Audience Research results


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Audience Research results

  1. 1. AUDIENCE RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE Lew Parker – A2 Media Studies
  2. 2. Q.1) Gender‘What gender are you?’ I chose to ask the audience for their gender so that I Female could ensure a fair result. I predicted that music taste Male may vary between both genders. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
  3. 3. Q.2) Age‘What is your age bracket?’ Getting the audience to give me their age meant that I could understand the changes in music 16 or younger taste. I broke the 17-21 22-29 groupings into 7, to 30-39 make collating the data 40-49 50-59 much simpler. I also 60 or over achieved at least one person in every category.
  4. 4. Q.3) How Often?‘How often do you watch Music Videos?’ By asking this question, itallowed me to know whethermy audience 9 knew about music videos 8 7 and thus, were likely to 6 5 be able to identify 4 3 conventions of music 2 videos. My data 1 0 indicated that the Everyday Frequently A couple of Never times a majority of people month frequentlywatch music videos.
  5. 5. Q.4) Favourite Genre?‘What is your favourite genre of music?’ Pop 20 Other Rock This question was important 15 because it gave me an idea of Alternative 10 Indie 5 what people may expect to 0 Dance Metal see from a music video of their favourite genre. As I expect, Classical Rnb the top genre was ‘Pop’, Hip-hop Dubstep followed by ‘Rock’ music. Giving the audience 10 choices In total I had 70 votes and the option of adding an because people were able to vote more ‘other’, furthered my research. than once on this question.
  6. 6. Q.5) Live Performance?‘Have you been to see a live performance? If yes, was it something you enjoyed? This question gives an in-sight into whether the audience prefer the No performance of a song. This will help me to understand how much of my video needs to be Yes made up of performance shots. The results show that 17 people enjoy a live 0 5 10 15 20 performance and therefore I know to incorporate this 18 out of 20 people I asked had into my video. attended a live performance. The resounding ‘Yes’ has given me something to think about.
  7. 7. Q.6) Music Video preference?‘Which type of Music Video do you prefer?’ This was important because itmay be worth me considering incorporating a concept into the video whilst using a narrative and Narrative performance. However both ‘narrative’ and Performance ‘performance’ came out Concept equalwhich I have taken A mix of multiple/each into consideration
  8. 8. Q.7) Special Effects?‘Do you prefer Music Videos that feature Special Effects?’ This question will help me editing my music video. The results show that everybody prefers videos with special effects and that therefore my music video will be fitting within present-day conventions, and it will hopefully be something that the audience enjoy. My analysis of Previous Student Work has justified this also. I have seen some strong uses of Special Effects in a competent way.
  9. 9. Q.8) Social Media?‘Which of the following Social Media do you use?’ This question helped to 16 enlightenme ofmy 14 audience’sunderstanding 12 10 of modern media. This 8 also acts as a tool for 6 finding out how people 4 2 may findout about new 0 music. Again this question was open for multiple choice and in some cases, people did People who opted for ‘Myspace’ and ‘Bebo’ not use any media. claimed they were sites they used to use and no longer had any reason to use them. This was something I predicted due to how outdated these sites are in comparison to the likes of new media such as Facebook and
  10. 10. Q.9) Accessing Music?‘How do you get hold of music?’ I opted to use this question because it would help me with deciding YouTube what other options I will TV Music Channels choose to include in my Itunes promotional package and Illegal Download givesme an insight into Spotify how people also find new Highstreet Shops music. This was also a Radio multiple choice question. Borrowed Here there a multiple big contributors of access to music. The very low vote for ‘Borrowed’ music is similar to that of low High street purchasing, which corresponds with the fact that CD sales are drastically falling.