Community futures nelson bc sept 2012


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Community futures nelson bc sept 2012

  1. 1. Making Innovation HappenCommunity Leadership, Innovation and Capacity Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD FRSA FBPsS The Innovation Expedition Inc.
  2. 2. Six “Headwinds” Requiring You To Be Innovative• Demographic changes• Economic changes – productivity, competitiveness and innovation• Energy, Environment and Sustainability changes• Technology changes• Shifts in the balance of power• Identity changes – people, organizations, community
  3. 3. The Key Responses to These Headwinds• Focus and alignment within a company• Community support for business, innovation and productivity• Collaboration within and between firms, especially those working in the same sector• Leadership at all levels• Knowledge, learning and education
  5. 5. “I’ll be happy to give you innovative thinking. What are the guidelines?”
  6. 6. Sometimes Innovation is Risky…
  7. 7. Sometimes Innovation is at a Basic Level
  8. 8. Sometimes Innovations are Just Weird…
  9. 9. Sometimes Innovations are Disruptive
  10. 10. Most Innovations are Adopt-Adapt Uses standard construction methods from concrete construction practices • Prefabricated sections • Set up ready for electrical and plumbing Project management practices to ensure on- time construction = 1 floor per week, 9 floors = 10 weeks • Inspection a floor at a time • 1 week for foundations + 9 weeks building Rapid construction, guaranteed price and delivery
  11. 11. Sometimes New Ideas Fall on Deaf Ears
  12. 12. Sometimes Innovators Are Ahead of the Game
  13. 13. Yet We Know Innovation is Key to Our Future
  14. 14. 4 Kinds ofLevel 4: Disruptive Innovation (6%) Level 3: Innovation Game changing Systems Shift (5%) innovation System wide change enabling Significant Performance gains Level 2: Changing A System Element (28%) One component of a system is changed with impacts on the system as a whole Level 1: Tweaking and Continuous Improvement (61%) No real innovation, just good work to make things better, cheaper, faster
  15. 15. Adoption Takes Time
  16. 16. As a Process, Innovation is “Messy” • Brainstorm Ideation • Green Hat Thinking • First cut invention • Inspired Conversations • Deeper research Play and • Prototype / pilot Test • Scouting Parties • Show triple bottom Evaluate line returns on capital & • Show performance Sell gains • Persuade, sell, cajole • Full development cycle Build • Full scale implementation
  17. 17. At A Minimum, It Involves SeeingMind Set with Shifts Risk Diligence Challenge Teamwork Different Lenses
  18. 18. LEADERSHIP
  19. 19. Innovation Definitely Involves Leadership Challenges – Think outside the box – Challenge conventional processes – Build trusting relationships – Inspire shared vision among their colleagues – Model the way for others – Enable others to take action – Encourage the practice of innovation, of disciplined follow- up and the measurement of outcomes – Exhibit grace under pressure – Recognize the sense in having a sense of humour
  20. 20. Rethinking...• Collaboration – the DNA on the knowledge economy – think co-opetition• People, learning and engagement• Customers as sources for new ideas• Supply chains as the basis for smart thinking• Challenge and stretch goals• Community and the engagement of society in your work – your social license..
  21. 21. To Make Innovation Happen, You Need.. Systematic and Effective Imagineering
  22. 22. COMMUNITY
  23. 23. Communities Can Support Innovation• Education – innovation index for schools, problem based learning and challenge the community to solve community problems• Imagination Conversations – how can community organizations imagine together a different future?• Leadership – focus on two themes – productivity and waste – and see what you can do in the community...• Knowledge – sharing best practices, new ideas and fostering collaboration
  25. 25. The Three Big Messages• “The future isn’t what it used to be...”• “You cant get to where you want to be by doing what you have always done, expecting different results...”• “An investment in knowledge pays the best results”