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Discover Sessions – new ways of working


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Taking what they learnt from an off the shelf system the National Maritime Museum developed a bespoke mobile learning system where the user drives the learning process.

Session: Mobile learning case studies

Published in: Education
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Discover Sessions – new ways of working

  1. 1. Discover Sessions at the National Maritime Museum Lucinda Blaser Digital Project Manager
  2. 2. Insert photo of the lounge For light images - insert full page image, right click on mouse and select ‘Send to back’2009: Started working with a third partysystem
  3. 3. • Students enjoy having control over their own learning and to tell their own stories• Motivated to engage with the exhibition• Became more focused during their visit• Could collaborate and learn from each other.
  4. 4. User focused developmentIf there was magic in the world what would you want to do in the Museum?
  5. 5. Build reusable tools
  6. 6. What are they up to?
  7. 7. Teachers Tablet
  8. 8. Challenges?
  9. 9. Ways of working