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Johanne McInnis - Nature Speaks


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Johanne McInnis - Nature Speaks

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Johanne McInnis - Nature Speaks

  1. 1. Evening Program for NaTuRe SpEaKs Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist Johanne McInnis Harpist, Artistic Director, Producer of NaTuRe SpEaks
  2. 2. NaTuRe SpEaKs Team is delighted to be here this evening to bathe with you in NaTuRe Sounds with Jazz Celtic Flair. Nature Speaks... Beyond Appearances... Seeing Sounds... Hearing Images… Displays a visual musical journey and relationship between nature, human nature & environmental issues.
  3. 3. This Show is an accumulation of 25 years of musical experiences developed through the study of all the periods of Musical History intertwined with the tremendous sounds we find in nature. All selections in this concert are related to nature theme of some sort. I am delighted to work with very fine musicians who are sensitive to the delicacy of the Harp Sounds adding their own flair accordingly.
  4. 4. Please welcome with me on the stage Alex Porter, Drums Erin Dempsey, Celtic Flute Kara Friesen, Contemporary Dancer Renaud Labelle, Bass
  5. 5. In addition, we are also working with David Hiller, Sound Engineer in Nova Scotia, Chris Caldwell our wonderful Light Designer, Mary Hartwell for House Manager, and Jaimie Loughead for Event Manager ~ Nature Scenes Projections “Tonight, I am thrilled to share this deep passion for sound that brings forth music infused with intentions to guide and encourage people to deepen  their heart connection within themselves and with humanity”. In our post-modern world, true silence is rarely experienced, it’s as if we conspire to avoid it. It forces us to pay attention to ideas and emotions we make little time for… Silence can be disturbing because it is the wavelength of the soul. Perhaps, silence itself is the mystery at the heart of life and music. ~ Enjoy the show ~ Johanne
  6. 6. Part One Morning Twilight Rising Sun Voice of the Ocean Clouds are moving See the sun Life is a pathway Summer Time Ne sais-tu pas? La ballade du printemps Celtic Medley Gangue Juar After the rain, beautiful weather.
  7. 7. Part Two (Following Intermission) Chitlin Con Car All Blues Fast Jazz Slow Jazz Moon Dance War # 3 Serenity Setting Sun Evening Twilight
  8. 8. NaTuRe SpEaKs Team   David Hillier - Sound Engineer Mary Hartwell - House Manager Jaimie Loughead - Event Manager Brian and Kelly Gottam - Filming tonight via Wild Lupin Productions  Daniel Friesen and Michel Breton -  Stage Advisor and Chinese Shadow for dancer Kara Friesen
  9. 9. NaTuRe SpEaKs Team   Chris Caldwell & Kenneth Stronach - Light Designer Dance Express Sound & Light Productions Professional Digital Sound & LED Stage Lighting 1-866-847-0050 FREE Toll Free 1-855-822-3757 FREE Halifax
  10. 10. Renaud Labelle, Bass Renaud Labelle was born in Montreal in 1980. He studied bass  with Zbigniew Borowicz and holds a Bachelor of Music, Laval  University . He also benefitted from the teaching of  Michel  Donato , Frederick Alarie and Norman Lachapelle.   He has performed all over the world as a musical director and  bass player for Cruise Boat Agencies:  Holland America, Cunard,  Celebrity and many more.  When he is not at sea on the  marvellous Queen Mary 2, he is playing for the Symphonic  Orchestra or on tour with  Canadian Jazz/Celtic Harpist Johanne  McInnis.  Johanne and Renaud have been performing together  since year 2000. He teaches bass privately since 2003 and was part of the teaching  staff of the Atelier Troubadour .  He is now active as a freelance  musician in the Quebec region and has played as a  supernumerary in the Orchestra of the estuary since 2010. His creativity and sense of sounds exploration finds McInnis’s music a beautiful harbor to enhance his creative sense of expression and improvisation.
  11. 11. Alex has over twenty years experience as a Professional  drummer.  He first studied Jazz during his Bachelor of Arts in musical  performance at St.Francis Xavier University.  He started his musical career in Halifax then moved on to Toronto. He has played with numerous bands and in a  variety of musical genres. He has travelled throughout the  world aboard a one of kind private yacht, performing and  leading Jazz trio’s. In 2008, he decided to move back home  to the Annapolis Valley, where he continues to perform  and teach drums.  His latest involvement with Harpist Johanne McInnis allows his musical sensitivity to be revealed through his subtle percussive rifts intertwined with the harp sounds. Alex Porter, Drums
  12. 12. From Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, Erin Dempsey  learned to play traditional Irish music at a young age.  Erin's passion for Irish flute took her to Cork, Ireland,  where she lived from 2008-2013.  Soaking up the music and culture, Erin hosted  sessions with many expert musicians in Ireland. Back  in Halifax she is now a member of and regularly  performs with both The Halifax Ceili Band and Ragged  Robin. Erin's ornamented, smooth playing is rhythmic  and energetic, with the subtle ornamentation  characteristic of piping-style flute playing.  She has recently discovered the harmony of the wooden flute and Celtic harp -- instruments that both complement and emphasize each other unique sounds. Erin Dempsey, Celtic Flute
  13. 13. Kara Friesen has trained as a contemporary, ballet and jazz dancer and  choreographer for 25 years. Originally from Nova Scotia, she moved to  Montreal and studied dance intensively for 8 years.  Highlights of her study were training under the Vaganova ballet  technique, earning her BFA from Concordia University and dancing with  the Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company. Drawing from her experience in  Montreal she has since been involved in the dance scene after moving  back to Halifax.  She is currently a dancer with Votive Dance Company, teaches regularly  and works as an independent artist; choreographing for Kinetic Studio's  open studio series and collaborating with other Nova Scotian artists. She recently completed the CLEaR Forum with Mocean Dance at Ross  Creek Centre for the arts where she resided with like minded artists  performing as a dancer. Want to know more about dance in Nova  Scotia?  Check out Kara's blog Kara Friesen, Contemporary Dancer Tonight, you are enjoying Kara's creative dance during our Indian Selection called: Guange Juar.
  14. 14. Our Harpist
  15. 15. Harpist Johanne McInnis, recognized as Soundscape Virtuoso of  Relaxation music with a Jazz/Celtic flair, has been performing in  different parts of Canada.  She brings to the concert hall her  mastering of creative sound s exploration, passion and drama.   McInnis’ latest Canadian Award called: Bringing Life to the Arts, was  given by Judy Stretch, Nova Scotia Minister of Education. Her interpretation of the relationship of music and nature alone  with her musicians:  Alex Porter (Percussion and Drums), Renaud  Labelle (Bass), Erin Dempsy (Celtic Flute) is drawing people to what  she takes at heart: the fact the we are all interconnected with  nature. Nature Speaks… can you hear it?   All trained in Jazz and Classical genres, the musicians play sounds  that reflect the colours of life in nature. McInnis has performed for political dignitaries from various nations  at Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec city.  She has played the harp in  hospitals for people passing from one life to the next and found that  experience very revealing and inspiring, not only for the patient but  for her own understanding of life and death as part of a process. She has performed in various halls of Canada and Europe for the  past 20 years.  The Show NaTuRe SpEaKs is an accumulation of her  artistic vision related to the importance of working together with  nature, not against it.
  16. 16. NaTuRe SpEaKs is a musical journey through a day of our lives  where humanity and nature intertwine.  May this show be an  inspiration, a reminder and an invitation to work with nature. In nature, we have no choice of letting go of some layers.   David Suzuki, in his book Legacy, relayed his thoughts in the  following words:   “We must realize that the laws of nature have priority over the forces of economics. We must also adopt a holistic perspective”.   Bathing in these melodies can be refreshing for your mind, body,  spirit and soul.   Her passion for sound brings forth music infused  with intentions to guide and encourage people to deepen their  heart connection within themselves and with humanity.   Johanne’s bio can be continued by following this link:
  17. 17. Meet Our Sponsors
  18. 18. With your host Charlotte and Frank
  19. 19. Hair Coloring Services by: Charlotte Onyschuk is a published acclaimed Visual Artist and Hair Stylist. Charlotte's artistic nature is appeased only by multiple creative endeavors. Her love and talent for realism, abstract, oil, and acrylic painting is surpassed only by her love for advanced hair coloring/styling techniques and the Beauty & Esthetics for the industry she prides herself being involved in. Whether she is painting her next book cover on canvas or a "balayage" on hair, Charlotte is hardly seen without a painter's pallet or a Redken color bowl. In every sense of the word an "artist"! The New Salon called: Alter Ego opened its door a year ago. Your host and co-owners are Charlotte Onischuk and Frank Color Salon, specializing in color panache and styling! Not forgoing: classic, casual and professional business cuts, date ready up-do's, wedding parties, nails, makeup artistry, expert advice and products.
  20. 20. ~ MY YOGA SPACE ~
  21. 21. Why ‘What we do’ is good for you: We know apples, we’ve been growing them for 110 years Our apples are free of any insertion chemicals and are safe for you and your kids We minimize the use of fossil fuels to keep our environment clean and safe Our cider is safe to drink at any stage. It’s best before and even after. We cold-press our juice which preserves the most nutrients. Our business strengthens the local economy and provides jobs. You can count on our availability all year-round. NaTuRe Spoke and I listened… Sparked by an elective ecology course during my graduating year at Mount Allison University in the spring of 1970 and by the first wave of environmental awareness leading to the first Earth Day, I added to the knowledge I was absorbing my own intuition and experience beginning with gardening organically for the past 45 years.
  22. 22. Being the third generation of Annapolis Valley apple growing families, I’ve added to this 110 year accumulation of expertise by beginning 25 years ago to explore apple production without synthetic inputs. Adding a healthy dose of serendipity and consciousness raised by 40 years of daily practice of Transcendental meditation ™ has allowed me to develop a system of growing a crop of apples with only human energy produced so naturally that the orchards would turn into a forest without removing succession species like wild cherry each year. A forest is actually a model for our methods; manually flattening the mature vegetation in late summer each year to make harvesting easier mimics nature’s way of letting the winter snow do the job. By allowing this biomass to be created by sun, water and minerals, including the sulfur the ants circulate to the surface (which facilitates nitrogen fixing), the orchard adds nutrients to replace what is removed each year in the fruit instead of the 2% biomass that can be sustainably removed from a forest each year as wood products.
  23. 23. Working with nature we’re able to produce food for people- unsprayed apples and two flavors of juice which you can enjoy at intermission that is purer than water-the tree filters the water as it makes the apple. This is all made possible using scab resistant varieties that require no fungicide, letting the trees produce what they will. The most attractive apples can be used for fresh eating and the “Cosmetically challenged” are turned into juice: fresh, pure, tasty and local. I’ve accumulated enough material to write a book someday. For more details talk with me at the Wolfville Market on any Saturday or explore the Wolfville and Halifax Seaport Markets websites or contact me by phone 902-582-3044 or email : Enjoy Cider Tasting during our intermission tonight!
  24. 24. Heather Breton: Artistic Director/Event Manager   "We are committed to you and your vision"
  25. 25. Open daily and serving  our very own Stems Blend Coffee, a blend of medium and dark roast coffee, Stems Cafe provides made fresh soups, sandwiches  savory items along with sweets, treats,  ice cream and yogurt. Chef Wayne is continually searching out new items and loves using local ingredients in his creating.   A Licensed Cafe we are currently serving premium beer and local cider, plus Luckett Vineyard wines.
  26. 26. Stems Cafe is part of Blomidon Nurseries and was established in 2011, evolving from a cafe to menu prepared totally on site. Our Jazz Celtic Trio is delighted to entertain Blomidon distinguish clientele on Sunday Brunches. You may find the performances dates in the Grapevine, section Eat To The Beat and on Johanne’s website. Next performances dates are: July 26, Aug 9 and Sept 6th. Enjoy a Sunday Brunch in the company of Kory Bayer, Alex Porter and Johanne McInnis at Stem Café.  The Only Jazz House Café in the Valley where people can mingle while listening to Live Celtic Jazz Sounds!
  28. 28. Websi t e Management – Graphi c Desi gn - Market i ng Jai mi e Murphy 902- 791- 4222 j ai mi e@murphydesi gns MurphyDesi gns. ca
  29. 29. Finally, a special thank you to:   Kimberly Matheson for billeting one of our musicians Daniel Friesen for set design Chinese Shadow
  30. 30. "Peacef ul music t hat creat es an int imat e cont act wit h nat ure, t he wit ness of our prof ound f eelings... we also r ecognize, here and t her e, t he harsh side of nat ure t hat get ' s over obst acles t hr ough a t hunderst orm - in order f or us t o appreciat e t he light t hat comes af t er t he darkness."