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Abas erp references in mecanical engineering


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abas: the total solution for midsize companies –
mechanical engineering references

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Abas erp references in mecanical engineering

  1. 1. abas: the total solution for midsize companies – mechanical engineering references
  2. 2. 2 Mechanical Engineering – References Mechanical and plant engineering companies require flexibility in their ERP system that provides for robust functionality in billing and material management, flexibility in product and variant structures, and the ability to manage real-time production on the shop floor. Firms that range from machine fabricators, valve producers, and precision part manufacturers, pumps and motors, engineered component manufacturers all require unique functionality that enables growth, productivity, and superior custo- mer service. Industry expertise and best-practices
  3. 3. 3 Software abas supports multiple manufacturing methodologies from configure to order, assemble to order , engineer to order. Companies can plan and schedule components at each level within the BOM (Bill of Material) structure. Multiple tasks, operations, and activities need to be coordinated to ensure efficient and on time production. Integration to 3rd party sys- tems like CAD and CAM systems can also optimize productivity. In addition, successful companies implement ERP systems with state of the art technology, partners with industry expertise and a proven implementation methodology to adhere to a strict on time and on budget project. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a core component to all competitive busi- nesses. ERP influences and enhances every business process, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and enabling growth. Consequently, selecting the correct ERP system is critically important – not only is it a significant investment, but the correct system will allow a company to meet key business goals and objectives. Many companies are finding that their current ERP system is no longer adequate to meet changing requirements, technologies and customer demands. It is not unusual to find companies locked in older, outdated systems with no opportunity to upgrade to a version that takes advantage of the latest developments in ERP. More than just ERP: The total solution for mid-sized companies With abas, our award-winning software, state of the art technology, combined with excep- tional implementation and training, and our continuous upgrade strategy contributes to the continued success of our clients.
  4. 4. 4 Mechanical Engineering – References Expertise Over 30 years of experience: industry sector expertise and best practices The success of an ERP project largely depends on how well your implementation partner understands your business needs. abas provides incalculable value by combining the ex- perience abas software partners have gained from over 2,800 ERP projects, our acclaimed Global Implementation Method, and our award winning software. From over 30 years of experience in various industries, abas understands the proper procedures and best prac- tices required to support production, distribution and service companies. abas in action Over 2,800 companies in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors have selected abas. Here is why: • Exceptional customer satisfaction backed by over 30 years of ERP experience and expertise • Excellent price / performance ratio and quicker ROI • Short, easy implementation periods • Broad range of functions to optimize business performance • Out-of-the-box integration with mobile solutions, DMS, BI and Office applications • Real-time data visualization to enable management by exception • Intuitive, user-friendly interface • Continual software modernization through upgrades • Upgrade-secure modifications to enable a high level of flexibility • International and multi-language functionality The most reliable evaluations come from real users. For information on more abas users from various industries please visit:
  5. 5. 5 One - Globe - One Network - One abas Global knowledge transfer: the abas partner network With abas, you will have the support of a growing global network of extensively trained experts consisting of over 50 partners in 30 countries worldwide. abas ensures the quality and expertise of our partners through an extensive qualification and certification program. This includes knowledge in business technology, information technology and industry-specific topics as well as knowledge of local legal and cultural cha- racteristics as their markets require. Open communication and service-based principles drive client satisfaction and retention. One - Globe - One Network - One abas
  6. 6. 6 Methodology Our implementation methodology has been proven over the years to successfully deli- ver an on time, on budget ERP system by focusing on the user needs, business priori- ties, and challenges associated with change. An ERP implementation presents the entire company with a challenge — it is more than just a technical process but an opportunity to improve processes, data and organizational design. Therefore, it is critical that your im- plementation partner directs the process with a proven strategy based on experience and years of success. To ensure the highest level of security and efficiency when implementing abas Business Suite, abas has developed a successful, global method. In addition, successful companies implement ERP systems with state of the art technolo- gy, partners with industry expertise and a proven implementation methodology to adhere to a strict on time and on budget project. A solution is only as good as the ability to implement it on time and on budget with predic- table results. abas provides an organized, flexible methodology for our consultants and customers to implement the abas ERP solution successfully. Advantages: • Smooth and efficient implementation, mapping business requirements against the abas footprint • Shorter implementation times, typically 30% below the market average • Cost transparency and budget compliance • Quicker ROI • Predictable and reliable results • Efficient control of multinational ERP projects Leverage your investment across borders to achieve rapid results, standardize data, and consolidated reporting. With abas, our customers have global real-time visibility at their headquarters and subsidiaries around the world. Start Smart Check Go Live Training Configuration Organization Qualification
  7. 7. 7 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: LISEGA Description of the ERP project: When LISEGA SE creates and sends a quote, abas is able to track all further activities. If the quote leads to a sales order, all required data is already available in the system and only changes need to be recorded. Warehouse and production organization are fundamen- tal to processing sales orders and can ensure quick availability through requirement ori- ented scheduling and control. The various warehouse locations of the LISEGA subsidiaries around the globe are also included in scheduling processes. “A key requirement was, and still is, the minimization of administration processes within our company and in all international subsidiaries through modern organizational methods. abas played a major role in successfully fulfilling these requirements. It supports the organization and unlike many other systems, it does not require that the organization be adapted to a rigid IT system.” Udo Böttcher, Head of IT Project support: ABAS Software AG, Karlsruhe / Germany ABAS PGI France S.A.S., La Walck / France Project highlights: • Multiple supported languages • Customizations can be used immediately in all subsidiaries. • Upgrades are generally com- pleted over a single weekend • Some processes customized in 1991 are still active • Ability to automate business processes • Centralized process management with superior stock accountability – stock level reduction, increased availability, transparency throughout the entire group, improved ability to provide information Products: Pipe support system Employees: 1100 Licenses: 281 abas customer since: 1991 LISEGA SE
  8. 8. 8 Picture: Schmalz Description of the ERP project: Schmalz continually develops custom functions according to the requirements of the com- pany with abas‘s integrated flexible user interface programming. The system needs to be able to map all processes quickly and accurately, not just now, but also further down the road. Thanks to abas’s evolving and flexible system approach, Schmalz has the perfect solution to meet the growing customer requirements. The supported languages are also important to Schmalz when it comes to long-term investment security. The vacuum spe- cialist optimizes internal processes beyond country borders. For example, with a click of a button in the ERP system, quotations, purchase orders and invoices are exchanged bet- ween the headquarters and the foreign subsidiary, and are recorded quickly as a new pro- cess in the correct screen. Data is available worldwide at all Schmalz ERP locations. “For Schmalz, the supported languages play an essential role when it comes to long-term investment security. We are able optimize internal processes across national borders. With the click of a button in the ERP system, we can create a new product record and the data will be available all of Schmalz‘s ERP locations worldwide.” Werner Fischer, Head of IT Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH Co. KG, Karlsruhe / Germany Softpro Industrie S.A., Lyon / France ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling / USA Project highlights: • Yearly upgrades that don‘t effect company-specific customizations • Always up-to-date technology • Multiple supported languages: Schmalz foreign subsidiaries in Spain, France and the USA also use abas. • User friendly data processing • Master catalog in multiple languages as a foundation for Web and print catalogs • Vendor portals Products: Vacuum components, vacuum gripping systems, vacuum handling systems and vacuum stretching systems Employees: approx. 750 worldwide Licenses: 195 abas customer since: 1992 Schmalz-Group Mechanical Engineering – References
  9. 9. 9 Picture: ABEL Project highlights: • Scheduling based on the same product master record for pumps, replacement parts and accessories • Global financial consolidation (US GAAP) Products: Piston diaphragm pumps, electromechanical diaphragm pumps, slurry pumps, high-pressure pumps Employees: 130 Licenses: 85 abas customer since: 1993 Description of the ERP project: ABEL specializes in reciprocating displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump pressures. One of the company’s core competencies is membrane pumps. Together with ABEL’s usual quality standards, the design principle of the hermetically sealed pump is especially suited for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive media. Thanks to their technological edge in mechanical membrane pumps, ABEL has earned a well-respected reputation around the world. ABEL has customers in diverse industries, including mining, water and sewage management, ceramics, chemical, oil and gas as well as energy. ABEL has relied on abas since 1993. Thanks to regular upgrades ABEL remains up to date with current versions and technologies. ABEL uses abas at their headquarters in Germany as well as at their distribution and service branches in Pittsburgh (USA) and Madrid (Spain). “We have relied on abas since 1993. The software enables us to remain competitive in a global market and helps us achieve our goal of constant improvement, which ensures long-term success and continued innovation.” Christian Dietl, Managing Director Project support: ABAS Systemhaus GmbH, Reinbek / Germany ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling (VA) / USA ABEL GmbH Co. KG in Büchen (D), ABEL Equipos S.A. (E), ABEL Pumps, L.P. (USA)
  10. 10. 10 Picture: Buss Project support: bytics AG, Switzerland ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling / USA Description of the ERP project: The selection process was highly structured and stretched out over several months. Over the course of several workshops bytics was able to demonstrate to the responsible decisi- on makers at Buss that they are the right partner with the right solution. The importance of integrated processes was emphasized, from structured engineering to BOMs and the advantages of integrated service features. Especially high requirements were set for cost accounting, in order to improve transparency and the profitability of Buss‘s products. abas Business Suite has been productively deployed at Buss since 2009. Two main release upgrades have been performed since then and a PLM interface was implemented in 2010. DMS from Habel, which is fully integrated in abas ERP, was added in early 2012. “We chose abas because its functions, degree of integration, software solutions, investment and operational costs as well as implementation effort best suited our processes and needs. The degree to which we could customize the software and the superb usability of the program were also factors in our decision. The experienced consultants from bytics proved that bytics is a flexible and competent partner throughout the abas ERP implementation process.” Michael Kasimir, CIO Project highlights: • Implementation on schedule and within budget • PLM integration • Customizations by the user during the implementation phase • DMS integration Products: Kneader facilities for processing high quality plastic compounds Employees: 180 Licenses:80 abas customer since: 2009 Buss AG in Pratteln (CH), Buss Inc. (USA) Mechanical Engineering – References
  11. 11. 11 Project highlights: • Combination of specific customer orders and standard machines • Fully integrated cost evaluation • Final costing • Optimized production planning with integrated sales planning Products: Development and production of dough processing systems Employees: 300 Licenses: 109 abas customer since: 2010 Picture: Rondo “We chose abas because of its extraordinary flexibility and outstanding upgrade compatibility. All of our business relevant processes, including accounting, are integrated. We are able to reproduce our processes more accurately, a very important factor for us as an international and growing company. abas was introduced at our headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and at our Italian subsidiary. We were impressed by the technical expertise and the interpersonal skills of the project managers at both locations. Thanks to close cooperation, abas was ready for launch on time and on budget.” Roland Boschung, CFO Description of the ERP project: A multi-step evaluation was performed over the course of several months. Two impor- tant criteria were that the operation costs and upgrade costs stay within manageable li- mits. The company‘s goal was transparency of information and data, as well as improved profitability with an integrated ERP system. The first step was to introduce abas at the company‘s Swiss headquarters. In a second ERP project, implementation was carried out at their Italian subsidiary. The company now benefits from efficient communication from engineering to production, thanks to individualizations. After the first successful upgrade, which took place during the implementation phase of the project, the company was able to generate added value with the new features. Project support: bytics AG, Schweiz ABAS Business Solutions s.r.l., Bologna / Italy RONDO Burgdorf AG in Burgdorf (CH), RONDO Schio s.r.l. in Schio (I)
  12. 12. 12 Picture: Alme Description of the ERP project: Alme AG manufactures precision parts for the international market in small series or individual production. The company is an international supplier for the mechanical en- gineering and the automotive industries. They also develop and construct machines for edge preparation and cable stripping. CEO Christian Tännler implemented the ERP solu- tion from abas “on-the-job” in his company, customized the solution to meet his specific demands and reorganized the processes. Now, all business processes and key figures are available with the press of a button. Tännler, a business economist, can access up-to-date information on revenue, trading volume or incoming sales orders for a certain period as well as the current status of sales orders and payables, online and at any time. He also receives reports on the current evaluations of markets and regions, including revenue and profit. With this ERP solution the company is now able to accept and create orders quickly, generate BOMs and operation plans, amend them with processing notes and then pass them on to production. Project highlights: • On-the-job implementation • Extensive use of the abas standard “The decision to use abas was the only right choice. I still don‘t believe any other solution could achieve the same results without distracting me from my main job, which is being a precision engineer and managing a company. That‘s what I do, with heart and soul.” Christian Tännler, CEO Products: Machine construction and delivery of individual mechanical parts Project support: ABAS Competence Partner GmbH, St. Gallen / Switzerland Employees: 50 Licenses: 8 abas customer since: 2007 Alme AG in Aadorf (CH) Mechanical Engineering – References
  13. 13. 13 “Thanks to its flexibility, abas Business Suite could be customized to the needs of our company. In our industry it is very important to make the right decisions to ensure raw materials supply. With abas I have access to all the information I need to simplify decision making. With the aid of the search tools, the individual departments can find necessary information quickly and easily. With the abas ERP system I can receive information in real time, allowing me to monitor deviations between planned and actual data.” Carlos Megías, Operations Manager Picture: Bachiller Description of the ERP project: E. Bachiller B., S.A. was founded at the end of the nineteen sixties by Eliseo Bachiller, the current chairman of the company, and is now operating in its second generation. The company concentrates on the development and production of machines for the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries nationally and internatio- nally. They provide machines for processing solid, fluid, and paste-like media. abas was selected from ten ERP systems. Two deciding factors were abas’s business model and company philosophy, which focus on complete licenses, instead of expansion modules, and investing in the future. Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain Project highlights: • Implementation of purchasing, sales, warehousing, production and cost accounting Products: Machines for the chemical industry, food processing industry, pharmaceuticals industry and cosmetics industry Employees: 120 Licenses: 18 abas customer since: 2006 E. Bachiller B., S.A. in Barcelona (E)
  14. 14. 14 Description of the ERP project: Lloveras, a family-owned enterprise established in 1899, has modern production sites in Terrassa, Spain near Barcelona. The company‘s headquarters is located here, along with a production and a pilot site, where trials and test runs for customers are performed. Lloveras is devoted to the production and distribution of machines for the chocolate and food industries. The company chose ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica as their software partner to implement and support them. Project highlights: • Service application (customer service engineer) • Connection to the technical office (CAD) • Production planning and control Products: Systems for the chocolate and food industries Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica, S.L. Spain Employees: 60 Licenses: 21 abas customer since: 2008 Picture: LLOVERAS LLOVERAS S.A. in Terrassa (E) Mechanical Engineering – References “abas is a standard ERP solution that seems as though it is tailored to our company. It covers all of the operational functions that a mechanical engineering company like ours needs.” Martí Lloveras, CEO
  15. 15. 15 Bild: Ganz Project support: InterJNet Kft., Jászberény / Hungary Description of the ERP project: In 2009 Ganz Motor decided it was time to find a replacement for their aged ERP system. The Hungarian company received offers from various ERP providers and invited many of them to present their systems. The main arguments in favor of abas was its stability, flexibility, customization features, user friendly operation, excellent on-site support and in particular its exceptional value. After customizations and training courses were com- pleted, abas went live in all company areas on the 1st of January, 2010. Users are fully involved in further customizations to increase efficiency, which is part of a greater and ongoing improvement process. The users’ expectations and ideas are taken into account, which has led to reduced administration requirements and improved access to informa- tion. Upgrades have been performed regularly since the ERP system was implemented, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date. “A reliable and stable ERP system with onsite support is essential for a company that produces and distributes more than 10,000 unique parts and products. The software must be able to efficiently map the company‘s processes while being continually improved upon and fulfilling ever changing internal and external requirements. Costs – including operational costs – must also be bearable. Ganz Motor Ltd found all of this in abas.” Sándor Soltész, Production Manager Project highlights: • Stability of the system • Flexibility and customization • User friendliness • Local support • Good cost to performance ratio • Upgrades Products: Diesel motors, hydraulic transmissions, railroad trucks, components for railroad vehicles, transmissions for industry and special machines Employees: 150 Licenses: 20 abas customer since: 2010 Ganz Motor Ltd. in Budapest (H)
  16. 16. 16 Pictures: Rufepa Products: Development and produc- tion of greenhouse facilities Project highlights: • Production planning and control (PPC) • Data capture • Integration of designs in the engineering office Description of the ERP project: Rufepa Tecnoagro was founded in Alicante, Spain, by five garden and greenhouse design engineers in the early 1990s. The company specializes in greenhouse facility engineering for the global market. In 2010, company management decided to replace their previous ERP system, as it could no longer meet the demanding requirements of the company and their customers. Rufepa Tecnoagro chose ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica to be their partner for the implementation of abas as a foundation for future growth and global ex- pansion. Thanks to abas’s proven implementation method, the project was a great success and set goals were met on schedule. Today, roughly two years later, their abas installation is operating superbly and Rufepa has gained improved control of production processes, international projects and materials management. Improved customer service and increased sales, totaling EUR 1.9 million in 2011, reflect the ERP project‘s success. Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain “We have extremely specific processes and projects. Accordingly, we wanted an easy to operate ERP software that could provide us confidence and assurance. That‘s why we chose abas to map our processes.” José Morales, CEO Employees: 60 Licenses: 10 abas customer since: 2011 Rufepa Tecnoagro in Alicante (E) Mechanical Engineering – References
  17. 17. 17 Pictures: Stejasa Description of the ERP project: Stejasa operates in the mechanical engineering industry sector and has over 30 years of experience in the specialized areas of developing and manufacturing damping elements and expansion bellows implemented in the industrial, chemical and energy sectors. During the system implementation, extra attention was paid to the accounting and cost accounting functions integrated in abas. “Thanks to integrated cost accounting, I now know the cost as well as the efficiency of our projects. What was once a labor-intensive administrative job is now a simple, automated process. By using abas Business Suite, we have been able to introduce structured work methods in our company.” Juan Manuel Victorio, Managing Directo Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica, Spain Employees: 40 Licenses: 12 abas customer since: 2005 Project highlights: • Chose abas for its extensive performance capabilities and the production expertise of abas • Evaluations and analyses for accounting Products: Dampers for gas turbines, Motors and desulfurization systems, Connection elements, Bypass systems STEJASA Agregados Industriales in Madrid (E)
  18. 18. 18 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Binder+Co Products: Machines and facilities for processing technology, environmental engineering and packaging technology Project highlights: • Multiple supported languages • Adaptability / Flexibility • Linux • Savings potential • Upgrade compatibility Description of the ERP project: In order to keep an eye on all of their important business resources, Binder+Co depends on a reliable, modern and flexible ERP system. The longevity of their machines and facilities also requires that all information, from construction to the most recent operator, be available. The data from abas forms the basis of an efficient life cycle management. Support for multiple languages and the ability to work with different currencies are im- portant criteria that abas fulfills completely. Another plus is that the ERP software can be run using the Linux operating system. Another example is the handling of ISO certification, which would not have been possible with the previous system. One critical issue, which generally arises when dealing with ERP systems, was already taken care of: software upgrades can be performed smoothly and customizations are not lost in the process. Project support: Nittmann Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria “The flexibility of the ERP system and its ability to easily adapt to changes in order processes is very important to us. The speed with which modifications were implemented was astounding. Changes we discussed to order processing were made within a matter of minutes.” Michael Kummer, Head of IT Employees: 300 Licenses: 70 abas customer since: 2002 Binder+Co AG in Gleisdorf (A)
  19. 19. 19 Picture: Kahlbacher Description of the ERP project: Kahlbacher has been supported by abas since 2001. The ERP system stays up-to-date with the newest advances in technology thanks to a sophisticated upgrade strategy, enabling the system to manage all internal and inter-company processes. The company uses all areas of the highly integrated software, from purchasing and sales to production control, scheduling, and financial accounting. Kahlbacher is able to produce many variants of their products themselves. The replacement parts area of the business, however, is a mixture of distribution and production. Since Kahlbacher began working with abas, their process times have improved, workflows have been continuously optimized and transparency within the company has increased. Users from every department test new versions of the software before an upgrade is implemented. Updates are then completed over a single weekend. “We have high requirements when it comes to traceability of every component and variant that we produce. That is why a complete serial number management system was implemented in the ERP system. Serial numbers assist our post sales processes by identifying which parts were built into what machine.” Günter Kerzendorfer, Head of IT Project support: Nittmann Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria Employees: 140 Licenses: 45 abas customer since: 2001 Project highlights: • Traceability of components and variants using software- based quality management • Serial number management • Customer-vehicle management • Production and distribution processes mapped in the ERP system • Modifiable BOMs • VPN connection between the plants in Kitzbühel and Amstetten Products: Snowplows, manual snow blowers, mountable snow blowers, salt/ sand spreaders, salt processing plants, hydraulic systems, mowers, rams, road sweepers, compost ma- chines, passenger steps Toni Kahlbacher GmbH Co. KG in Kitzbühel and Amstetten (A)
  20. 20. 20 Produkte: Spritzgussteile für Innenverkleidungen Picture: ANDRITZ Project highlights: • From isolated solutions to an integrated system • Increased transparency • Continuous optimization of business processes • Internationalization and multiple supported languages Products: Systems (pumps, motors, accessories) for municipal and industrial water and sewage projects Description of the ERP project: The old IT environment, which was characterized by isolated applications, was converted to the abas ERP solution in stages. During the system selection process, “soft” factors were also given consideration in addition to the functional evaluation of the systems. This proved to be a good decision: The positive impressions gained beforehand, such as refe- rences, understanding of the industry sector, experience of the project team and flexibility of the software, were confirmed during the implementation phase. Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen “The integration of four different old systems into a single integrated ERP system was a special challenge for all of the project participants. There was no alternative to IT-based support for the future reorientation of the company. The selection of a flexible ERP solution such as abas as well as the commitment of all internal and external project participants resulted in a successful project realization within 12 months. The increased transparency due to abas now provides the basis for a permanent and consistent optimization of our business processes to support a stronger international focus of the company through multiple supported languages and eBusiness capability.” Hans-Jürgen Steeb, Head of IT / ORG Employees: 350 Licenses: 72 abas customer since: 2004 Mechanical Engineering – References ANDRITZ Ritz GmbH in Schwäbisch Gmünd (D), ANDRITZ-Atro GmbH in Nürnberg (D)
  21. 21. 21 Picture: BBK Description of the ERP project: Many of the software providers that offered ERP software in 1990 are no longer present in the market today. After a quick implementation, abas was used intensively. After several years without an upgrade, abas had to once again compete with three competitors in 2002. After the decision was made to continue using abas, a re-engineering project was set up to forge new paths and significantly increase the efficiency of processes and much else. Since then the company regularly performs upgrades in order to stay up-to-date and have immediate access to new features. Their local abas partner, which has supported the pro- ject for many years, provides them with comprehensive information about the upgrades. The company has since founded a subsidiary that can access the server in Odenwald via Citrix. Project support: ABAS Projektierung Rhein-Main GmbH Co. KG, Langen “As a medium size family business, we need exactly the kind of close support for software decisions that our abas software partner provides. Regular, on location appointments with the project manager as well as information events hosted by the partner, where abas users could exchange information and learn about solutions both in abas and relating to it, show us that we absolutely made the right choice. The constantly increasing number of users of our ‚Label Platform‘ software shows us just how compatible abas is for additional connections. With our software we can print labels individually through the ERP print menu or directly using the FOP programs.” Alexander Beck, Assistant to the Managing Director Products: Labeling and special machines as well as automation and design software for adhesive labels Project highlights: • Comprehensive PDC data exchange • Bidirectional connection to the CAD system • Linking the English subsidiary via Citrix • Integrated label printing • Intensive re-engineering Employees: 80 Licenses: 35 abas customer since: 1990 BBK Etikettier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH in Beerfelden (D)
  22. 22. 22 Picture: Boll Kirch Description of the ERP project: One hundred and seventy concurrent users at Boll Kirch profit from abas‘ ability to dynamically meet new requirements without losing its upgrade compatibility. By switching from work bench production to kanban-supported assembly lines, process times in production have been reduced by a third, since the system has gone live. Transparency and the ability to provide information and measure performance have also increased. All together the company‘s productivity as well as the efficiency of their processes has risen continuously. A further advantage has been exceptional upgrade compatibility. Upgrades across the software‘s entire performance spectrum are completed in less than two days. Customizations are not lost during upgrades and can be used again immediately. Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Mettmann “The advantage of our ERP system is we can do almost anything with it. We were able to map custom processes and workflows using the additional tables and infosystems included in the software. I get more and more nervous with each upgrade. But so far my concern has been for nothing. Despite the high level of customization, upgrades are typically completed over a single weekend.” Helmut Schrempf, Head of the Information Systems department Project highlights: • Assembly line production using kanban logistics and synchronous production • Test certificate management • Costing • Technical information (data sheets) for every product • Individual withdrawal optimization for warehousing • Upgrades consistently completed able over a single weekend, despite extensive customizations Products: Industry leader in the field of filtration technologies. Filters for shipbuilding and motor Construction Employees: 570 Licenses: 170 abas customer since: 2002 Boll Kirch Filterbau GmbH (D) Mechanical Engineering – References
  23. 23. 23 Picture: ELHA Description of the ERP project: ELHA MASCHINENBAU Liemke KG was born from an electronics company when, in 1930, they began manufacturing machines for the wood and metal working industries. Today the company is known for their machining centers, special purpose machining systems and production modules. Many branches, like manufacturers of over-sized bearings, car manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry, have great trust in ELHA‘s exper- tise and technical competence in cutting technologies and machine design. The company introduced abas to improve their business processes across the board. The main goal was to transparently map customer projects from start to finish. They were even able to outperform their original goals in the areas of materials management, production plan- ning and controlling as well as in cost center and cost unit accounting. Redundant data storage was also minimized thanks to the integration of a large number of lists. Despite incorporating many customizations over the course of 12 years ELHA still experiences little or no difficulty during upgrades and any necessary adjustments remain economically feasible. Project support: abas system gmbh, Berlin “The system already provides a high degree of functionality, but thanks to the high flexibility of the system we were, and still are, able to customize the program to match ELHA specific structures and workflows, instead of changing our processes to fit the program. This high level of flexibility was very important to us from the beginning, as requirements are becoming more complex over time.” Jörg Paul, ERP Manager Project highlights: • High degree of customization • Automation of production processes • PDC/PTR integration • Project planner Products: Rotary machines, vertical lathes, special heavy CNC machines, horizontal machining cen- ters Production modules: Production modules FM 3+X and FM 4+X Employees: 256 Licenses: 70 abas customer since: 2000 ELHA-Maschinenbau Liemke KG in Hövelhof (D)
  24. 24. 24 Produkte: Spritzgussteile für Innenverkleidungen Picture: Ferrotec Description of the ERP project: Ferrotec GmbH operates worldwide and specializes in innovative components for vacuum and thin-film technologies as well as thermal management. In addition to their own pro- ducts, Ferrotec is the exclusive European distributor of products that have been manufac- tured by the corporate group and products from other American manufacturers. Ferrotec sees itself as a world market leader for all magnetic fluids-based technologies. The com- pany is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The Ferrotec group is able to support their customers worldwide, thanks to their global presence. A network of subsidiaries, branch offices, and representatives across Europe guarantees the greatest possible proximity to their customers. The parent company is the Ferrotec (USA) Corporation, headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire. The group headquarters is the Ferrotec Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan. The group generates a revenue of 768 million US dollars worldwide and currently has 6,500 employees. Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen “As a listed company, we place great value in corporate transparency and the creation of up to date evaluations in addition to the highest standard of quality in our products.” Joachim Schwender, Head of IT Project highlights: • Implementation of purchasing, sales, warehousing, production and cost accounting. • Uniform appearance of forms (quotations, sales order confirmations, packing slips and invoices) • Connection to European subsidiaries using VPN Products: Components for vacuum and thin-film technologies Employees:50 Licenses: 25 abas customer since: 2005 Mechanical Engineering – References Ferrotec GmbH in Unterensingen (D)
  25. 25. 25 Picture: Häussler Description of the ERP project: Healthier, high quality foods, and everything that entails, has long been a major focus in agriculture. This led to the founding and evolution of the long standing company Häuss- ler GmbH, which manufactures and sells wood ovens, electric stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta making machines, grain mills, smoking cabinets and more worldwide. Häussler wanted a new corporate IT that could optimally support their company processes and maintain the standard for service and quality they had achieved, despite rapid expansion. They chose abas in early 2005. “The first challenge during implementation was to find a universal and complete solution that supported everything from distribution, marketing, and sales at cashier stations through production to warehouse management, accounting, and controlling. The other challenge was to import data that we had collected over the years into the abas ERP system without data loss or undue expenditure. Customer histories, for example, have been available to us without interruption, despite switching to abas. The advantages of abas and the abas database could be seen as early as the implementation, and now also in operation. We can make a lot of changes to the system ourselves, saving us money.” Jochen Reuter, IT Manager Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Project highlights: • Management of 120,000 customer files • Duplicate check • CRM • Transfer of historical data • Organization of product characteristics • Integrated POS system • Parcel service connection • Online tracking of shipments Products: Wood burning ovens, electric stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta machines, grain mills, food smokers etc. Employees: 50 Licenses: 20 abas customer since: 2005 Karl-Heinz Häussler GmbH in Heiligkreuztal (D)
  26. 26. 26 Produkte: Spritzgussteile für Innenverkleidungen Picture: HOMA Description of the ERP project: HOMA started with 30 software licenses in 1998, today they use 80 licenses for 220 em- ployees. In the more than 14 years in between the responsible IT and administrative per- sonnel, together with their software partner, have created an IT solution based on abas that not only supports the medium production company, but makes running the company smoothly possible to begin with. Shortened process times, optimal use of resources and a high delivery readiness are just a few of the advantages that HOMA now enjoys. Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Mettmann “We see our IT system as a living entity that is constantly evolving and never standing still. We regularly discuss optimization options with our IT service provider. Not only do they know our business and processes, but they also know the challenges facing medium businesses today. We are convinced that our decision to rely on abas was the right decision. The ERP solution has grown along with our requirements and has been stable from day one.” Heinz-Josef Schäfer, Head of Organization and Accounting Project highlights: • Simulation of production process times with the simcron modeler • Testing of planning alternatives • The planning and simulation tool is completely integrated into abas. • Improved machine loading • Warehouse management • Availability improved as well as processing times stock levels reduced with abas Products: Pumps, stirring units and aerators Employees: 220 Licenses: 80 abas customer since: 1998 Mechanical Engineering – References HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH in Neuenkirchen-Seelscheid (D)
  27. 27. 27 Picture: Hauck Description of the ERP project: The company, based in Germany, decided to select a new ERP software in 2005. abas came out on top against three other providers in the final selection round. The selection team evaluated the respective offers, paying special attention to flexibility, transparency, user friendliness and the ability to create individual solutions with personal customizations. These characteristics were important because the owner-managed company is comprised of three independent departments (distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components, units construction and repair and assembly) that very often overlap or collaborate. Imple- mentation took surprisingly less time than expected, thanks to a well conceived project plan, a proven implementation concept and the competent support of the abas partner‘s project leader. abas greatly reduced the processing times required by sales personnel. Regular updates ensure that the abas installation is up to date, both in terms of technology and applicable legal regulations, without jeopardizing customizations. “Shortly after the company was sold, in October 2010, I was responsible for three departments. It was at this time that I first came in contact with abas. A training course at the software partner‘s academy made the introduction of financial accounting much easier. We no longer require a tax consultant and now handle all of our financial accounting in-house. Thanks to the quick and comprehensive support of the abas representatives involved with the project, the similar results were achieved for all of my areas of responsibility within two months.” Anette Morasch, Head of Administration, Finance and Accounting Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH Co. KG, Hockenheim Project highlights: • Business Intelligence (BI) • Individual modifications • Process improvement • Flexibility • Optimization of warehouse Products: Production of hydraulic units; repair, mounting and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components; construction Employees: 42 Licenses: 25 abas customer since: 2006 Hydraulik-Technik Kh. Hauck GmbH in Neustadt (D)
  28. 28. 28 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Hyfra Project support: abas system gmbh, Berlin Description of the ERP project: Hyfra Industriekühlanlagen GmbH is among the most recognized manufactures in the field of industrial process cooling. Since 1997, the company has been a member of the globally operating group Lennox International Incorporated – with more than 18,000 employees; a leader in air conditioning, heating technologies and business and industri- al cooling. Their headquarters in Krunkel, Germany, with 140 employees, develops and constructs cooling systems for a wide range of industrial, medical and business appli- cations. abas is currently being used in all business areas and has noticeably increased transparency. Uniform database access to all plant data is made possible with abas. Products and machines with customer-specific BOMs, photos, flowcharts and electronic plans are managed in a machine database. A detailed process registration takes place in customer service. “By establishing a coherent concept, abas Business Suite was implemented fast and smoothly. Over the years, the flexibility of the ERP software has continued to impress us. Customizations to match our individual company processes can be realized efficiently with the competent support of our abas partner.” Egon Fetthauer, IT Administrator Project highlights: • Machine database • Time and labor, order time recording, access control (PAZE) • Multiple supported languages: German, English, French • Intrastat • Preference calculation • Service module Products: Cooling systems for various industrial industries Employees: 140 Licenses: 55 abas customer since: 2000 Hyfra Industriekühlanlagen GmbH in Krunkel (D)
  29. 29. 29 Picture: Käfer Description of the ERP project: Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH Co. KG is the largest independent manufacturer of dial gauges and dial gauge instruments in Europe. In addition to the products in their cata- log, special dial gauges and instruments with integrated dial gauges are also available upon request. They rely on cooperation between the construction department and the pilot workshop as well as their many years of experience. The Käfer dial gauge factory is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Their business processes have been optimized by abas, operating under Linux, since 2006. “We can easily manage our extremely large number of product variants with abas.” Fausto Di Diego, Head of IT Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Project highlights: • Price evaluation • Easy and manageable maintenance of data records • Flexible when editing sales orders • Purchase order suggestion lists Products: Dial gauges and dial gauge instruments Employees: 120 Licenses: 26 abas customer since: 2006 Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH Co. KG in Villingen- Schwenningen (D)
  30. 30. 30 Picture: Kunzmann Description of the ERP project: Since the solution was implemented in 2001, Kunzmann has been running abas on servers at the Pforzheim, Germany, branch of their software partner, Computer Komplett, which also provides service and maintenance for software and hardware and conducts training courses. The solution is used in the areas of controlling, scheduling, purchasing, production, financial accounting, BOM management and sale by 46 concurrent users. “The outsourced abas ERP solution has worked excellently for more than ten years. Our service partner provides immediate support whenever questions arise.” Andreas Kachel, Managing Director Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Pforzheim Project highlights: • Cloud services • Quick availability of data • Product series mapped with many options in abas, series and individual production are scalable • Predictable costs Products: Tool milling machines and machining centers Employees: 100 Licenses: 29 abas customer since: 2000 Kunzmann Maschinenbau GmbH in Remchingen-Nöttingen (D) Mechanical Engineering – References
  31. 31. 31 Picture: Lägler Project support: ABAS Software AG, Karlsruhe Description of the ERP project: The first step into the information age took place in 1989 with the adoption of a word pro- cessing system and the implementation of the abas financial accounting and purchasing modules. Nowadays, they use all of abas‘ modules. The company has been continuously growing and their expense situation has developed favorably, thanks to abas. A vivid example of this is the number of employees in administration, which has remained constant for over twelve years even though company turnover has tripled. Impressed by the quality and usefulness of the system, Lägler invested in system expansions, upgrades, technical service, and support for years, ensuring that they are always using state-of-the- art software. Project highlights: • Regular software upgrades • Mobile sales • CRM Products: Floor sanding machines “We are glad that we chose abas. The ERP software has grown along with our company and has become more and more valuable to us with each year. We have an ERP software that is permanently evolving to support the most current technology.” Karleugen Lägler, CEO Employees: 100 Licenses: 30 abas customer since: 1989 Lägler GmbH in Güglingen-Frauenzimmern (D)
  32. 32. 32 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Maier Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen Description of the ERP project: The company had tried unsuccessfully to map their extensive BOMs with a previous merchandise management system. Based on the previous experience of the IT manager, the company decided to introduce abas. The company, which specializes in machine tools, was even able to switch from complete fabrication to a more assembly-oriented produc- tion, without any difficulty. Integrated scheduling reduces additional expenses in the area of purchasing. There are also plans in the works to integrate barcode scanners for ware- housing and service. “I‘m continually impressed with the speed and especially the stability of the ERP system. For four consecutive years of operation the server didn‘t require a reboot or any intervention. My advice to future abas users is to improve organization ahead of time to avoid any possible issues. Planning ahead drastically reduces time spent on potential issues.” Lothar Maier, IT / Scheduling Project highlights: • BOM management • Close-to-standard project • Custom infosystems • Linux stability • Intensive use of scheduling • Quick implementation period Products: Swiss and lathe CNC machines, special mechanical engineering Employees: 35 Licenses: 12 abas customer since: 2003 Maier Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Co. KG in Wehingen (D)
  33. 33. 33 Picture: MANNTECH Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Description of the ERP project: MANNTECH, a former subsidiary of MANNESMANN AG, has designed and constructed building maintenance systems for buildings around the world for more than 60 years. Since 1999, MANNTECH has been an independent group of companies operating world- wide with around 200 employees at its seven locations in Mammendorf, Germany, Moer- dijk in the Netherlands, La Plaine Saint Denis, Paris, France, Dubai, UAE, New York, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as a large number of proxies worldwide. Their product portfolio covers the complete range of building maintenance systems for internal and external maintenance of simple or architecturally challenging building geometries and facades. “We are impressed by the flexibility of the abas ERP system and how well it can adjust to meet our unique requirements. We have successfully worked in conjunction with abas for years. It is important to us that we have a support partner that understands our needs and can implement the necessary changes.” Erich Dinkler, Managing Director Project highlights: • Evolving, open workflow production list • Multilayer concepts including management of external stock for material provided to vendors • Integrated project cost calculation Products: Building maintenance systems Employees: 200 Licenses: 37 abas customer since: 1999 MANNTECH Fassadenbefahrsysteme GmbH in Mammendorf (D)
  34. 34. 34 Picture: Mabe Description of the ERP project: The company is able to manage their diversity in sales order production lists. Labor intensive maintenance of diversity in individual product files is no longer necessary. Only a small number of modules have to be updated for design changes. Customer-specific product requests are recorded in variable form in sales order production lists. Serial number management makes it possible to track the machine from sales order creation to delivery and later services. An archive system is also tied into the workflow and enables abas to access incoming and outgoing documents. Connections to PDC and personnel time recording as well as direct access to laser cutting plans top off the project. Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Rottweil Project highlights: • Sales order production lists • Serial number management • Connection to the branch office in France with separate clients and automatic exchange of product and transaction data Products: Mulching systems for fruit orchards, vineyards, and municipal authorities; compacting systems for cardboard containers; service – laser cutting center Employees: 150 Licenses: 23 abas customer since: 2005 Mechanical Engineering – References Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH Co. KG in Bermatingen (D)
  35. 35. 35 Picture: Mehrer Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Description of the ERP project: Founded in 1889, Mehrer is one of the oldest compressor manufacturers in the world. As a partner in the mechanical and process gas industry, the company specializes in compressing fail-safe, economical and completely oil-free gases, gas mixes and air. Mehrer develops and manufactures compressor solutions for a number of industrial branches at their site in Balingen, Germany. Each system is fine tuned to its intended process following the motto ”Customized Compression“. For Mehrer, ”Customized Com- pression“ means adapting to continuous internal and external changes. The company was restructured in 2008. As part of the restructuring process they reevaluated their ERP software solution. After visits to reference sites and comparing various ERP systems to their own specific requirements, Mehrer decided they had found a good partner in abas Informationssysteme. abas was introduced in all departments after a 12 month project phase, which included all individual and company-specific customizations. The company was immediately able to benefit from the flexibility of abas Business Suite thanks to the quick implementation. “This ERP system went live in October 2010. We soon felt the performance and consistency that abas provides in all of our departments. The flexibility and comprehensiveness of abas are essential to our ability to react to the changing needs of our customers across all of our business processes.” Project highlights: • Data consolidation • Organization of properties • Lot and serial number management – traceability of products • Multiple production levels • Mobile warehousing • QAM module includes an optimized vendor evaluation process • abas Business Apps for visualization of business processes • DMS and a shipping solution from BEO • Service suite Products: Oil-free process compressors, process aggregates and compressor plants ® Customized Compression Employees: 120 Licenses: 53 abas customer since: 2010 Josef Mehrer GmbH Co. KG in Balingen (D)
  36. 36. 36 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Mietzsch Project support: alltrotec GmbH, Dresden Description of the ERP project: In 1998 Mietzsch‘s IT was hardly able to cope with the company‘s capacity. Their existing system was a collection of isolated solutions. The entire process, from construction to materials management, production and incoming payments after performance of delive- ries and services could not be mapped in the old system. Moreover, the Y2K crash was looming. With the introduction of abas, sales order tracking has improved considerably. The ERP software was customized in a way that enabled the data from the system to also be adapted in the cost center-cost object calculation. Equipment lists for complete machines have to be created. A generator was created especially for Mietzsch‘s extensive assortment of components. Warehouse management with master files for approximately 70,000 products, as well as calculation of areas for material cutting, could be realized by means of the flexible interface programming that is an integral part of abas. “Thanks to abas, transparency in the company has increased. Nowadays, all we have to do is click a button to find out where each part for any given order is located.” Herr Dr. K. Resch, Production Manager Project highlights: • LINUX server for the PPC system in parallel with the existing Windows server • Individual modifications • Highly flexible • PDC / Personnel time recording • Payroll Products: Ventilation systems, equipment and environmental engineering as well as plastics processing Employees: 80 Licenses: 22 abas customer since: 1998 Mietzsch GmbH in Dresden (D)
  37. 37. 37 Picture: Ripploh Description of the ERP project: Ripploh Elektrotechnik Engineering constructs and develops electrical equipment ca- binets in various designs according to the specific requirements and industry standards of their customers in the mechanical engineering and plant engineering sectors. Their product range spans from small control panels to individual PC control enclosures, large rows of electrical equipment cabinets as low-voltage distribution systems and low-vol- tage sub-distribution systems. Their production ranges from made-to-order production to projects in small batch production runs. The cabinet systems are primarily used in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering (palletizing systems, filter systems, waste processing plants, pump systems, extruder controls, feeding devices), water / sewage technology and building services engineering. “We were impressed by the flexibility of the ERP system and the ability to make our own modifications. We are able to customize the software to meet our customers‘ individual requirements ourselves, both now and in the future. This played a crucial role in our decision to rely on abas.” Jan Klimek Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Cologne Project highlights: • Integration of ePlan EEC (construction software) • Automation of production processes • Automatic reordering of parts that were missing in production when a sales order started • High production depth as well as automation • Company data entry with abas • Control of the CNC cutting system via abas • Ripploh develops the system further according to their own needs, without needing support from their partner. Products: Enclosure Systems Employees: 55 Licenses: 20 abas customer since: 2007 Ripploh Elektrotechnik GmbH in Ostbevern (D)
  38. 38. 38 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Saacke Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Description of the ERP project: Saacke depends on the most modern technology for their company IT, in order to ensure and increase the quality, while maintaining constant expansion. With abas, Saacke has an integrated ERP software that is tailored to the needs of their businesses. The upgrade structure guarantees that the newest technology is always implemented. Company-speci- fic adjustments are retained during abas release changes, allowing upgrades to typically be completed in a single day. “Our company is expanding. Using abas we have a flexible business solution that easily adapts to our changing requirements and grows with our business.” Uwe Janietz, Head of IT Project highlights: • Continual upgrade strategy • Stable Linux installation • Server consolidation • Increased performance Products: Grinding machines Employees: approx. 210 Licenses: 60 abas customer since: 1998 Gebr. Saacke GmbH Co. KG in Pforzheim (D)
  39. 39. 39 Picture: Trebbin Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Description of the ERP project: Trebbin GmbH Co. KG has been active in specialized mechanical engineering for 65 years. They specialize in automation, control technology and robotics. Trebbin GmbH Co. KG develops, constructs and mounts entire production lines, production islands as well as test locations and manual workstations. The company has been optimizing its business processes with abas since 1998. The connection to a PDC solution from ISGUS was also realized in abas. Connection to a CAD solution from Unigraphics in abas ERP and implementation of a DMS application are being planned. “The price-performance value is simply great!” Peter Schmidt, Administrator Project highlights: • Connection to ZEUS PTR / PDC software from ISGUS • Continual upgrades Products: Specialized mechanical engineering Employees: 50 Licenses: 6 abas customer since: 1998 Trebbin GmbH Co. KG in Eichstätt (D)
  40. 40. 40 Mechanical Engineering – References Picture: Widmann Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen Description of the ERP project: The software was implemented quickly and without complications. This was due in large part to expert support and limited modifications to be made to the software. The latter was a key factor in choosing abas from four software providers. User friendliness, up- grade compatibility and flexibility of the software also played important roles. Because their existing data could be readily integrated into the new system, the project‘s timetable was met. “We were very pleased with abas’s representatives and their implementation of the ERP software. This was mostly because, when it came to understanding business processes, we spoke the same language.” Uwe Heinzmann, Process Engineer Project highlights: • Integration of previously separated business areas such as accounting and machine operation • Expert and fast support • Connection to CAD data • Project-based expenditure records • Service processing Products: Mechanical engineering for Film processing Employees: 82 Licenses: 32 abas customer since: 2010 Widmann Maschinen GmbH in Schlierbach (D)
  41. 41. 41 How to select an ERP system What are the key factors to successfully selecting an ERP system? This is a question that many businesses ask themselves each year. The following tips will help you find the ERP system best suited for your business: • Speak to multiple references: the best evaluations of software comes from real users • Calculate ROI, including the Total Cost of Ownership for at least 10 years for short listed systems • Ask the provider about costs for upgrading to future versions. • Check the industry sector knowledge of the software provider. • Ensure you have an effective and reliable implementation method for both domestic and international projects. • Consider the ability of the ERP system to integrate with additional solutions. • Evaluate the user-friendliness of the ERP solution. • Get confirmation that the modifications made in the ERP system are not lost or degraded during upgrades. • Check, if required, whether the software has multi-language and multi-currency capability.
  42. 42. 42 For over 30 years, abas has built a reputation for excellence, quality and in- novation as part of our corporate culture. A clear evolutionary path, vendor- direct model, and mid-market focus helped abas to establish a recognized brand of distinction in the world of ERP. With abas, you will have the support of a growing global network of extensively trained experts that consists of over 50 partners in 29 countries worldwide. abas ensures the quality and expertise of our partners through an extensive qualification and certification program. This includes knowledge in business technology, information technology, and industry-specific topics, as well as knowledge of local legal and cultu- ral characteristics as their markets require. With abas, open communication and service- based principles drive client satisfaction and retention. abas software partners provide on-site support and a range of services, including training, implementation, infrastructure support, customization, and help desk support. This ensures short reaction times and the highest quality customer service in global mar- kets. Our partner network is continuously expanding, and presently includes: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the U.S.A. One Globe – One Network – One abas
  43. 43. 43 A common mind-set Midsize businesses face a different set of challenges than large companies. Constraint on resources, managing multiple business roles, competing technologies, and a need to standout based on superior customer service are high among these requirements. At abas, we understand these drivers because we face the same challenges. Our imple- mentation method and support system are designed to help you achieve real benefits with minimal disruptions. As a midsize company, we recognize the need for efficient innovation in processes, technology and products to help achieve success. ABAS Software AG is ISO 9001 certified. abas has the coveted certification for development, sales, implementation and customization of international ERP standard software. ISO 9001 is the globally recognized quality management standard intended to increase efficiency and adherence to corporate objectives in order to benefit clients and stakeholders. abas has shown that quality management is consistent throughout the company and ensures the provision of quality products and services from the core software provider in Germany. Furthermore, the exact description of processes and goals demonstrates a commitment to security and efficiency throughout the company.    ABAS Software AG headquarter in Karlsruhe, Germany ABAS Software AG is ISO 9001 certified. By a midsize business for a midsize business
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