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  • Friendship

    1. 1. why have a beautiful mind to friendship??provided by-Nur Zawawi Bin Zakaria2010244116BM1115BUITM PAHANG
    2. 2. friendshipIf there is one ingredientwhich adds warmth and loveto our lives…it is friendship
    3. 3. If there is one relationship to help usthrough allThe is friendship
    4. 4. Friendship is a personalrelationship shared between eachfriend for the welfare of other, inother words, it is the relationshipof trust, faith and concern foreach other feelings.It is a relationship of mutualcaring and intimacy among oneanother. By Alka kheterpal
    5. 5. Friendship is more than just being friends. Itis a connection deep within the spiritual soulthat is an unearned gift of love. By Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
    6. 6. Friends surround us with thebeauty of their caring .Withfriends we can share what wesee , what we feel and what welove..
    7. 7. Friend help us with our problemsbecause they listen and as theylisten we begin to hearThe language of our own hearts.
    8. 8. With friends we can walk alongthe remembered paths of ourlives…And completely share ourexperiences
    9. 9. With friends we canwork the soilOf forgotten dreams thatneeded to be tendedAnd nurtured onceagain….With the friends we canplant the seed of ourheartsNew dream…
    10. 10. We can always return toa friend , like going backtoA special place….And find the same warmfeeling unchanged bytimeOr distance…
    11. 11. Live gives us friends sothat we can share theprecious time…..And memorablemoments of beingchildren and teenagers ,and adults and parents,and grandparents…
    12. 12. Life gives us friends so we can sharethe growing up….And growing down and old…
    13. 13. With friends we have a place to goto be accepted and understood..Together we can laugh…togetherwe can try..
    14. 14. Somehow in this big wide world,We’ve loving faithful friends,For god in all this charity andwisdom always send…
    15. 15. For in this world of troubleThat is filled with strife and careEverybody needs friendIn whom there’re free to share…
    16. 16. The garden of friendshipThe garden of friendshipIs always in bloomWhatever the season or dayWith flowers to cheer usThough sunshine and rainLovely blooms to brighten our way..
    17. 17. Flower of hope and encouragement,Understanding, compassion , and care,Blooms that grow sweeter as time passesbyIn the beautiful memories we share..
    18. 18. And no matter how far we may wander away,No matter how long we’re apart,We’ll still know the joysOf the flower that grow in the garden thatBlooms in our heart…
    19. 19. My dear and my beloved friend,My best regards to you I send,And from a heart sincere and true,All happiness I’m wishing to you..
    20. 20. Thank You forwatching….
    21. 21. References les/200303/ ml