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musicHUB Deck5


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First 5 slides of final presentation deck

Published in: Technology, Business
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musicHUB Deck5

  1. 1. ICS2014Pitch Deck First 5 Slides Alvaro Mariscal
  2. 2. Value PropositionmusicHub is a social network that aimsto bring together independent bandswith their fans by giving them all thetools necessary to promotethemselves, including an easy and secureplatform to sell their music.
  3. 3. Problem• Sin fama las bandas no prosperan, sin importar cuan buenas sean• Tradeoff entre generar ventas y expandir su musica y estilo
  4. 4. Solution Sales Social Fans Networks Bands
  5. 5. Market Size 4.600.000 Mundial 4.600.000 Mundial 460.000 Chile 607.200.000 EEUU 46.000 M.I. 30.360.000 M.I. 4.600 mH 3.036.000 mH
  6. 6. Market Size 6.500 Fans 65.000 Revenues 6.500 Total Anual
  7. 7. Canvas Changes Unique Value Unfair CustomerProblem Solution Proposition Advantage Segments• Lack of a • A social network • musicHub helps create a • Completededicated web dedicated for better channel of Integration ofpage for music music business, communication between different channels ofthat includes the including the sell independent bands and communication and • Independentsell of content of songs/video their fans, by giving them music transactions bands directly uploaded an online experience in by users. which they can inform about their current events and sell their music. • Advertisement Key Metrics Channels Companies • Bands Signed in • Internet • Fans (Users) • Number of • Smartphone app users, sales/userCost Structure Revenue Streams• Site Maintance (Servers, Programming, Hosting etc) • Percentage (10%) of Sales • Ad Space