Broadcast News Students at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication


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Meet students in the Journalism & Media Production sequence at Washington State University's The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

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Broadcast News Students at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

  2. 2. Mindy Rossner• My name is Mindy Rossner and I am a senior communication major emphasizing in Journalism & MediaProduction at WSU. I am graduating this May and hope to begin a career in the field of television news reporting. Ibegan my career at WSU as a print journalism student however I made the switch to broadcasting when I certified.I feel one can tell a story so much more effectively through the use of photos. Last semester I was fortunateenough to take Professor Cuen Paxson’s 465 Broadcast News class where I was able to cover stories from a studentsurviving an 11 story fall, to this year’s record apple crop, to dogs taking over a local pool. As the teacher’sassistant in the course this semester, I am able to focus my efforts on capstone pieces like my backpack journalismtrip to Sri Lanka.
  3. 3. Spencer Kabelac• My name is Spencer Kabelac and I am a seniorcommunication major emphasizing in Journalism& Media Production at WSU. I serve as Presidentand General Manager of the student-runtelevision station on campus, Cable 8 Productions.In my past two semesters, I was able to completea double emphasis in the Murrow College,completing both the broadcast news andbroadcast production sequences. I was able tocover hard news, as well as feature stories in thenews class, and strengthen my video productionskills in the production class. Ive produced avariety of video pieces, from short news packages,to mini documentaries. I am graduating this May,and hope to get into the television productionindustry.
  4. 4. Carlie Wolken• My name is Carlie Wolken and Im a seniorgraduating in May 2013, with a degree inBroadcast News. I have a major passion for sports.I took Professor Paxsons Advanced TelevisionNews Class last fall. This semester, Spring of 2013,I served as Professor Paxsons teaching assistant.My main strengths are related to producingnewscasts and shows. I hope to enter theworkforce following graduation in May and to oneday work in the Sports Media/EntertainmentIndustry.
  5. 5. Nick Dettorre• Hi my name is Nick Dettorre. I am a senior graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News this May. Ihave a passion for education and sports. This term I have covered stories ranging from the death of a Universityof Idaho student to NFL funded brain research being conducted at WSU. I hope to enter the workforce in late-May after returning from a backpack journalism trip to Cuba. I hope to one day work in the news industry as aproducer.
  6. 6. Nate Hanson• I will be graduating from WSU in December 2013. Sports are my passion. I’ve done play-by-play broadcastingfor volleyball, basketball and baseball over the past three years for WSU’s school radio station. Last year I washired by KHTR/KQQQ radio in Pullman as the play-by-play announcer for Pullman High School football andbasketball. Whether its play-by-play, a TV sports anchor or radio sports talk, I know sports media is the field Iwant to strive for.
  7. 7. Orion Yoesle• I am a senior in the Murrow College of Communication, about to enter graduate school for political science hereat WSU. While in my broadcast news class, I have reported on local grocery price increases, the filibuster byRand Paul in the Senate, and many other stories. My primary news interests cover national and internationalpolitics, particularly U.S. elections and government. Internationally, my main interests are on East Asian andMexican foreign relations, particularly concerning trade and the War on Drugs.Were I to change my mind and pursue news in the not-too-distant future, I would love to work in broadcastjournalism in one of the larger markets (perhaps Portland or Boston, for example). I will not close the doorentirely, but any prospects of being a journalist on hold until I finish school.
  8. 8. Sadie Porter• I will be graduating in May and in mid-October, following a summer internship, I’ll be looking for a job. I’ve coveredpredominately feature stories on campus. But I love and feel that I have a knack for in-depth interviews as well. Ihave been told that I am a team player and have great work ethic. I love chasing great stories and can turnpackages rapidly. I am anxious to get to work in a newsroom and am willing to do anything. I hope one day to be areporter and then an anchor.
  9. 9. Connor Giampietri• I am a senior at WSU graduating in May of this year. My main passion in news is sports but throughout thisyear I have grown passionate about covering hard-hitting news stories as well. This year I have coveredstories from gun control and the passing of a new school bond to the WSU football team’s national signingday recruiting class. I hope to enter the workforce either in sports broadcasting in some form or fashion oras a news reporter or producer.
  10. 10. Madison Horner• I’m a senior at WSU working on a double degree in Communications and Economics, expecting to graduate nextDecember. My Communications emphasis is in Broadcast news and my Economics emphasis is in policy. I hope tosomeday work in front of the camera as a reporter. My passion is in news. I love researching and reporting on avariety of topics and telling the stories of people from all walks of life. In my summer internship, I enjoyed workingfor an investigative team. Some packages I’ve written this semester range from a local influenza outbreak to thenational sequester, to a story on local cat adoptions and Washington’s #13 ranking for national cat ownership.From breaking news to consumer investigation, health, feature stories and kickers, I’ve enjoyed writing all of it atWSU and hope to continue covering local news in my first job.
  11. 11. Brandon Wahl• I am a senior graduating in Broadcast News and Television Production in May. This term I have covered storieson events on campus as well as national and world events. Although I love going out and reporting on thestories, I have a real passion and talent for the creative side of television news – the shooting and editing. I haveworked on both sides of the camera and am still trying to decided which one I like best.
  12. 12. Dani Van Slyke• I am currently a senior at Washington State University, and will be graduating in May. This term, in my finalBroadcasting class, I have covered many stories mostly human interest pieces, and entertainment pieces on eventsaround our campus. I really want a job in entertainment seeing as that is really where my interest lies. My goal isto someday be a news anchor. I hope to enter the workforce in the broadcasting business wherever I am neededand can get my foot in the door. As I previously stated however, my goal is to be a news anchor, or some type ofentertainment television personality. I feel I have a flair for entertainment, and I work well on camera.
  13. 13. Alex Hovde• I am a senior at Washington State University. I graduated with my first degree in December and I am currentlyfinishing my Broadcast News degree. Also, I am interning at KHQ part time. I have observed and shadowedproducers, reporters, and sports broadcasters at KHQ. I have gained some experience in all of these areas at WSUas well. I have produced, written, and anchored Cable 8 News, as well as created news packages. My real passionis to be a producer and a reporter, although I am not picky about what I do. I just want to be involved in the newsbusiness in whatever way possible. I would definitely enjoy investigative and/or sports reporting. Some day I wouldlike to anchor the news as well. I realize that isn’t generally a starting position, but I feel like I have potential to bea good anchor. I am willing to work wherever needed and I am a quick learner.
  14. 14. Alexandra Clark• I am passionate about news, sports and journalism. I started out in print but, in college made the switch tobroadcast and have loved it ever since. I have experience in front of the camera but, my passion is for producing.Ideally, I would love to get a job in sports but, I am naturally curious and the ever-changing world of news is one ofmy favorite things. One of my strengths is writing and I am constantly working on my story telling skills. I am a hardworker and a determined student and my fire for journalism is one that keeps me moving through the hard times.This semester I have worked on packages concerning National Girls day, that the Athletic Department helpedsponsor in order to promote healthy living and to promote confidence in girls.
  15. 15. Elise Lapasin• I am a junior at Washington State University, but I am graduating early in May, with a BA in Communication. Myemphasis is in Journalism & Media Production. I am finishing up my graduation credits in the fall next year while Itravel Europe; basing in Tuscany, Rome, and Florence. My ambitions in life revolve around travel. I enjoy meeting newpeople and gaining new experiences. My ideal goal is to be involved with international reporting. I have covered avariety of topics (e.g., news, sports, education, health, lifestyle). I like to focus more on the health and lifestyle beatsfor broadcast and print news. Feel free to reference my LinkedIn profile for more information about me.
  16. 16. Craig Wheeler• Hi my name is Craig Wheeler, I am a senior graduating May 2013. I have a passion for radio in all its forms. Thisterm I have covered stories from The Vagina Monologues to Darwin Day. I am in the Murrow News Class in orderto learn about all media formats. I am proficient with cameras, all editing programs both video and audio,producing, anchoring, using sound-boards, writing news for radio, TV, print, online, and social networking. I amcurrently working at a top 40 pop station in Moscow, Idaho called Zfun 106, I also work at my local communitystation KRFP Moscow working on the morning and evening news programs, and I am the Music Director for thecollege student run station My hope is to one day work in a Northwest city at a rock station on arock/talk show. To listen to my radio demo and resume please email
  17. 17. Claudia Ramos• I am a senior double majoring in Broadcast News and Spanish. I will be graduating this May and soon after will betaking a trip to Cuba to do some backpack journalism in La Havana. During this term I have covered stories fromstudent conferences at WSU to breaking news nationally. My passion is making in depth detailed profiles andfeatures of peoples stories. I am bilingual, and as a native speaker of Spanish I hope to enter the Spanish newsworkforce in the future. I hope to someday work as a reporter and eventually become an anchor.
  18. 18. Alexandria Roberts• My name is Alexandria Roberts and I will be graduating Washington State University in May 2013 with a degree inJournalism & Media Production. In Broadcast 465 I have mostly covered features. I try to be creative with mypackages and take what may appear to be an ordinary event and make it interesting to a viewer. I hope to enter theworkforce after graduation on a cable television network. My goal is to help produce an entertainment style show. Ialso greatly enjoy the promotional and sales side of a broadcast network. Currently I have been seeking jobs outsidethe broadcast industry and focusing my attention towards public relations and marketing firms. I hope at the end ofthis term however that I will be able to create a reel and apply for a job on the entertainment side of televisionwhere I can apply both broadcast and promotional skills.
  19. 19. Alex Pearl• I am a nature lover who loves to entertain. I am graduating in May with a degree in Broadcast News andphilosophy. In our news class I specialize in doing the weather and am a quick editor. In my free time I enjoy naturephotography, reading, running, and creative writing. What I love about being a reporter is the unpredictability ofthe news. In my past jobs I was stuck inside all day, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. In contrast, as anews reporter there is a thrilling sense of freedom when out on the field. Hours become mere minutes in thenewsroom, where I feel more like an adrenaline junkie than a student. I thrive in these high pressureenvironments, because I am confident in myself and in my preparation. I am dedicated and motivated to dowhatever it takes to make it on television and leave a positive impact on earth. Thank you for your time andinterest.
  20. 20. Brenna McCadden• I am a senior graduating in May of 2013. I am a very enthusiastic person and am very passionate about activism inthe community and the world. This term I have covered stories ranging from the recent meteor event in Russia toNorth Korea’s nuclear threats. I have many interests that involve media and genuinely enjoy learning about newpeople and places so eventually I would love to interview authors, researchers, historians, entrepreneurs; people whoare really on the cutting edge. I hope to one day be able to enter the workforce and use my broadcasting skills totravel and raise awareness about human welfare and women’s rights.