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Colleges and Institutes Canada Keynote Presentation Oct 2017


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What is the future of college / polytechnic learning in Canada and what are the implications of this for leadership?

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Colleges and Institutes Canada Keynote Presentation Oct 2017

  1. 1. AdvancingtheFutureof Colleges andInstitutesinCanada Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD FBPsS FRSA Chief Innovation Officer, Contact North | Contact Nord / @murgatroydsteph
  2. 2. This presentationwill offer:  A brief history of the future  A review of implications for colleges and institutes  A look at the implications for leaders and policy Makers
  3. 3. ABriefHistoryofthe Future
  4. 4. DemographicShifts
  5. 5. Shiftof RegionalEconomicGeography
  6. 6. Globalization
  7. 7. Automation, 3D Printing and Robotics
  8. 8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. 9. The“Gig” Economyand theFutureof Work
  10. 10. Identityandthe Meaningof“Self inSociety”
  11. 11. TheChallengeforColleges andInstitutes Distractions&Diversions Distractions and Diversions
  12. 12. Distractions  Distraction 1: Fix the infrastructure – “If only we had more effective curricula, more rigorous standards, more clear policy, and more alternative-shaped buildings”  Distraction 2: Fix the student – “If only we had better, well-prepared students from the school system…”  Distraction 3: Fix the colleges– “If only colleges had more money and autonomy, they would be better colleges”  Distraction 4: Fix the instructors– “If only instructors had better training, were paid for performance and adopted new technology we could….”
  13. 13. Diversion 1
  14. 14. “Datafication” Diversion 2
  15. 15. Diversion 3
  16. 16. Diversion 4
  17. 17. What Matters Most? If Those are Distractions and Diversions, What Should We Focus On?
  18. 18. ATimetoFocus 1. A focus on learners, learning and success…  Learning to learn, learning to be, learning to do and learning to live together  Personalizing learning journeys, learning processes and the assessment of learning  Enabling innovative routes to credentials.. 2. A focus on outcomes, competencies and capabilities..  Competencies and capabilities not courses  Assessment as the new “bitcoin” for colleges and institutes – anywhere, anytime assessment for competencies and capabilities  End time-based learning (Carnegie Unit) and focus on what learners need to be able to do / can do..
  19. 19. ..and.. 3. A focus on flexible, modular, stackable learning  Micro courses (1,2,3,4 weeks)  Stackable courses which can accumulate to transferable courses  Anytime, anywhere  365 day admission – fix time to complete  E-portfolio “passports” for learning 4. A focus on multiple routes to success  Online, in class, through work  Work-based learning partnerships for credit  Prior Learning Competency Assessments  MOOC’s for credit
  20. 20. 5. A focus on innovative approaches to partnerships and collaboration  New partnerships local, regional and global  New collaborations for learning and credit  Embracing AI as a way to personalize learning  Embracing “unusual suspects” for new kinds of pathways for learning 6. A focus on impact and sustainability  Think personal impact  Think social impact  Think economic impact  Think of the impact you have on a trade, profession, firm, community and measure it..
  21. 21. 5Implicationsfor Leadership
  22. 22. Think Back from the Future
  23. 23. Practice the 4C’s
  24. 24. Drive the agenda, Don’t be reactive
  25. 25. Build Resilient and Adaptive Colleges and Institutes – Don’t Get Stuck in Old Models of What a College or Institute Is
  26. 26. Harness the Power of the Student Voice
  27. 27. Think Ahead Lead and Innovate Within – Build Adaptive Capability Collaborate Across the Community / Around the World
  28. 28. IfAllElseFails…
  29. 29. ThankYou  Stephen Murgatroyd  @murgatroydsteph 