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People not products


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Presentation given at UKMW12, the Museums Computer Group's Museums on the Web
'Strategically Digital' conference, Wellcome Collection, London, November 30, 2012

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People not products

  1. 1. People not Products@wearecaper @katybeale
  2. 2. How we work... increasing clients’ digital understanding running creating digital strategic digital content, development prototypes, projects strategies and intriguing campaigns and delighting audiences
  3. 3. Challenges Little flexibility Focus on specific outcomes Limited internal digital expertise Restricted budgets and resources
  4. 4. Being „digital by default‟ “… the government itself needs to become digital in thinking in order to deliver services which are suitable for users … as digital by default comes into effect the scale of government service provision will grow dramatically and the quality and user centricity of major commercial internet properties should be our minimum goal.”
  5. 5. 12 weeks 6 technologists 3 organisations
  6. 6. @h8ppenstance
  7. 7. Format of the residencies
  8. 8. The innovation process
  9. 9. Makingcommunicationstransparent and visible
  10. 10. “Individuals andinteractions over processes and tools”(Agile Manifesto)
  11. 11. Embedding the culture of innovation– from one-off initiatives to long-term impact
  12. 12. Coming up….
  13. 13. Thank you