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Music 4.5: Music & Sport - Simon Walker, Rightster


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Monetising online and video properties
Protecting rights, reducing and controlling piracy, while marketing popular and valuable content online, is a tough balance to strike in the world of ‘content is free’. What are the different learnings and strategies for online monetisation in the music and sports industries?
Simon Walker, CCO, Rightster

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Music 4.5: Music & Sport - Simon Walker, Rightster

  1. 1. Music 4.5 is organised by #m4pt5 Monetising online and video properties Simon Walker, CCO, Rightster
  2. 2. “Upload Once, Commercialise Everywhere…” Distribution & Monetisation of Online Video with Advanced Analytics April 2014 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Global Trends Driving Media Market Disruption 3 Unparalleled disruption 3. BRAND DIRECT • Direct to consumer • Focus on RoI • Budgets shifting 2. DATA • Global war for data • ‘Big five’ = black boxes • Need for honest broker 1. GLOBAL NICHES • Premium content • Global scale • Consumer-led 4. OUTSOURCING • Mature technology • Cost pressure • Focus on core business STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Rightster’s Cloud Based 360-Distribution Network 4 o 360 Distribution Rightster distributes to and monetises on all three types of destination site: o Direct to Content Owner Sites (e.g o Platforms (e.g. YouTube) o Network of Pre-Connected Online Publishers (e.g. The Guardian) o Flexible Revenue Models Supports different revenue models (ad- funding, licensing, B2C subscriptions, bookmaker distribution, paid placement) on each destination o Centralised Reporting & Audience Insight Previously siloed data collated from all destination sites to one dashboard for revenue reporting and business insight. Providing diversity, depth & breadth. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  5. 5. Rightster’s unique operating model 5 3. BRAND DIRECT • ‘Holy Grail’ guarantees • Total transparency • Step change in RoI 2. DATA • Unique market position • Independent aggregator • Powerful toolset 1. GLOBAL NICHES • Multi-genre partner • 800 rights owners • 7000 publishers 4. OUTSOURCING • ‘Soup to nuts’ solution • Freemium pricing • Vast global marketplace STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. 6 Thank you Simon Walker +44 7770 461104