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  1. 1. ‘Still Here’ CQA2 Media Music Video Outline
  2. 2. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE (brief discussion of possible camera angles/lighting) Getting a good ratio of performance and narrative shots will be key; keeping performance shots to emphasize only certain points, whilst a story can take the pivotal role.No set pieces for Choruses and Verses. I.e. typically you may expect performance shots to feature where music is crescendoing. I aim to mix this up and subtly include these. Opening Sequence (0:00 – 0:26) 0:00 – Shot from behind character pans in, moving in from a mid to close-up shot. During this the ‘lead singer’ goes to lift his collar up and looks to the side. 0:05 – By this point, the remaining band members walk into the shot (round the corner of an alley) appearing in the background walking towards the camera. SLOW MOTION UP TO THIS POINT. 0:09 (crash of cymbals) – cuts to a shot of the band performing. 0:13 – cuts back to a shot of the band members in 3 separate screens about to embark on their journey together. 0:18-0:21 – A scene of humour; Sees the lead singer in between both members running backwards looking goofy (rewound) whilst the other two laugh at him. 0:22-0:26 – Close up shot of the 3 band members faces individually. I.e. for every two hammer- ons on the guitar melody, the band member changes. *By now I have already established the 3 main characters of the video and 2 locations. The shot of a performance location suggests that later shots of this location are likely to follow.
  3. 3. Verse #1 (0:26 – 1:01)• 0:26-0:35 - A Variety of shots of the lead singer lip-syncing in slow motion.• 0:35-0:44 - Each band member comes from different angles and you see them entering a pub, followed by a cut to a scene of them chatting, fouling around and drink pints outside on a pub corner.• 0:44-1:01 - Slow motion shots used and then brought back to speed, with a combination of re-wound shots on props and a manipulation of setting.Chorus #1 (1:01 – 1:28)• 1:01-1:10 – Back to performance (#2 shot), slow motion; laughing, strumming guitars, joking, prancing around.• 1:10-1:15 – Back to urban shots.• 1:15-1:19 – Walking into the sun, arms around shoulders.• 1:19-1:28 – Running off (x1.5-2) ending up in a different location.Verse #2 (1:28 – 2:02)• 1:28-1:36 – For every up/down strum (8 in total) different shots used of surroundings, mid, long, establishing shots for where the 3 men are traveling too. 1:36-1:46 – Reversed footage (brought back and forth, looking as if they‟re moving back and forth)• 1:46-1:58 – Slow motion, lip-syncing of lead singer.• 1-58-2:02 – Stepping into a car
  4. 4. Chorus #2 (2:32 – 2:38)• 2:03-2:12 –Opens with a car traveling through a tunnel. Characters peering out of the window. (strip lighting, it is nighttime by this point.)• 2:12-2:21 – Still in the car, traveling through the tunnel. More focus on what the characters are each doing in the car.• 2:21-2:30 – Park up the car. Band walks into „Firework Emporium‟ and buy fireworks.• 2:30-2:38 – Cuts to a shot of them walking out and getting back in the car.Bridge (2:38 – 3:05)• 2:38-2:48 – Performance shot (#3) emphasis on smashing cymbals, and “oohs” by vocalists.• 2:48-2:56 – Shot of the band in the car (dusk) traveling to the location where they will light fireworks.• 2:56-3:05 – Getting out of the car, parked up, walking over the road to the park.Chorus #3 (3:05 – 3:22)• Fireworks begin! Clever manipulation of rewinding shots of the explosions.Outro (3:22 – 4:03)• Rewind of all footage so far. Scene ends with the band in a pub sitting down and celebrating.
  5. 5. MISE-EN-SCENELocation (in order of appearance)• Street (also hint of a chip shop in the background possibly)• Shed (performance shots)• Pub corner• Different section of urban street• Possibly an estate (to include in 8 shots during 1:28-1:36), shot of steam coming out of a vent, etc. Very much establishing shots of the urban environment.• Parked up car• Car/Tunnel journey• Shop: „Firework Emporium‟• ParkWeatherOpening Sequence – Overcast MorningPub Corner (0:35) – Sunny, Mid to late afternoon„Arms around shoulders‟ (1:15) – Late afternoonCar in tunnel/Firework Emporium: (2:30) – Early DuskGetting out of car/Fireworks: (2:56+) – Late Dusk Outro – Pub scene (3:50) – Dark Night
  6. 6. Main Props: Colour: • „Cinematic look‟ – To achieve• Instruments this, particular attention will be given in the• Pint glasses post-production of editing (colour• Car manipulation).• Fireworks • Mid-high contrast shots • Natural light used. • „colour-splits‟Character Costume:• Open Denim Jackets• Black Skinny Jeans• Boots/Flat shoesFacial expressions/body language:• During opening sequence, well-poised.• Humour factor is key to the video, lots of smiling and laughing.• Confident use of lip-syncing.• Persona of being a band, reflected throughout the video.
  7. 7. EDITINGSpecifics: The aim is to use a balance of strong effects that are fitting within the style of video, without what effectively could be described as ‘cheapening it’.Colour – The use of effects such as Vignette or Pleasantville within Final Cut will be particular useful in order to achieve adjustments in contrast levels, create themes and splits within colour. (amounting 2 colours together to create an even tone.)Letterbox effect – To get across the „cinematic‟ feel of the video, making the video altogether look polished.Watermark – What you might see on the likes of MTV; establishing the channel which the video is been showcased on.Motion effects – A mix of slow and fast motion shots to emphasis specific features.Hatched Screen w/ Markers – I think this effect could be used during the opening sequence.Cropping – To allow multiple shots to be used at the same time. This would effectively create a nice mosaic effect.I have also made note of the following effects which I find quite interesting and would like to explore more:Vertigo, Standard cross Dissolve, Minimax, stop motion w/ Time elapse, Light Raysand YUV Adjusting.
  8. 8. DEMOGRAPHIC My Target Audience: Music Fans However broad this may seem, I intend for the video to predominately attract a younger generation (teens, young adults) and fans of Indie/rivalist Britpop music. I aim to do this by using actors of a similar age to this audience, thus will be easy to relate to. OurYouTube Generation, would typically come across this video on MTV or via sharing online.In terms of psychographics,the video will appeal to the people belonging to Alternative and Indie groupings (and surrounding sub-categories). What is particularly interested is the „Gritpop’ genre which the band decided the classify themselves under and establish their own genre, being the „grittier‟ side to Britpop/Pop music. I think this play-on-words is something a younger audience would „get‟.The visual style of the video will adopt many different post-production effects that will fit nicely with the well balanced use of limited performance shots and narrative. This would typically appeal to a younger audience.I would like the video to have an element of recreation and surprise to it, challenging what you may expect from a video of its genre. This will be particularly demonstrated by the use of effects such as the manipulation of „slow-motion‟ and „rewound time frames‟.
  9. 9. ANDREW GOODWIN The plan of the video certainly adopts some of the key features Andrew Goodwin discussed: 1) The Music video will demonstrate certain genre characteristics. The featuring of band performance shots supports this. 2) A relationship between music and visuals will be put on show.The visuals will amplify certain aspects of the music. However there will be no real relationship between lyrics and visuals because of the artists metaphorical language within lyrics, thus making it difficult to make much connection.
  10. 10. CODES AND CONVENTIONSHere are some of the Codes and Conventions of Music Videos that will be covered:• Cutting related to the rhythm of the music.• Intercutting between performance and images.• Experimental use of camera/editing.• Lots of jump cuts.• Lots of use of digital effects.• Possibly use of „direct address‟ to the viewer.• The artists will be in „real life‟ situations, e.g, talking, fooling around• The video will include close ups of the artist(s).• A particular visual style will accompany the artist e.g clothing, actions and props.• The narrative will feature as a Mini Film: Beginning, Middle and End.• Certain aspects of lighting will be used to highlight the tone and mood of the piece.