Escena Digital, a new product to dissemination of heritage


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Escena Digital, a new product to dissemination of heritage

  1. 1. “Escena Digital” a new product to Dissemination of Heritage Anna Valls Enicpa, Sevilla November , 2013
  2. 2. Vision and Mission Vision To be the reference centre for the research and information of performing arts of Catalonia Main goals To preserve the memory of the performing arts in Catalonia To support teaching and research at the various schools of our centre To disseminate our museum, archive and bibliographical collections
  3. 3. MAE. Documentation Centre and Museum of Performing Arts 4 Units Research and historical library Since 1968 Archive Since 978 Museum Since1923 School library Since 1923
  4. 4. MAE. Documentation Centre and Museum of Performing Arts Many kinds of documentation
  5. 5. IT Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Before 2008: Working without Information Technologies We had 35,177 documents in 885 Windows folders We had more than 50 MSAccess databases for the archive and museum collections Our bibliographical catalogue was run by VTLS Our digital newspaper database was run by Knossys Our staff didn’t include any IT engineer We used to have old tecnology and no open source We used to pay for all the IT services
  6. 6. IT Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Goal Taking advantage of IT to promote our museum collections Human Resources Professionalization: two new IT engineers Organization Improve management, processes and internal communication increase efficiency Finance Expenses reduction: open source software and our own data centre
  7. 7. IT Strategic Plan 2008-2013 From 2008 - 2011 FIRST: Dissemination some museum collections by ContentDM SECOND: Intranet by alfresco Digital newspaper database by Dspace Web by joomla
  8. 8. IT Strategic Plan 2008-2013 2012- 13 Our own information system for the museum /archive collections Benchmarking • Dspace, E-prints, Fedora • Dspace and Fedora belongs to Duraspace • Duraspace was involved in a new Projecte: Hydra • Finally we chose: Hydra
  9. 9. HYDRA Project Founded in 2008: Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of Hull Fedora Commons (now part of DuraSpace) Partners: University of Notre Dame Northwestern University, Columbia University Penn State University, Indiana University London School of Economics and Political Science, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Royal Library of Denmark, Data Curation Experts, WGBH, Boston Public Library Duke University, Yale University Virginia Tech, University of Cincinnati
  10. 10. HYDRA Project Hydra technology
  11. 11. ESCENA DIGITAL Hydra Project A new single data model for all the collections based on Dublin Core metadates (except bibliographical and audiovisual collections) A single system to: Describe documents or objects Preserve images Disseminate the holdings
  12. 12. ESCENA DIGITAL Model Data MAIN METADATES PERFORMANCE METADATES Collection Authors Title Description: descriptors, key words Dates OBJECT METADATES Size Quantity Material Language Provenance INTERNAL METADATES Adquisition Available Conservation ….
  13. 13. MAE. Documentation Centre and Museum of Performing Arts Conclusions Now we have 21rd Century Technology We use one single application for all the archives and museum collections Our information system covers: ingestion, transformation, preservation and dissemination Our digital holdings are growing every day We are much more efficient
  14. 14. Escena Digital
  15. 15. Anna Valls