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Learning in Little Big Classrooms


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Gain an insight into classrooms where learning is increasingly virtual, global and 24/7. Learning goes beyond physical walls and the timetable. Learn how this can take place, digital tools to use and ways to use these tools for powerful global connections and learning. Examples of blended, flipped, vertical and horizontal learning from the classroom will be shared eg a weekly linkup with an author from New York, asynchronous and synchronous global projects, virtual classrooms etc. This presentation was given to the ICTEV conference 2012.

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Learning in Little Big Classrooms

  1. 1. Learning in Little Big Classrooms ICTEV conference 2012@murcha Anne Mirtschin
  2. 2. I am 24 years old and, Freshman of HokuseiUniversity.It is located in Sapporo Japan. And 180 millionpeople lives in Sapporo cityThis is my questions.What dose Hawkesdale P12 College or, Your townlooks like?What do you want to be in the future or, What areyou going to do after graduate school?What is your hobby? and, What do you do whenyou hang out with your friends?
  3. 3. Hi Yuya, My names Josh and Hawkesdale is a very small townwith about 200 people living in it. I am currently living in a biggertown by the name of Port Fairy, i dont know the population, butit is on the coast of Victoria. Its a very historical town and thereare a lot of old monuments in it.What i want to do in the future i dont know yet, but my hobbiesare playing video games, listening to music and hanging with myfriends.What i do when i hang out with my friends, we either play xboxor walk around or even go fishing. sometimes i just kick thefootball around with them as well.What about you?What are your hobbies and what do you do when you hang outwith your mates??
  4. 4. Our Town, Our Student Population
  5. 5. Sarveesh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia teaches year 910 students howmake games using MS Kodu with skype videoconferencing
  6. 6. Learning from a Research Scientist stationed in Antarctica
  7. 7. A linkup with a school in Russia
  8. 8. Across the World – Russian linkups
  9. 9. The US Embassy and one of our locallibraries are organising a competition ofstudents projects under the general title"Russia nad the USA - Facing Each Other"One of the projects category is ClimateChange Issue. The school kids will haveto present any kind of investigation onthe Global Warming topic.
  10. 10. From an email….Will you be able to skype with my studentstoday at 11:45-12:30 my time? My importantevent will be on Thursday, Dec 15th at 16:00-17:00 my time.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Another email….The link up was great! My colleages wereimpressed. Guess what... Our link up got into TVnews! Here is link The report is about the day when all theprincipals of military schools all over Russiacame to our school. We tried to show the besteducational technologies. Our Skype-conversation is described as the example ofinnovative teaching. Isnt it great?
  13. 13. Information Evening Testin g
  14. 14. Learning from Sebastian and Seena in Kerala, India at breakfast time
  15. 15. Seena’s origami products – skills learnt from youtube!
  16. 16. School ParentInformation Evening
  17. 17. The linkups – Moscow Russia
  18. 18. Kerala, India
  19. 19. Should Australia go to India to play sport?
  20. 20. Should Australia go to India to play sport?
  21. 21. Sample questions1. Please write some bullet points about what has been happening to Indians in Australia in the past year. Include the response from Indians as well as the impact of these events on the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi.2. Why do you think these incidents of violence have been occurring against Indians? Is it happening against other ethnic groups in Australia?
  22. 22. Yea (dis r 12 Mstu tance andar den e in t in ducat LOTE Chi ion) s nes eu talk tuden sing s to M t s ky a pe laysia n
  23. 23. .Who’s that in our Classroom?
  24. 24. From the chat!• Wow• Turtle: sick as• Ha look at that!• Turtle: been here• Grade 2/3 Woodford: Could you tell us more about the sink hole Ian?• Cara hawk: hey bj they probally go through records from when they first evoved
  25. 25. And also....• Joshua: i like red rock• i hAVE BEEN UP THEIR• we are going there soon• Its pretty :)• do you know where mt eccells??• water looks awesome• Looks good to swim in ;)• wow thats blue, how did it get blue?• do you know where mt eccells is??• How many years ago did the volcano at Mt Gambier erupt?• Theres heaps of thoose rocks in Hawkesdale and Penshurst• James to Turtle: caught a barracuda there
  26. 26. The Bats• Cara hawk: his wing looks like its going to brake• 4B DGPS: what age do the bats learn to fly?• Billy-Jo Hawk: Did it try to escape from you?• Grade 2/3 Woodford: How many teeth do bats have?• Trevo hawk: what happen to it eye• Cara hawk: how easy is it to brake a bats wing• smithy: arent they posisoness• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats feel like?• jasmine .j: do they hurt• scottinea: are the bats dead or did u catch them alive?• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats eat?• 4B DGPS: are they really blind?• Billy-Jo Hawk: Is there black bats, like full black?• Moderator (Miss Iro, Mrs Gow and year 6/7): do bats carry any diseases• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What sort of fauna and flora live in the sinkholes?
  27. 27. You can’t askquestions of a textbook!
  28. 28. Hi Flick!Picture is very beautiful I think there are a lot of goodday in Australia. How do you think of that? Recently, Ialways bring fold-up umbrella, because I often catch in ashowerI will follow you example. I am going to try to studyKorean more and more. Now many people areinterested in Korean in Japan because there are a lot ofbeautiful actress and actor in Korean. Obachann who is30-50 years Japanese women loves Korean actor.I have a favor to ask of you. Now I study English, but myEnglish have a lot of mistakes. I want you to check myEnglish and correct mistakes if you have time.Thanks,Ayaka
  29. 29. Your English is quite good for the majority ofyour writing but I have written it now as I wouldhave. However, I was unable to complete yoursecond paragraph because I could notunderstand what Obachann was. Could youplease tell me? ChloeHi Chloe!I appreciate your kindness. "Obachan" is womenwhose age are 30-50 and they have warm heartand great energy. Most of them love going toshopping, watching Korean dramas and having achat in the street. Thanks, Ayaka
  30. 30. 1) I think the important things for learningforeign language would be so we cancommunicate with other people or friends. ihave some friends over in america and others inindonesia and austria, i have to stop and thinkbefore i can reply back because English is theirsecond language.2) My favoruite way of studying foreignlanguages would be actually talking with theother people. and playing games with them orlistening to the music.
  31. 31. One great way we help us with learning is usingdifferent programs and voice recordings oniPods and other technology, so you can havefun using the technology while learning.Renee
  32. 32. From my Inbox…….Oh and I have been gettinglots of followers on twitter lately from mytweets , its so exciting :)
  33. 33. Hawkesdale P12 College Ma la y s ia n Wr iter s Fe Perak Tourism stiv m SJK al o i La ( C) JKP AveSM Ma ria Communities Con ve nt Involved Edu ncil cat C ou io n ne City Fed era r el bou Melbourne Writers Festival tionM Squ are Innovations & Next Practice DEECD
  34. 34. What do you look for in a friend?
  35. 35. What skills are important to learn?
  36. 36. The chat feature of skype ensures fullunderstanding of audio conversations
  37. 37. Kerala India
  38. 38. ScratchWorld Friends• sprites for the World Friends siteHappy birthday Scratch
  39. 39. Screencast from Lorraine
  40. 40. Happy Birthday Scratch
  41. 41. Flat Classroom Projects
  42. 42. The K2 Building Bridges
  43. 43. The Classroom is my World……..
  44. 44. …….The World is my Classroom