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Post of Commissioning engineer


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Post of Commissioning engineer

  1. 1. Post of Commissioning Engineer M.MURUGAN Commissioning & Start up Engineer (Process) Bolashak - Atyrau KARABATAN PROJECT, Republic ofKazakhstan E-Mail: 00919597641899,00918903577999 (INDIA) _______________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE: To work in a challenging environment where I can lay my experience to the Organizations best use and which would make me versatile in the industry. SUMMARY: ● Total 15 years of experience in Oil and Gas processing industries. ● Well versed in Plant Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, pre startup, start up, normal Operations, Troubleshooting and Optimization. Normal/Emergency shutdown, Field and DCS Panel operations and also in preparation of Training modules, SOPs, And HSE , (Audit, drill, Risk identification and Mitigation plan, Failure Analysis Report, SAFER act, Work permit system, Toolbox meeting) ● Working as a Commissioning & Start up Engineer and CR supervisor in Bolashak Atyrau – NCOC ONSHORE at present (5yrs) ● Worked as Commissioning Engineer in IOCL – India (1yr) ● Worked as Plant supervisor in SAUDI CHEVRON -SAUDI ARABIA(3yrs) ● Worked as Lead operator in OMAN REFINERY AND PETROCHEMICALS –OMAN (3yrs) ● worked as Panel &Field operator in Shasun chemicals-India(4yrs) Qualifications & Experience:  Bachelor in Chemical Engineering science  Fluency in written and spoken English and good understanding oftechnical English  Proved technical expertise in the Process Engineering field allowing the individual to make a detailed technical assessmentofdesigns from conception to commissioning phase.  Capacity to run industrystandard process simulation tools autonomouslyin order to provide necessary evidence when doing process assessments  Experienced in managing and resolving the problems and issues faced in plantoperations from a process perspective  Participated in design and feasibilitystudies  Experienced of contributing to feasibilitystudies,identifying the various options,evaluating and recommending engineering solutions in the Process field,full understanding ofthe basis for the design of Process area.  Experienced of reviewing and auditing technical work to ensure standards and technical integrityare maintained and safeguarded.  Computer literate prepared and made presentations  Experienced in all projectand operational phases  Experienced of working in high H2S operations  Experienced in working in the former Soviet Union and Caspian region countrypreferred
  2. 2. FAMILIARIZATION AREA: 1. Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) 2. Oil treatment & Gas treatment Unit 3. Ethylene Hot & Cold Unit 4. Waste Heat Boiler 5. Boiler & Air System 6. Fresh water treatment & Effluent water treatment 7. Recover Plus Unit (LPG RECOVERY) 8. Hydrogen Unit (PSA) Technology provided Linde. 9. Heavy Naphtha Hydro-Treater (HNHT) ACHIEVEMENTS: ● Provided Process support to Start up Engineering team through all phases of the Saudi Aramco project Development. Operations support and expertise will include technical input in FFD Project activities. Provided technical guidance on optimizing processing schemes of onshore facilities to achieve reliable and cost effective operation and minimized safety, health and environmental risks. ● Written Many Training modules, SOPs, Failure and Analysis Report. ● Commissioned New Equipments like Compressors, columns, heaters etc. ● Executed Hot Taping Operations in the Plant thereby integrating new Units and Equipments with the Existing Unit Online. This also reduced the downtime during Turnaround. ● Suggested and Implemented many modifications to lower the cost of production and improve the plant operation. HSE Responsibilities:  Demonstrated a commitment to HSE through the personal application of safety critical behaviors’  fulfilled with Republic of Kazakhstan Statutory HSE Regulations, Codes and Standards;  Applied HSE & SD Policies & Management System;  Supported / Participated in Emergency Drills and Exercises as required; ● Reported all Accidents/ Incidents and Unsafe Acts/ Conditions in a timely manner. FUNCTIONAL EXPERIENCE
  3. 3. PRESENT JOB RESPONSIBILITIES  Developed, controlled, maintained and applied process engineering technical expertise related to development of schemes, design selection, specification and operation of treatment facilities  Provided specialist input into feasibility studies, options identification, evaluation and selection, field development plan and basis for design  Responsibility for process flow assurance issues, provide technical advice on process optimisation, control, operating procedures and troubleshooting  Responsibility for process engineering deliverables (as assigned) within the OR&A Plan  Utilized modelling software (HYSYS, etc.) as a primary means of process evaluation and prediction  Provided input towards the development and utilization of training and process dynamic simulators  Participated in HAZOP, HAZID, EIA, O&M, RAM and QRA reviews to ensure effective Production Engineering input  Ensured the process related evaluations for the facilities are handled in consistent standards such that the technical integrity is safeguarded  Supported the Chemical Management Group in chemical requirements – volumes, applications, performance and formulations  Managed the activities of assigned staff, provide functional guidance to the Process Engineering Team.  Advised and recommended on technology requirements for Process Engineering. Remain current with emerging technology. Identified and pursues new technology PAST JOB PROFILE; ● Supporting the operations in plant monitoring and troubleshooting. ● Providing technical services and assistance to other sections such as Instrumentation, Maintenance, Inspection and Material as required. ● Preparing daily performance summaries to monitor plant by studying laboratory test reports, Standard log sheets and other daily operating activity reports, and highlights abnormalities and Suggests corrective actions to supervisor. ● Start up of compressor, pumps, turbine, and Smooth line up of Condenser line up, Plant start-up and shut down activities. ● Ensuring standard operating procedures are being followed during the shift to carry out the routine operations of all major equipments (Pumps, Compressors, Steam Turbine, Exchangers, Coolers, Filters, and Heaters etc.) ● Participation in trouble shooting, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of equipment. ● Complying with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures. ● Participated in the identification of possible solutions in process problem areas, which will include analyzing operating reports and discussing problem items with the departments concerned. ● Co-ordinate with the technical & maintenance service departments to solve the Problems. ● To study required alterations of technical nature, in order to meet variations in production plans And/or a varying feedstock.
  4. 4. ● Collecting monthly plant production and operating data, evaluates unit efficiencies by relating Chemicals and energy consumption and prepares reports with comments. ● To standard operating procedures carry out routine activities such as monitoring major Equipments, maintaining their records and report abnormalities. ● Assuring integration between existing units and new facilities designed by various licensors. ● To Coordinate with Project Group for implementation of New Technology and Installation of New Equipment. ● Participated in HAZOP studies pertaining to proposed modifications ● Develop and implement Flawless Project Delivery plans, including flaws identification, assessment and mitigation actions. ● Liaison with process licensor/vendors in relation to plant process and improvement. ● Preparing System Database of the unit for proper breakdown of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities. ● P&ID correction as per Value Maximization Project changes, to review and provide Comments and feedback on drawings and P&ID'S. Preparing of test packs ● Co-ordination with Construction Group for Planning and preparing schedule for shutdown activities. ● Checking and Follow-up of the laying pipe/equipment according to PFD, P&ID, Isometric- clearance and Mechanical clearance, Process loop clearance. ● Erection of Column Internals & Checking of TSR, Tray level, Down Comer clearance, Down Comer Width, Weir Height etc., as per Vendor checklist. ● Coordination between other plant, utility, crude, FCC etc. SHIFT RESPONSIBILITIES: ● Start up of compressor, pumps, turbine, and Smooth line up of distillation column, Condenser line up, Plant start-up and shut down activities. ● Co-ordinate with the technical & maintenance service departments to solve the problems. ● To standard operating procedures and instructions of the Shift- In-charge to carry out routine operations such as monitoring major equipments (Pumps, Compressors, Steam Turbine, Exchangers, coolers, filters etc.) ● To Co-ordinate with control room DCS operators for trouble free operations. Safe release of Equipments for maintenance and taking back to service after maintenance. ● Plant startup and shout down, Line up & Line out, clearance of equipments and plant before & after maintenance. ● Observation & House keeping in the plant. Maintain safe operation and safe working procedure.
  5. 5. Involved in Plant Annual Shutdown, Maintenance and start up Which involves activities such as Spent Catalyst unloading and loading of Cumene reactor, Hot Oil Furnace Refractory bricks change over, Replacement of Trays and packing of different columns and Maintenance of various types of Pumps, Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Columns, Control valves, Level Monitoring Devices, Flow Meters. During this period, I went training through the following areas: 1. Propylene Recovery Unit 2. Cumene Plant 3. Cumox Plant A. Synthesis Section includes Oxidation, Evaporation and Cleavage Section. B. Recovery Section includes Direct Neutralization and Effluent Treatment, Fractionation and Hydrogenation Section. 4. Utilities such as A. Pretreatment Plant B. Demineralization Plant C. Hydrogen Plants D. Effluent Collection and Treatment Plant 5. Other Utilities A. Steam and Cooling Water Distribution B. LSHS pumping and heating unit for Hot Oil Heater C. Nitrogen Storage and distribution D. Tankage Area E. Material Loading and Unloading F. Flare System EQUIPMENT FAMILIARISATION: ● Single stage & Multistage stage centrifugal pumps both turbine & motor driven (HT and LT Motors) ● Various types of Turbines Single Extraction type, Dual Extraction and condensing type. All types of Furnaces Balanced Draft, Natural Draft and Induced Draft with floor and wall Burned burners. ● Different Types of Reactors Radial flow Stacked Reactor, Bed Reactor. ● High range Reciprocating, Screw and Centrifugal compressor with varying loads of operation. ● Various types of atmospheric and vacuum distillation columns (Valve Trays, ECMD Trays, Sieve Trays, Packed bed (random packing & structural packing), rectifier, stripper, extraction columns, Absorber and others. ● Shell & Tube exchangers (Floating head & fixed head), Plate & Frame exchangers, Double pipe exchangers, fin type cooler, Kettle type condenser, re-boilers. ● Pressure Reduction and De-Super heating system (PRDS).
  6. 6. ● Heat Recovery and Steam Generation System (HRSG) ● Flare system and Fuel gas distribution system. ● Various levels, Pressure, Temperature monitoring devices. Additional Information Permanent Address: # 125.m.g.road, kottakuppam, vanur taluk, villurpuram, Tamilnadu-india-605104. Father Name K. MURTHI Date of Birth 13th December 1977 Sex Male Marital Status Married Nationality Indian Mail ID, Present Contact Number Ph: 00919597641899,00918903577999(India) Declaration I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. If you give me an opportunity I promise you that I will work hard for the growth of your company. Location: Kazakhstan Very Sincerely Yours, Date:16/10/2016 (M.murugan) Availability : immediately