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Slide show for education class for module 3


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Slide show for education class for module 3

  1. 1. By: Brittany Wilson
  2. 2. The answer is……*It is proven by research thatplaying an musical instrumentchanges the shape and powerof the brain. This actuallyhelps increase the person IQlevel.
  3. 3. Inter esting Facts !!!!!!!!!! Playing the violin does help improve a persons self confidence in themselves. It is also proven to teach a person to be perseverant which basically means to not give up when ever faced with difficulty.
  4. 4. Learning a LanguageI. Not many people know that the violin also benefits people by helping them understand and comprehend the language better than someone who doesn’t play a musical instrument. It is especially true for kids who play the violin in the early years that they are in school.
  5. 5. The link between music andmath  Some researchers have said that playing a musical instrument, in particular the violin, can help a child or even an adult to develop strong reasoning skills and helps a person to be able to understand abstract reasoning when it comes to understanding math.  It truly helped me with my math skills when I played the violin during my elementary and most of my high school years.
  6. 6. Albert Einstein Violin? played the Not many people know it but yes it is very true. Albert’s mom had him play the violin because his school said that he was too dumb and they couldn’t help him. Playing the violin helped him become the person that he was known as today. Albert Einsteinplaying the violin
  7. 7. One example is preschoolers whoplayed on the piano improveddrastically in their math skills. Themore musical training that a child getsall before they go to college, they learnmore words on a list than those whodidn’t.
  8. 8. Students playing instruments
  9. 9. The main idea*Basically, the students or people who play a musicalinstrument end up benefitting from doing this at ayoung age.*The research and facts show that the people end upbenefitting in boosting their math skills.* Playing music also helps a person comprehend andunderstand a language that they are learning. Playingan instrument also helps build confidence andperseverance . Overall it expands the power in the brainand allows you to use all the power that is in it.