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MALHM Google Tools for the Small Museum


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Small museums often struggle with the cost burden of technology and its many upgrades. Google offers a variety of products that make collaboration, productivity, sustainability, and cost savings a breeze. This session provided a brief overview of some of the products most relevant to museum work, as well as short demonstrations.

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MALHM Google Tools for the Small Museum

  1. 1. Tools for the Small Museum
  2. 2. Erin E. Anderson● Principal, Museology Exhibits & Programs○ Exhibit planning and design○ Fabrication & installation○ Educational programming○ Collections management○ Grant writing○ Research● 2012 James A. Clark Digital OutreachFellow, Smithsonian National Museum ofAmerican History● 2012 Smithsonian EdLab EducationInnovator
  3. 3. What is Google Apps?● Apps = applications● "Cloud-based productivity suite"○ No physical server to store on-site○ Similar tools to Microsoft Office, Open Office, orApple iWork● Allows you to work from anywhere, on anydevice● Multiple people can work on the sameproject at the same time in different locations● Most commonly used apps are Gmail,Calendar, and Drive
  4. 4. Google Apps for Nonprofits
  5. 5. Google Apps for NonprofitsEligibility requirements:● Hold current 501(c)3 status● Acknowledge and agree to the requirements regardingnondiscrimination and donation receipt and use
  6. 6. Setting Up a GoogleAccount● Access a variety of products:○ Gmail○ YouTube○ Google+○ Picasa○ Google Play○ Calendar○ Docs○ Blogger○ Google Sites○ Analytics○ Voice
  7. 7. Guidestar and WebsiteUpdate your Guidestar profile and website.
  8. 8. Apply for Google Apps for Nonprofits
  9. 9. Apply for Google Apps for Nonprofits
  10. 10. Apply for Google Apps for Nonprofits
  11. 11. Enroll in Google Apps for Nonprofits
  12. 12. Google Apps Products
  13. 13. Gmail Login
  14. 14. Gmail Inbox
  15. 15. Gmail Settings
  16. 16. Gmail Settings
  17. 17. Gmail Settings
  18. 18. Gmail Settings
  19. 19. Gmail Settings
  20. 20. What is Google Docs?● Free web-based office suite anddata storage service● Enables collaboration● Popular for its accessibility● Colorful presence markers● Edit simultaneously from differentlocations● Document translation● Revision history and ability to revert to earlier versions● Built-in chat feature● Upload and convert a Word document● Download as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML, or zip
  21. 21. Docs Login
  22. 22. Create a New Doc
  23. 23. Google Docs
  24. 24. What is Google Sheets?● Online spreadsheet app● Similar functionality as Microsoft Excel● Simultaneously work with other people● Import and convert Excel files● Export Excel, .csv, and .txt formatted files● Create charts● Embed spreadsheets and charts on yourblog or website● Auto-save every few seconds● Create spreadsheets from templates
  25. 25. Google Sheets
  26. 26. Google Forms
  27. 27. Google Forms
  28. 28. Google Presentations
  29. 29. What is Calendar?● Free, web-based time management app● Features○ Share your calendar○ Get your calendar on the go○ Schedule reminders○ Send invitations and track RSVPs○ Syncs with desktop applications○ Offline access
  30. 30. Calendar Settings
  31. 31. Calendar Settings
  32. 32. Calendar Settings
  33. 33. Calendar Settings
  34. 34. What is Google Sites?● Free website-building tool● Features are similar to other Google products● Fully customizable templates or create yourown from scratch● No need to learn HTML coding● Automatically adjusts for viewing on mobilephones or tablet computers● Permission settings allow for different levelsof access● Upload documents, videos, photos, charts,calendars, etc. easily
  35. 35. Google Sites
  36. 36. Google Analytics
  37. 37. Google Analytics
  38. 38. Google Voice
  39. 39. Google Voice
  40. 40. Google Apps is NOT Microsoft Office● Microsoft Office○ Publisher○ Outlook○ PowerPoint○ Some compatability issues with Office products● Server/Internet downtime● Lack of control● Storage limits● Latency● Privacy risks associated with cloud-basedstorage
  41. 41. Questions?
  42. 42. ContactErin E. AndersonPrincipal, Museology Exhibits & ProgramsEmail: erin@museology-mn.comWebsite: www.museology-mn.comFacebook: museology-mn.tumblr.comPinterest: