Online collaborative pads


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Online collaborative pads

  1. 1. Online Collaborative Pads
  2. 2. Yokohama 2013 Flat Classroom Conference liveand virtual participants will use shamblespad(an etherpad modification setup by Chris Smith(@shamblesguru), Thailand) for• Brainstorming• Note taking• Discussions• Editing
  3. 3. Why Use?• Collaborative note taking/decision making• Every participant has a voice• Synchronous editing• Chat function together with working area• Authors have identifiable colours• Preset headings, resources, questions can be entered before full use• Saved for future reference• No need to register for use
  4. 4. How to use!Please note these instructions are for shamblespad• Click on the link given• Click on the ‘person’ icon (top right hand corner
  5. 5. 1. Enter your name Type your name hereChange your authorship colour Click on the colour box and choose another colour from the resultant wheel. Tip: It is best for each participant to have a different colour.
  6. 6. 2. Activate the Chat• Used for introductions• Discussions• Sharing of resources, ideas etc Locate the chat balloon in lower right hand corner, click and introduce yourself
  7. 7. The complete pad!Questions participants The chat!The notes
  8. 8. Tips for Use• Appoint a scribe, to record the discussions/ content from the chat into the main pad• Small groups work well with less time lag problems, but may be potentially used with 50 users• Refresh screen if lag is an issue• A microphone option may appear on the virtual keypad of an iPad if using chrome browser
  9. 9. Remember!• Netiquette and appropriate behaviour at all times in the chat and pad• Take care that you do not accidentally delete other’s work. Type in your own space!• These pads cannot be deleted• The pad is public so griefers can enter if url is publicly shared
  10. 10. And…• Useful where google documents may be blocked in some countries• A microphone option may appear on the virtual keypad of an iPad if using the chrome browser