Food ExhibitionDAWN Media Group DAWN Life StylePakistan Fashion Design Council PFDC Sunsilk Fashion WeekLahore International Book FairLahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) 1st Expo Punjabb) Seminars, Conferences & ConventionsAl-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics International Conference &Exhibitions on Halal Food IndustryAl-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics4th International Conference on Islamic Banking and TakafulPakistan Muslim League (N) 104th Youme—Taseesc) Corporate EventsThe Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries 6th AchievementAward CeremonyInstitute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan AnnualMember Re-UnionGray Mackenzie Restaurants International Ltd. KFC Best Teacher AwardShowRoots School System Annual Parent’s DayEducators School System EDU-Card-Elite Hall Mark Launch 8
  9. 9. d) Convocations COMSATS Institute of Information Technology University of Central Punjab National College Of Business Administration & Economics Virtual University of Pakistan National College of Arts e) Cultural & Entertainments Events WEXNET National poultry Congress & Food IGATEX Pakistan 14th Asian Congress of Architects DAWN Life Style 11. BCG MATRIXThe Boston Matrix:it provides a useful way of looking at theopportunities open to you, and helps youanalyses which segments of yourbusiness are in a good position –andwhich ones aren’t. That way, you candecide on the most appropriateinvestment strategy for your business inthe future, and where best to allocateyour resources.Cash Cows:High Market Share / Low Market GrowthHere, youre well-established, so its easy to getattention and exploit new opportunities. However its 9
  10. 10. only worth expending a certain amount of effort, because the market isnt growingand your opportunities are limited.Stars:High Market Share / High Market GrowthHere youre well-established, and growth is exciting!These are fantastic opportunities, and you should workhard to realize them.Question Marks (Problem Child):Low Market Share / High Market Growththese are the opportunities no one knows what to dowith. They arent generating much revenue right nowbecause you dont have a large market share. But,they are in high growth markets so the potential tomake money is there. Question Marks might becomeStars and eventual Cash Cows.Dogs:Low Market Share / Low Market GrowthIn these areas, your market presence is weak, so itsgoing to take a lot of hard work to get noticed. Also,you wont enjoy the scale economies of thelarger players, so its going to be difficult to make aprofit. 10
  11. 11. BCG matrix Of Lahore International Expo Center: a) Star:Convocations b) Cash cow:Trade exhibitions c) Question mark: Cultural events d) Dog :Corporate events / seminarsConferences & conventions. 12. SWOT ANALYSIS a) Strength:1. Uniqueness of the project2. Autonomy3. No bureaucracy4. No nepotism5. Team work b) Weaknesses: 1. Low maturity of the system within organization2. Poor Communication at external level. 11
  12. 12. c) Opportunities:1. Expo Centre is one of the most Raising and Standardized platform forexporters of Pakistan.2. It is the only Expo Centre in Punjab. d) Threat:1. Downfall of economy in Pakistan. 2. Unstable political condition. 13. HR FUNCTIONa) PlanningStrategic levelUnder the planning head of HR functions long term as well as short term planningis done according to the upcoming projects of the organization. All the strategicdecisions are taken by the board of directors, stake holders and according to theregulations. As far as participation of employees is concern they are being invitedwhile making decisions according to the projects related to their departments.Job AnalysisIn Expo Centre Lahore the analysis of various jobs is done by the head ofDepartment and immediate supervisor according to the requirement.Methods for Job AnalysisThe job analysis in Expo Centre is done through Interviews & observations and isconducted by the immediate supervisor as well as the head of department.Workflow AnalysisIn order to main the workflow in organization the workflow analysis is also donetimely in Expo Centre and is conducted by the head of the Departments &Immediate supervisor. 12
  13. 13. b) Recruitment & SelectionIn Expo Centre Lahore for recruitment of Applicants internal, external as well asinternet source are used and C.Vs/Resumes are collected. After the collection ofC.Vs these are filtered according to the J.D & J.S developed for the required job.Selection processWhile selecting the applicant medical or other test are some of the timesconducted according to the job that is if the vacancy is of guard than physical &medical test will be conducted.InterviewIn selection process at Expo Centre an interview conducted for the applicant issome time structured & some time unstructured depending upon the job. A panelinterview is held normally by the hiring committee comprise of C.O.O, C.F.O andBusiness Administrator & Immediate supervisor.Information gathering for employee checking and verification is done fromresumes and reference checking. Mainly C.Vs and resumes are given importancefor satisfaction.c) Training & DevelopmentInduction & integrationIn Expo Centre under the Training & Development head of HR an orientationprogram is carried out by the immediate supervisor. he introduce the newlyemployed worker to his/her work place , with co-workers and to the rules theregulations of the company. Different meeting are conducted timely so that theemployees can familiar with the culture of organization. For newly employedworkers a specific period is given in order to bring him in flow and for adjustment.Training SessionsTraining sessions for the employees of Expo Centre are conducted timely for theup gradation of employees. On job training sessions are conducted for the weakemployees of organization whereas formal off job training sessions are alsoconducted whenever needed. For training Expo Centre have its own training 13
  14. 14. experts for their employees. The on job training sessions conducted in Expo arefree of cost for the employees.Career DevelopmentFor the career development of the employees Expo Centre provide differentopportunities at large scale for the competitive advantage and to stand at bestlevel in world. For this purpose it gives different reimbursement facilities for theemployees willing to get higher education.d) Performance AppraisalIn Expo Centre Lahore the appraisal of employees’ performances is reviewedsemi-annually and annually.Performance Appraisal System: the system used for the performance appraisalin Expo Centre Lahore is formal one and through proper system. Performanceappraisal system is conducted by the immediate supervisor as well as by theH.O.DMethod which is used for the appraisal system in Expo Centre is Behavioral andthe employees are being appraised through their performance evaluation. Forappraisal system the immediate supervisor gather information from the co-workers, subordinates and from the manager.Feedback: after the proper performance appraisal system the employee is givena complete feedback for his/her improvement and up gradation.e) Compensation Compensation and benefits provide to employees. a) Free Medical Facilities b) Salary and Maximum Increments (Performance Based) c) Free Medical Facilities for Employee’s Parents and Family d) Promotions (Performance Based) e) Fringe benefits (Performance Based) f) Transportation and Patrol (Performance Based) g) Bonuses (Performance Based) 14
  15. 15. h) Easy Loan facilities I) Annual IncrementsIn Lahore International Expo Center all the employees are highly compensated.The compensation plans are maintained properly in order to retain the smart &hardworking employees of the company.Fringe benefits: the employees of Expo Centre are getting 100 % fringe benefitsfrom their organization. The criteria for non-financial rewards vary from job to joband appraisal to appraisal as well.Evaluation of jobs: in order to give compensations in Expo Centre the jobs of theemployees are evaluated through ranking. The job evaluation is done by theHead of Departments.Surveys for compensation rate: for making decisions of compensation thesurveys for compensation rates are done externally from market and employeesat Expo are normally compensated above then market rate in order to retain them& to make loyal.Pricing Jobs: the jobs of employees at this organization are priced with a greatcare after the market survey and jobs of employees are normally being pricedabove the market rate.f) Employee Protection & CommunicationThe employees of Expo Centre are protected highly. Different plans are made fortheir health & safety. All the safety guards related to the health of employees areproperly maintains. Environment is clean and healthy; the temperature is alwaysmaintained properly according to the weather. At strategic and operational leveldifferent meeting are conducted time to time for the alignment of the values &rules.The employees while working in Expo get every kind of protection. Properretirement plans are established for the employees that retire. Similarly every typeof medical facilities is given to the workers of the Expo Centre.The communication system within the Expo is very strong. All the values oforganization are communicated properly through meeting sessions and throughthe coworkers. 15
  16. 16. This organization has its own intranet for the purpose of fast & efficientcommunication. At strategic level different plans has been made in order to do thecommunication level more strong within the Expo Centre as well as at externallevel. Expo Centre needs more efforts for making its communication level morestrong externally. 14. References Sayeed Hammad Hasan (HR Officer) 16