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Airtel brand analysis

Brand Analysis Of Airtel, emphasizing on its marketing strategies.

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Airtel brand analysis

  2. 2. about
  3. 3. • Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian telecommunications company that operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and the Channel Island• Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest provider of fixed telephony in India, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services.• It offers its telecom services under the Airtel brand and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal.
  4. 4. • It is known for being the first mobile phone company in the world to outsource all of its business operations except marketing, sales and finance. Network(Base Stations, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Microwave Links etc.) Network and Huawei Business Support IBM Transmission Towers Bharti Infratech Ltd.
  5. 5. • Airtel also provides Direct-to- Home (DTH) TV services across India under the brand name Airtel digital TV. It started services on 9 October 2008 and has about 32.44 million customers as of August 2010.
  7. 7. • Bharti Airtel is the number one telecom service operator in India and pledges best quality service to all its customers.• Apart from advertisements in print and television media, Airtel has widened its spectrum to a great extent. The Airtel logo is clearly noticeable in various cricket matches.• An interesting feature herein, is also the advertisements displayed on the customer bills and other information dispatched to the consumers.
  9. 9. How muchimportance does a logo hold for a brand? A lot, especially, for an established brand like Airtel, which has established itself in the telephony market.
  10. 10. Airtel’s previous logo hadboth white and red colorsinterchangeably. Theinteresting part was thatthe word ‘Air’ was writtenin black with a whitebackground while ‘Tel’was written in white on ared background.Sometimes they alsoincluded their slogan“Express Yourself” withthe logo.
  11. 11. But today the logo looks more likea curved ‘A’ with little bit ofhighlighting to indicate what theycall dynamism and the warm andfriendly appeal of Airtel. Theyhave also said that it represents adynamic force of energy whichwould bring the management andcustomers closer.
  12. 12. • If this wasn’t enough, AR Rahman after his debacle with the CWG tune (though the remix was much better) comes back with a theme song having a younger and international feel to it. Their new commercial shows how a couple comes together due to the Airtel 3G technology which interestingly will be launched in India only by December.• Airtel is offering services now in 19 Asian and African countries where truthfully speaking it has not yet reached leadership status though it’s there on that path. Through their rebranding and repositioning exercise, they aim to achieve an international appeal wherein customers not only in India but across the world recall their brand. With these points in mind, they seem to have embarked on this ambitious journey.
  13. 13. Does themovereallywork?
  14. 14. • It’s a taken that wherever Airtel plans to expand around the globe, India will be its most important market.. Therefore the biggest move everyone was waiting for was their introduction of 3G services in India.• But instead Airtel came up with a complete rebranding exercise including a new logo, TV commercial and signature tune.• The previous logo was one of the most recognized logos in our country. Anyone and everyone be it from an illiterate person to a CEO knew that was Airtel. One of the reasons for it reaching somewhat of a generic brand status was its easily identifiable logo.
  16. 16. Power To Keep In Touch year 1995-1999Significance: The tagline used in thebrand was made to make the user feel incontrol and powerful. This waspositioned at the premium category andwas aimed at the elite class of thesociety. The perception of the brand wascreated as a lifestyle and an aspirationalbrand.Reason for change: Now, cellular serviceoperators could drop their rates andextend their customer base. As thecategory developed with prices goingdown sharply, Airtel began talking to awider spectrum of customers. This givesbirth to the new tagline
  17. 17. TOUCH TOMORROW1999-2001Significance: Airtel started talkingto new segments by positivelypositioning and establishing itselfas a brand that improved thequality of life. New look and thefeel of the brand indicated thecore values of the brand, i.e.,leadership, performance anddynamism.Reason for Change: Airtel startedto look from a regional level to apan-Indian level. RediffusionDY&R, which was working forAirtel took charge of revamping itsbrand image. According to theagency, for Airtel to become theworld leader, it needed to changeits tagline.
  18. 18. Live every moment Year-2002-2003Significance: This was the first time ARRahman had agreed to work for a TVcommercial anywhere in the world. Themusic from the commercial became themost downloaded tone in the history oftele-communications. Tagline denotes thatevery Indian lives every emotion of hislife,i.e., happiness, sadness, joy, laughterwith AirtelReason For change: The tagline waschanged by Rediffusion dy&R changed thetagline to revamp the image of Airtel. Thepurpose was to create an emotionalconnect through advertising.
  19. 19. Express Yourself-Year 2003-2008•“Express Yourself” wassuccessfully launched taking theownership of the entire field ofcommunication and strengtheningthe emotional bond, Airtel shareswith its customers.•Airtel is s market leader in cellularnetwork and they wanted a freshand contemporary idea to build abrand image with which, customerscould identify.
  20. 20. • Airtel “Express Yourself” campaign won two “Silvers” at the prestigious AAAI awards for Brand Campaign of the Year and Best Advertising Film, amidst stiff competition from 37 advertising agencies.• The campaign added a new meaning to mobile communication, which helped Airtel to move from the cellular industry clichés and reached out more effectively to both the users as well as the uninitiated.• Such was the appeal of Airtel Express Yourself campaign that brand awareness as a result of advertising grew from 60% to 91% in just 6 months versus its nearest competitor.
  21. 21. • AIRTEL PPTAirtel Express Yourself 1 - YouTube.flv
  22. 22. Dil Jo Chahe Paas Laaye 2010•On the occasion of crossing200 million wirelesssubscribers all over theworld, the companyannounced to launch theirnew logo and a new ringtone.•Unlike the previous logo, allthe letters here are in smallcaps.
  23. 23. • AIRTEL PPTA.R Rahmans Airtel New Theme [Video] - YouTube.flv
  24. 24. • Airtel spends crores of rupees every year in advertisements in all avenues of mass communication. While radio happens to be the cheapest means of mass communication, the most widely mode is that of television. Though advertising on television is the costliest proponent among all the modes of communication, print media is also used aggressively by Airtel to serve its purposes. The advertising strategy spreads two basic purposes for the company, namely:
  25. 25. • It creates pervasiveness, allows Airtel to be in the eyes of the consumers all the time. Even the audience is not obligated to pay heed to the advertisements; the high creativity quotient of Airtel advertisements makes them virtually impossible to get unnoticed. Various market experts have rated Airtel Ads very highly on various parameters.
  26. 26. • It also amplifies the message Airtel wants to send to its consumers. The ads score reasonably well on the imagery and music. In fact, the catch tune of Airtel is one of the most popular jingles in the Indian ad industry. The genius of the Oscar winning A.R. Rahman is behind the catchy tune.
  27. 27. • The trust factor of Airtel amplifies greatly with the caliber of its brand ambassadors. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Vidya Balan, A.R. Rahman have been the brand ambassadors of Airtel at some point of time or the other.
  28. 28. • One of the reasons for the lasting effects of the Airtel ads has been the reinvention of the content displayed. The recent ad campaign of “Barriers Break when people Talk” is a highly emotional ad campaign connecting people.
  29. 29. • Har Ek Friend ZarOOri Hota Hai has captured the imagination of the nation’s youth. Its a song thats on everyones lips and status messages on the social networks. But for those in adland, the new Airtel TVC Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai heralds a new thought for the brand, and its first piece of communication created by indie agency Taproot, which won a slice of the business in July.
  30. 30. • On the new campaign, the Airtel spokesperson said, "Released on the back of our country wide launch of 3G services and communication supporting that, the new campaign targets the youth with an evergreen theme of Friendship and its relevance. Friends remain a critical part of everyones lives and more so for the youth. At their age, friends are actually family. And our new brand campaign captures this evolving trend among today’s youth in a fresh young ad with a powerful youth anthem - Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai.
  31. 31. • Talking about the communication task given by Airtel, Agnello Dias, co-founder and chief creative officer, Taproot, said, "It was to create an idea that retained the core of the Airtel brand and struck a chord across age groups even while the execution resonated with the youth.“• The idea came after long exhaustive sessions with the Airtel team and meeting youth consumers in several cities with the airtel team. In fact, the actual creative platform was arrived at along with the client in a brainstorm."
  33. 33. • With the increase in competition, the stake of credibility of any company is the highest. It is even more important in the case of the service industry. A few write-ups by some renowned newspapers and magazines for or against a company can drastically influence the brand equity of that company. As established by now, Airtel is a maverick of sorts in product communication. It has made definitely made great inroads into the avenues of public relations and publicity.
  34. 34. • PR serves a three way objective for Airtel. It helps in increasing the credibility for Airtel as a brand. It also creates a certain sense of aura around the Airtel products, clearly underlining the fact that they are a cut above the rest. PR is a potent communication tool to catch some buyers off-guard who have an aversion in trusting the credibility of television commercials.
  36. 36. • To be responsive to the needs of the consumers• To continuously improve services— innovatively and expeditiously• To be transparent and sensitive in their dealings with all their stakeholders• To trust and respect their employees
  37. 37. • Airtel Aashaina for underprivileged children at the Mohali office of Airtel• Airtel Experience Centre by Express MP to benefit visually impaired people as well as people from the deprived sections of the society.• In Jammu & Kashmir, donated free medicines, stationary, clothes and other utility items at the “missionary Of Charity Home For Destitute• Bharti Foundation- The philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises was set up in 2000 with a vision to help underprivileged children and the youth of our country to realize their potential,
  38. 38. • Airtel is in a process of setting up of 1000” Satya Bharti” schools to deliver high quality education to underprivileged children in the deepest rural pockets of the country.• The “CII-Bharti Women Exemplar Award”• Green Towers P7 program- only telecom tower company, which has installed almost 3 MWT of solar capacity on their network, generating more than 5 mn units of electricity every year.
  39. 39. • Energy conservation• The company has installed solar hot water generator at its main campus in Gurgaon for fulfilling the hot water requirement in the cafeteria. Majority of its facilities across NCR region are now equipped with LES (Lighting Energy Savers) which have reduced energy consumption in the lighting system to the tune of 10–25%.
  41. 41. • Sales promotion also acts as a source of incentive to all prospective customers to try the product. It also passes a passive invitation to people to try the product. Airtel is in a strategic alliance with various mobile stores in India, in fact, there are over 500 Airtel stores across India, the objectivity behind these stores is to increase the base of potential customers. As an example, with every new mobile phone bought, an Airtel GSM connection is gifted to the customer for free. Every day and across various shopping centres across India, Airtel organizes various promotional events. All of this is done to attract to the country’s youth, since youth comprises of a majority of the Indian population. In addition to that, there are special plans for friends, senior citizens and women.
  42. 42. Events andExperiences
  43. 43. • Ideally, when an event has an audience engrossed, heightened levels of emotional connect is created. Thus, an involved audience engulfed with relevant events and experiences is prone to develop a liking for the parameters associated with the event.• Airtel is a pioneer of being a part of experiences and events. KBC, cricket, Indian Idol among many are examples. Airtel also sponsors various tournaments and events, which implicitly help promote the sales of Airtel. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is also an example.
  44. 44. CONCLUSION
  45. 45. • The Airtel ads, on paper, on TV, or on a hoarding or anywhere have a distinct recognition and appeal.• The gamut of advertisements Airtel has used seem to have maintained a specific genre among them. The advertisements have more often than not talked much more about the values than the product or the service. Or maybe the product and the benefit have always been very intrinsically knit into a value.
  46. 46. • Some of these ads have a sense of grandeur about them while others have family orientation, relations or innocent love as the underlying storyline.• They have never been loud and in a way they always have been very decent and simple. The celebrities also have always been suitably chosen for each of these advertisements depending upon the image of themselves thy have created in common public.
  47. 47. • To add to all of this a very catchy slogan always goes along with these ads. Examples would be,” Express yourself”, “Barriers break when people talk” and Pyar ke beech mein kabhi dooriyan na aayen
  48. 48. • AIRTEL PPTNew Airtel Ad So Romantic ! sweet voice, awesome ! - YouTube.flv
  49. 49. • Airtel, also, has maintained a safe distance from most of the criticisms associated with advertising. No misleading, no huge claims, no gloss-ups.• Just simple emotional bond with the consumers- that has been the crux of the advertising strategy of Airtel over the years.