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None of us is as smart as all of us


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Keynote speech from Nick Winterbotham, Group for Education in Museums (GEM) Chair and Director, Winterbotham Associates at Thinktank

*PLEASE NOTE Speaker's notes to accompany the presentation available as a MSWord document adjacent to these slides. Available from the 'Documents' tab*

Published in: Education, Technology
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None of us is as smart as all of us

  1. 1. None of us is as smartas all of usDr Nick WinterbothamMGC/DLNET ConferenceManchester11 July 2012
  2. 2. The Nail Puzzlechallenge.... And how we learn
  3. 3. The Nail Puzzle challenge..• Observation• Challenge• Learning impact• Teamwork• Skills• Purpose
  4. 4. Our motto should be..“If you think education isexpensive, try ignorance” Derek Bok
  5. 5. Time for some audience researchHands up all those that canremember your first Englishlesson?..And now your first visit to amuseum?..And now your first visit to aPlanetarium?
  6. 6. OTSUs
  7. 7. We hold these things to be self-evident1. Our heritage is not about things it is about people2. Everyone has a right to know about and be at easewith heritage3. Heritage embraces the past and present of allcultures4. Heritage is essential as the cradle of everyone’stomorrow5. Heritage encompasses all literature, science,technology, environments and arts
  8. 8. We hold these things to be self-evident6. The multiple narratives of heritage deserve respect7. Learning is an entitled journey; not a destination8. Heritage learning is an entitlement for everyoneregardless of age, ability, creed, gender, ethnicity ororientation9. The development of heritage learning skills andtechniques must be a perpetual excellence.10. Learning is not simply a justification for culturalspending, it is THE justification for cultural spending.
  9. 9. Richard Feynman "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you dont understand quantum mechanics".
  10. 10. Big Ideas….. And Robert Jones• BBC = Authoritative• IKEA = Democratising design• Apple = Utility• = the Voice for Heritage Learning
  11. 11. So, thechallenge..AudiencesAffective learningIntellectual generosityBig Ideas
  12. 12. And in case you missed it…
  13. 13. The voice for heritage learningThank