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Dental Implant for Senior Citizens


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Best Dental Implant Centre in INDIA to get Dental Implant Treatment at Affordable Cost
Our FOUR missions are:
1. To reduce the fear about Dental Implants among the people around the world
2. To create a awareness about simple , predictable and Affordable Dental Implant technique among patients.
3. To create awareness and Knowledge about Immediate loading Dental Implants among Dental Community
4. To make Dental Implant treatment affordable. To know about COST OF DENTAL IMPLANTS AND SPECIAL DISCOUNTS / OFFERS- mail to
visit us at (Or) (or)

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Dental Implant for Senior Citizens

  1. 1. ByBest Laser Dental Clinic DENTAL IMPLANT FOR AGED PEOPLE
  2. 2.  Screwable basal implant: the implant is inserted like a conventional imlpant, but it transmits loads into the opposing cortical.
  3. 3.  Strictly cortical anchorage of the implant guarantees for safe load transmittion and osseo-integration.  “Basal bone” is the bone which will not be resorbed throughout life
  4. 4. Patient aged 70 came to our clinic with a complaint of missing upper and lower full teeth
  5. 5. Image showing missing upper teeth
  6. 6. Missing teeth in lower arch
  7. 7. Patient’s side profile before treatment
  8. 8. Patient’s straight view before treatment. Implant supported Hybrid denture was planned
  9. 9. 4 Single piece Dental Implants placed in lower arch
  10. 10. Hybrid denture (implant supported denture) placed in lower arch and Removable denture placed in upper arch
  11. 11. Happy patient and his son with Dr.Murugavel 
  12. 12.  For more Information Log onto:     For further details or enquiries mail us to  Contact us at +9171515077 / 044-43856017
  13. 13. ByBest Laser Dental Clinic THANK YOU