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Music 4.5


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Music 4.5

  1. 1. – A Music Data Business Case Study Chris Wistow - Commercial Director Adrian Woodhead - Technical Team Lead #m4pt5Event partners #opendata Music 4.5 is organised by
  2. 2. A Music Data Business Case StudyPresented by:Chris Wistow - Commercial DirectorAdrian Woodhead - Technical Team Lead
  3. 3. Summary• The journey to 75 billion scrobbles• The API is your friend• Creating value from data• Data wizardry for brands & advertisers• Experiences and personalisation for users• Pizza, Beer and the developer community• What have we learnt?• Q&A
  4. 4. The journey to 75 billion scrobbles
  5. 5. The journey to 75 billion scrobbles• Lack of familiarity with online sharing• Before FaceBook, Google+, Four Square etc.• Before "Big Data"
  6. 6. The journey to 75 billion scrobbles• Users own their data (co- creators)• Easy to submit data• Enrich data - aggregation, combination, refining• Give the benefits back• Self-perpetuating feedback loop• has become the music check-in
  7. 7. The API is your friend• Anyone can build their own apps using data• Over 100 API methods available• One of the earliest and largest API collections available• Enables a third party ecosystem• Surface user data in other applications and mash-ups• Integration with other open systems (MusicBrainz)
  8. 8. The API is your friend
  9. 9. Creating value from data• Commercially o Creating powerful engagement for brands o Data licences for commercial use• Internally o New features and product development o Unique data led experiences for users• Externally o Developer community o Music standards (MusicBrainz) o Supporting innovation
  10. 10. Data wizardry for brands and advertisers
  11. 11. Experiences and personalisation for users
  12. 12. Hacking, pizza and beerThe developer community and its open data ethos has been crucual indeveloping the brand and its values• Hack days• Music Standards• Big data sets• Recruitment• Innovation• The next big thing• Lots of beer! :)
  13. 13. What have we learnt?• Pioneers dont always get it right... o No API keys in early days!?! free for all! o Limited controls and policies for a long time• Significant API over usage o Uncontrolled growth = tech debt and overheads o Inappropriate and incorrect usage
  14. 14. What have we learnt?• Leaking value o Being too open o Other business building on top of our data and taking advantage of our heavy lifting and IP o Tight controls are a must - regular reviews, commercial vs. non-commercial• Data success with brands and advertisers o Data storytelling enables us to be unique and stand out o Data is a key USP in market (more than just streaming) o Advertising innovation using data
  15. 15. Q&AChris