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MW2011: C. Martin, Web Archiving Workshop


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Web content is, by nature, ephemeral: sites are constantly disappearing, others are frequently updated, involving the removal of online information. This media continues to grow in our society: many museums and cultural heritage institutions are developing websites with a variety of content (videos, forums, blogs, online exhibitions, catalogues) creating a large media-centric websphere of unique value. Like any other media before, it is becoming essential to preserve this websphere of cultural and historical value. From this point of view, Web archiving is becoming a key part of today's heritage conservation.

In this one-hour workshop, we will present the main aspects of web archiving:

- Why is it so important to collect and preserve web material?
- What does Web archiving mean?
- How to plan a web archiving project? Investment, Selection, Frequency, Quality Assurance
- Example of one method: the shared platform,, helps institutions to easily and quickly start collecting websites including dynamic content and rich media, enabling navigation in past versions of a website, as if it was still live.
- Exploration of the typology of resources. A special focus will be done on videos.
- How to give an access on this archive?
Participants will be invited to share their own experiences, needs and issues about it.

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