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Sharing Pengalaman Berbisnis Di Bidang It


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Slide kuliah praktisi sharing pengalaman berbisnis di bidang IT di Yarsi

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Sharing Pengalaman Berbisnis Di Bidang It

  1. 1. My Biz
  2. 2. Perusahaan IT kelas dunia kebanggaan Indonesia Apple
  3. 3. No Money
  4. 4. No business experience
  5. 5. Willing to Learn
  6. 6. Web Architecture and Graphic Design APADONK
  7. 7. Lots of Lesson Learned
  8. 8. Business Negotiation
  9. 9. Project Failure
  10. 10. Restart
  11. 11. Name and Logo Changing Business Merger Product Create a with NeoHoster 24/7 Customer Service InvestmentOffice Team Recruitment Expand Network Physical Funding