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Music 4.5: Music & Sport - Richard Cohen, LoveLive


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Love live rights – shareability & piracy
People share what they love. Music and sports are forms of art and entertainment that engage people and create communities. Live performances rouse, engage and gather fans and audiences. How to capitalise on the rights and talent? What are the formats and channels of distribution for engaging music or sports content that can be shared and monetised?
Richard Cohen, founder and CEO, LoveLive

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Music 4.5: Music & Sport - Richard Cohen, LoveLive

  1. 1. Music 4.5 is organised by #m4pt5 Love live rights – shareability & piracy Richard Cohen, founder and CEO, LoveLive
  2. 2. LoveLive: Rights – Shareability & Piracy Richard Cohen April 2014
  3. 3. Live Performance: Engagement and Community Live streams generate higher engagement than anything else on YouTube Online Experience Conversation Traffic
  4. 4. Capitalising on Rights & Talent Rights: • Worldwide live stream and VOD rights as a package – increasing event longevity • Tracking & blocking YouTube video rips as a service – tackling online piracy • LPlatform – activating brands Rihanna Event trailers and pre- Show social support tied Into tour messaging Muse Pre-show live Twitter Q&A built fan excitement Ellie Goulding Disabled live embeds to ring-fence traffic where label wanted it to go Talent: • Co-ordination of digital teams • Tent-pole events • Social media and email marketing • Competitions
  5. 5. Formats & Channels for Shareable, Monetisable Music Content Concerts • Live &VOD Intimate Music Moments • Incorporating fan elements Content Series • Appointment to view Unique Music Experiences • Short & shareable YouTube > Embeddable on Social & Web LPlayer > Better monetisation & rights management TV Apps > A new challenge – using YouTube as a shop window
  6. 6. Thank You
  7. 7. Music 4.5 is organised by Thank you to our event partners #m4pt5