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Tutorial to use MeetingWords

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ThingLink VideoThingLink Useful web 2.0 toolsUseful web 2.0 tools
  2. 2. Useful web 2.0 toolsUseful web 2.0 tools
  3. 3.  Text editing online up to 32 participants  Steps:  Go to
  4. 4.  You don’t need to create an account. Click here
  5. 5. Enter your nameChoose a colour
  6. 6. Share with your partners. Send this link to your partners
  7. 7. Or fill in the information and send an invitation to your partners
  8. 8. Your partners can write here and choose another colour Save your work
  9. 9. You can chat here too
  10. 10. Copy the link to add it on the Twinspace
  11. 11. Click on FORUM
  12. 12. Click on MeetingWords Assignments
  13. 13. Click on share here your MeetingWords
  14. 14. To add your link click here
  15. 15. Copy your MeetingWords link and Click on OK
  16. 16. On the Forum your link appears and Don’t forget to save
  17. 17. Now your link appears on forum and you can click on it to go to your MeetingWords page
  18. 18. AssignmentAssignment After watching the Meetingwords’ presentation participants should create their own recordings and upload them in the Forum of the Twinspace Sample twinspace – ….. – Public link to this TwinSpace:
  19. 19. TutorialsTutorials To create a Meetingwords
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention Murièle Dejaune (eTwinning ambassador in France)