Simple MLM Business Plan for Predictable MLM Income


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Simple MLM Business Plan for Predictable MLM Income-

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Simple MLM Business Plan for Predictable MLM Income

  1. 1. Simple MLMBusiness PlanAngela Carter
  2. 2. MLM Business PlanLooking for an mlm business plan for your mlm business?Want a step by step mlm business plan that you can followeach month that will allow you to predict your income eachand every month in your mlm business?
  3. 3. MLM Business PlanIn this mlm success training, you will discover how to createan easy mlm business plan in under 10 minutes.You will learn the 5-step business plan process to gain fullcontrol of your income in your mlm business.
  4. 4. MLM Business PlanCreating A MLM Business Plan is easy when you follow these 5steps:Step 1: Determine how much money you want to make this year in yourmlm businessStep 2: Determine how many people you need to personally sponsorinto your business to make your desired income in step 1Step 3: Determine how many people you need to get in front of yourcompany’s business opportunity presentation to personally sponsor thenumber of people you found in step 2
  5. 5. MLM Business PlanStep 4: Determine how many people you need to invite to your company’spresentation to get the number of people you found in step 3 to yourpresentationStep 5: Determine how many people you need to get in front of to invite thenumber of people you found in step 4
  6. 6. MLM Business PlanBut what if you don’t know these numbers?If you don’t know the numbers for each of these steps, youcan do 2 things:1) ask your upline for the average numbers they have seenfor each of these steps. Use your upline’s averages as aguide because your own personal numbers will probably bedifferent. If your upline doesn’t know (and most won’tknow), see number 2 below2) calculate your own personal averages. Have yousponsored anyone in your business so far? Use your pastsuccess to fill in the numbers for each step. If you have not
  7. 7. MLM Business PlanYou have your mlm business plan, now what?
  8. 8. MLM Business PlanUse the numbers you found in your mlm business planand divide them by 12 to come up with your monthlytarget goalsNow that you have your monthly target goals, you needto figure out what marketing strategies will get you infront of the number of people you calculated in step 5of your business plan
  9. 9. MLM Business PlanCompleted your mlm business plan, but are not happywith your numbers?Many network marketers when they go through thisprocess realize that the network marketing company thatthey are in is not the right vehicle for achieving their yearlyincome goal.They realize that it is not realistic or feasible under theircompany’s compensation plan to make the income theywant to make, from only their personal efforts.
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