Starting and sustaining a blog for global understanding


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This presentation was prepared for one of the "Supporting the Challenge" workshops at the Flat Connections Conference in Sydney 2014. It was bootcamp style and covered some of the following:-
Why blog? Where should we start with blogging? What are the necessary features of effective blogs for global understanding. Take a look at the need for categories, tags, images, videos and other media. What are some widgets that help empower global learning? Take a look at translate widgets, clocks, weather, badges etc

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Starting and sustaining a blog for global understanding

  1. 1. Starting and sustaining a Blog for global understanding
  2. 2. What is a blog?
  3. 3. Why blog for global connectedness? •A readily available, accessible online site •Provides an understanding of your country, culture, ideals, experiences, learning in the classroom etc •Enables ongoing conversations through comments •Provides a rich learning space
  4. 4. Walking through a blog
  5. 5. Class blog
  6. 6. Student blog - Tayla
  7. 7. How to add a post
  8. 8. Skype linkup with year 6 Lana from Boston who taught Australian students how to create sprites in Scratch
  9. 9. Kailyn’s post
  10. 10. From a post by Beatriz (grade 4) Learning about scratch with Lanna was great I reckon it was magical the way she showed us the snow outside it was the first time I ever saw snow. I asked a lot of questions I was very interested in what we were learning for example…… how long have you been using scratch? she had been using it for 3 years which means she has a lot of experience with scratch.
  11. 11. Embed google maps with pins to track connections
  12. 12. Comments Keep the conversations going!
  13. 13. Comments
  14. 14. Global comments for conversations
  15. 15. Pages – About Me or Us •General information •No personal details •Strong profile •Handshake
  16. 16. About Me or About Us Page Tips from Sue Wyatt
  17. 17. Know how to add…….
  18. 18. Clocklink <script src="">< /script> <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">obj=new Object;obj.clockfile="5003- orange.swf";obj.TimeZone="AEST"; obj.width=192;obj.height=16;obj.wmode="tr ansparent";obj.DateFormat="yyyy / mm / dd DDD";obj.TimeFormat="hh:mm:ss TT";showClock(obj);</script> Embed code
  19. 19. A weather widget
  20. 20. Translate widgets
  21. 21. Other widgets for global connections
  22. 22. To add powerpoint presentations • Upload to slideshare • Grab the code, add to a post!
  23. 23. Tags
  24. 24. Links
  25. 25. Learn to Translate
  26. 26. Some sample blogs • Mrs Linda Yollis • Dorothy’s Professional Blog • Louise Morgan mrsmorganstarslog • Anne Mirtschin: teacher blog, class teaching blog • The edublogs awards • Kathy Cassidy blog Student blogs • Tayla • Georgia
  27. 27. Resources •student blogging challenge •teacher blogging challenge •edublogs awards •theedublogger
  28. 28. Adding a post to
  29. 29. Consider….. •Mobile apps •Choosing a theme that suits mobile reading •Joining a quadblogging group •Taking part in the student blogging challenge •Some countries may block blogging sites
  30. 30. Tips •Post regularly •Read other blogs •Comment on others’ blog posts •Share new posts on social media eg twitter, facebook etc •Let your blog take direction over time
  31. 31. eFind Me Twitter: My blog: Class blog: Tech Talk Tuesdays: