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The queuing bottleneck – improving efficiency at venues
Augmenting the live experience for fans by improving efficiency around food & beverage service, while capitalising on fans’ attention and propensity to spend when having a good time. Are payment apps becoming the new infrastructure and brand exposure opportunity at sports and music venues?
Serge Taborin, ex- Head of Group Strategy of Perform, co-founder of Q App

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Music 4.5: Music & Sport - Serge Taborin, Q App

  1. 1. Music 4.5 is organised by #m4pt5 The queuing bottleneck – improving efficiency at venues Serge Taborin, co-founder of Q App
  2. 2. Don’t Queue Up Serge Taborin, CEO
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. Mobile ordering, payments and communication platform For Fans Removes the need to stand in long queues For Venues Increases order processing efficiency and drives revenue For Brands Provides access to customers at the point of purchase What Is Q App Process more orders Increase order value Access new customers Cashless processing Customer data Real time comms
  5. 5. How it Works Fans download a free app and browse the menu in one of more bars inside the venue. We can also set up a separate menu for delivery to corporate Boxes. From their seat (or before they get to the venue), the fans select their food/drinks and pay. They can also choose when they want to collect and even specify their box/seat number for order delivery* Staff receive the order details on the supplied Q App tablet and prepare all products during the quiet period before half- time. All orders are pre-paid, so no further cash or credit card transaction is necessary. Fans are reminded when their order is ready for collection (or delivery*) and where to collect it from. They must show their unique code to collect, which acts as a proof of purchase. Receipt is sent by email. * Where available
  6. 6. Results 20% avg. increase in the number of orders processed 15% increase in avg. order value No increase in staffing costs
  7. 7. Now deployed and proven in a number of major sports, entertainment and hospitality venues • Royal Albert Hall • West Brom FC • Southbank Centre • Drake & Morgan Group • Crowne Plaza Deployments • ETM Group • Glendola Leisure • Pho • Konditor & Cook • Ministry of Sound * • Queen’s Tennis Club *
  8. 8. Case Study – West Brom FC • 30,000 capacity • Huge pain points at half time and before the match • Trial in one stand • Fans able to choose pre-match or half time collection • Staff pre-prepare relevant products during ‘dead period’ • Drives efficiency • Reduces wastage • Tapping into fans/customer base who don’t normally purchase because of long queues • Fantastic feedback from the fans and material increase in orders processed • Rolling across the ground from next season
  9. 9. @qapp_london