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The Networked Teacher


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The Networked Teacher was a presentation given at the ICTEV2012 conference. It explores how to be successfully networked - a digital badge, an online space, where to find people to network with and examples of successful networking.

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The Networked Teacher

  1. 1. The Networked TeacherAnne Mirtschin ICTEV conference 2012
  2. 2. ital OnliA dig ne dge spac ba e Key considerations Sam ples succ o The netw essf f ul n etwork orki ng
  3. 3. Why Networking is Important!• PD 24/7• share conversations/learn from and with each other• stay up to date with trends, grab new ideas• get help with issues/problems NOW!• supportive friendship group• form a “global brain”• an increasingly important and essential element of successful 21st century education.
  4. 4. A digital badge murcha • Profile • Brand • Badge
  5. 5. Anne m urcha Mirtsc hin User names r ch 014 070m u 17
  6. 6. Don’t Be an Egg!
  7. 7. Create a quality profileAuthenticity, visibility, attracts attention. At somestage, you will be googled/stalked!In your profile share:-•online sites eg blogs, websites etc•twitter handle, linked in profiles•Passions•Interests
  8. 8. Editing your profile
  9. 9.
  10. 10. @jessmcculloch
  11. 11. Created with
  12. 12. Teacher Blog
  13. 13. Class Blog
  14. 14. Networking through conversations
  15. 15. A blog post on Learning from Students and their use of mobile phones in the classroom.Hello! One of my students always uses hermobile for taking notes of her home assignment.
  16. 16. Response to responding comment on mobile phone use• Hi Anne, I am sorry, I have just seen your question. I know, some schools don’t allow mobile phones at school at all. Mobiles are not allowed during state exams. There are no rules about them in my school. Neither my students nor I make phone calls during lessons unless it is necessary. You know, I am teaching students with disabilities. In fact, I can’t remember them using their phones rather than show me some picture and speak about them, or take notes, or record themselves. I think, it is better to make good use of technology than to ban it in class. All my students have mobiles, even the one with palsy who has difficulty using his hands. He has iPhone (has had several versions, in fact), iPad and some other gadgets at home. My kids are used to dealing with different keyboards during their face-to-face lessons. My student Mary uses the app ‘Заметки’ on her Samsung Mobile TV. The word means ‘notes’ in English. She is taking exams this week, I will ask her to show the app to me next week. cts0908
  17. 17. • Arun Basil Lal | May 7, 2012 at 6:19 pm | Reply | Edit• Its fun to see that you are actually letting students do this, I dont see a reason why you shouldn’t.• When I was in the university, we used to do this to copy (lets say) “notes”, but mobile phones in general were frowned upon by the staff. Of course, all of them had one of those in their pockets, still for some reason, we werent allowed to have one.
  18. 18. Too Young for Technology
  19. 19. Culture ShockVividhunter | April 16, 2012 at 10:57 am | Reply•Hi Anne, thanks for replying to my culture shock survey.It’s interesting what things bring us down. Food andregular (in our countries at least) rituals and holidaysseem to be the things we really miss abroad. I’d love toread your responses to any of the questions. I’m happy toshare the information I get, and your comment abouthoping to incorporate the answers into a curriculum hasmade me wonder about how children, exchange studentsor those who move with their families, experienceculture shock.
  20. 20. Rach’s blog post
  21. 21. Skippy post
  22. 22. Lorraine Leo comment
  23. 23. Wiki as an ePortfolio
  24. 24. • Lists• Hashtags• Followers• Following• Every individual Tweet has its own URL, which you can copy and send to a friend! Learn how to link to a Tweet here:
  25. 25. Some #tags• #edchat• #vicpln• #globaled• #globalclassroom• #ozseries• #elemchat• #innovatehere
  26. 26. Virtual presentation of Chris’ latest novel
  27. 27. A parent says ‘thank you’
  28. 28. Communicating andCollaborative Tools Used
  29. 29. Expanding your network
  30. 30. Example of a connection made throughClassroom2.0 – Lorraine Leo from Boston, USA
  31. 31. Lana, one of Lorraine’s students teaches grade 4/5 how to “Scratch”, using Scratch
  32. 32. The Global Brain
  33. 33. Setting the Scene……………………..• A Friday double with 9/10 ICT elective• Original plans ‘fallen through’ due to firewall issues with the collaborative Japanese moodle• General tiredness• In desperation, posted a msg on HLW Skypers group for someone to skype in for approx 10 mins• David from Illinois, Chicago responds affirmatively – suggests mystery skype• Teachers from Sth Africa, Central America and USA created a rewarding lesson for us.
  34. 34. Some of the skype chat 30 mins prior to my class
  35. 35. • [10:56:31 AM] Living Maths: Daivd and Anne,... have you considered using a google doc.,.. let the kids read and ask questions and you type all your responses - it will be nice to keep the "evidence“• APZhYSMo0TmhLlyxw8UVnos/edit• [11:01:28 AM] Living Maths: map in ... now its too easy ;)• [11:03:38 AM] Living Maths: Chicago = coghaci• [10:57:07 AM] David Karnoscak: See you then. Just knock on my door when you are ready.• [10:58:18 AM] Living Maths: A true and you can load maps in it and you can insert QR codes too• [10:59:18 AM] Living Maths: and you can make an anagram from the letters in your states name and let them unjumble the,m• Or for 10 grade cnelstnriaiogssuiottahicaldoeieimfca• [11:17:49 AM] David Karnoscak: wow..I dont think even grad students could figure it out.
  36. 36. I desperately needed a coffee! It was morning recess!
  37. 37. When I returned my google doc wassetup by the skype group for the class!
  38. 38. Mystery Skype
  39. 39. Students….Could only ask questions that could beresponded to by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ eg•are you on earth?•Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes•are you in france•Are you on a island near Australia
  40. 40. Clues!Michael Jordanwas from here!
  41. 41. Do you teach or have any knowledge of thenative wars between the americans,seminoles, iroquois, cherokee etc, in thetimes of george washington?
  42. 42. The Networked Teacher
  43. 43. Learning online
  44. 44. Online webinars
  45. 45. Online webinars• Tech Talk Tuesdays:-• eT@lking:• Classroom2.0 LIVE
  46. 46. Online Conferences
  47. 47. Students should also be part of a learning network! Learning how to use my latest appGaming at lunchtime with students
  48. 48. Being googled!
  49. 49. I am 24 years old and, Freshman of HokuseiUniversity.It is located in Sapporo Japan. And 180 millionpeople lives in Sapporo cityThis is my questions.What dose Hawkesdale P12 College or, Your townlooks like?What do you want to be in the future or, What areyou going to do after graduate school?What is your hobby? and, What do you do whenyou hang out with your friends?
  50. 50. Hi Yuya, My names Josh and Hawkesdale is a very small townwith about 200 people living in it. I am currently living in a biggertown by the name of Port Fairy, i dont know the population, butit is on the coast of Victoria. Its a very historical town and thereare a lot of old monuments in it.What i want to do in the future i dont know yet, but my hobbiesare playing video games, listening to music and hanging with myfriends.What i do when i hang out with my friends, we either play xboxor walk around or even go fishing. sometimes i just kick thefootball around with them as well.What about you?What are your hobbies and what do you do when you hang outwith your mates??
  51. 51. Hi Flick!Picture is very beautiful I think there are a lot of goodday in Australia. How do you think of that? Recently, Ialways bring fold-up umbrella, because I often catch in ashowerI will follow you example. I am going to try to studyKorean more and more. Now many people areinterested in Korean in Japan because there are a lot ofbeautiful actress and actor in Korean. Obachann who is30-50 years Japanese women loves Korean actor.I have a favor to ask of you. Now I study English, but myEnglish have a lot of mistakes. I want you to check myEnglish and correct mistakes if you have time.Thanks,Ayaka
  52. 52. Your English is quite good for the majority of your writingbut I have written it now as I would have. However, I wasunable to complete your second paragraph because Icould not understand what Obachann was. Could youplease tell me? ChloeHi Chloe!I appreciate your kindness. "Obachan" is women whoseage are 30-50 and they have warm heart and greatenergy. Most of them love going to shopping, watchingKorean dramas and having a chat in the street. Thanks,Ayaka
  53. 53. Where to find others!• Classroom2.0 (,• Flat Classroom Projects (,• Educators’ Guide to Innovation ( ),• Global Education Collaborative (,• the Australia Series (, the Australia e-Series facebook group• School beyond the walls (,• Global Classroom (• Projects by Jen (• and many, many more.• Look for new and trending social networking sites eg pinterest
  54. 54. 5 tips1. Join some sites eg twitter, classroom2.0, the global education collaborative etc2. Lurk online – read blogs– watch conversations, trends, read, follow tweets, hashtags!3. When confident, interact, ask questions, add comments.4. Attend free online webinars or conferences and soak up the learning.5. Share your knowledge and experience with your network– everyone has a story to tell.
  55. 55. eFind Me•••• Twitter ID = murchaLearn more from webinars• Tech Talk Tuesdays:• eT@lking•