Google Challenge: Pre Campaign Strategy


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Pre campaign document for 2008's google challenge competition.
Two pages in egnlish for describing client and aimed goals for the forthcoming three weeks advertising campaign.

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Google Challenge: Pre Campaign Strategy

  1. 1. Business and market analysis Our customer is Roberto Lombardo, owner of site Site's contents mainly consist of a webzine, collecting different themes' issues about digital graphics, videogames and architecture. The magazine has a two-monthly rhythm, available for free to registered users, and it's the only italian online magazine focused on topics rather that on specific software. The reference market is the magazine specialized in digital technology, and it places in computer graphic category. Our target is composed by entry level (60%), insiders (20%), freelancer and employs (20%), mostly men aged from 25 to 35 years, working in graphic domains. The main competitor on web for 3D Mansion is the american webzine 3D Creative. The entire site stands as a showcase for the magazine, but there are also a forum and a newsletter. We detected various usability matters in surfing the site, so we are resting on magazine's contents and users' partecipation through the forum. The link popularity is 4, and most frequent keywords for users coming from google are: Grafica 3d magazine, Scarica gratis v-ray, download free vray : la guida completa. The current homepage pagerank is 4/10. No offline campaign has been started so far, and online advertising usually take place with link and banners displayed on friendly websites. 3D Mansion is keeping monitored with “AlterWind log analyzer”, and since the half of February 2008 until now we got: 14.331 total visitors, 238,850 average visitors per day, 6:59 min. average time spent, 4240 total unique ips and 319 pdf download. Through Adwords we're gonna attempt to increase the magazine's pdf downloads and the partecipation in the forum. This last goal will be estimated through several markers such as number of registered users, posts and average time spent on the forum itself. AdWords Strategy We split our overall ads in five groups, four of them representing each one of the main topics of the magazine: tutorial, hardware reviews, cinema (short and movies), videogame. We left another group of ads for promoting the website and other initiatives. Each group contains 3 ads, each based on the same keywords. The latter had been choosed considering the contents of the magazine offered by the site. So the same criterion used for creating ad groups, helped us getting about 15 keywords for each of them. Though non stated here, we scheduled a set of negative keywords to low down impressions of some generic keywords. We hope so to raise up our Ctr and gain more valuable clicks. The underneath chart shows some of the keywords for each group, and further down two ad texts. Our target is restricted to Italian users and language, and we don’t feel yet like distinguish between graphic’s fan composing our
  2. 2. audience, in part because we cannot know who is to access the site, but also because we believe in the approach of the magazine being interesting to all of them. Google AdWords Keywords Adgroup 1: Adgroup 2: Adgroup 3: Adgroup 4: Adgroup 5: Promo Videogame Tutorial Cinema Hardware webzine grafica 3d modelli 3d grafica 3d Ratatouille Mouse Logitech webzine 3d texture 3d grafica 3d news Final Fantasy VII apple iphone webzine grafica empire earth cg news Cinema animazione 3d Fotocamera Nikon magazine grafica videogiochi grafica segreti grafica 3d io sono leggenda 3d 3d Skype phone magazine 3d grafica Empire Earth Tutorial 3d silent hill III Mouse g5 magazine grafica Forbidden Siren Guida 3d Corti in GC Ati fire gl interviste 3d grafica videogiochi recensioni 3d Pixar Animation Studios Firegl v7350 Ads’ Texts Adgroup 1: Adgroup 2: Adgroup 3: Adgroup 4: Promo Videogame Tutorial Cinema 3D Mansion Game art e Videogiochi Texturing e Rendering Cinema d'animazione 3D Interviste, recensioni, tutorial Da Gino il pollo a Empire Earth 3, Tutorial, guide, recensioni Final fantasy, Ratouille, scopri i i professionisti del 3D su: impara a sviluppare modelli 3d segreti del cinema 3D su: il mondo del 3D su: 3D Mansion Webzine 3D Enviroment e Texture Vray Cortometraggi in 3D e 4D Scarica gratis il nuovo Game art e news sulla grafica dei Scopri le ultime frontiere Scopri come sono fatti e come numero in .pdf su: videogiochi più famosi! Sbircia su: della grafica 3D su: creare corti in grafica 3D e 4D su: Adgroup 5: Hardware Recensioni cellulari Recensioni schede video Schede tecniche, smart phone e info Speciale ATI CrossFire, GForce 6600 su cellulari iphone e skype phone e altri componenti. Online ora su: Since we noticed no difference in website traffic between whole week, we decided to provide ads in automatic rotation without daily distinction. We did see instead a very different traffic in several hourly time slots, therefore we planned to gather our ads during 12-15 and 20-23 slots. That's why we did not diversify our budget, at least not in the very first term, and opted for a 9$ daily / 63$ weekly spent. Moreover, automatic rotation will involve ads groups too, except for the promo group that will be shown during all time of campaign. Our goal for clicks is to let our business retrieve most of the users gone lost for February’s server failure. As the site’s owner states he had about 800 visitors/day untile then, we’d like to reach that number by getting 25 clicks per day. We tested all our keywords with adwords tool, and found that paying for them 0,35$ as cpc (daily budget divided by requested clicks), we could even more click. That’s why our cpc for content network is fixed on 0,35$ too. As metrics, 
  3. 3. we will try to detect a rise in registrations, magazine’s downloads, average time spent on the  forum and full amount of users posts.