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Used to grammar


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Published in: Education
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Used to grammar

  1. 1. Target Language: English Language Level : pre- intermediate Target Students: ELF Classroom: 15/Turkish Ss Subject: Used to –past- Time: 1 lessons 40 minutes Materials: Video, Blackboard, Pdf worksheet/s
  2. 2. Procedures:  Introduction story by TT.  Check understanding of SS, by asking Q’s  Write the form and phonemic on the board  Ask Ss to get into pairs and without writing just speak about there (Past) “Used to habits”  TT will go around checking groups.  Get Ss to now write 2-3 “Used to” examples of their lives and then go around class sharing.  This part is over now for practice.
  3. 3. The TT starts off the lesson with an ice-breaker to capture the interest of the Ss, hence, arousing their interest to know what and where this will go is an extra bonus when introducing a new topic. 2-3mins TT will check Ss understanding by asking “Yes”, ”No” questions, Do we use it to talk about the past habits? A. “Yes” Do we still do it? A. “No” Does that mean the habit has stopped or changed? A. ”Yes” Bonus Q. Do we use this to talk about the future? A. “No” B. Also ask Ss how long they have to do the next step 1-2mins
  4. 4.  Write form and phonetics on the board 30sec Pair work begins, Ss do not write anything down but can use the written form and phonetics which is on the board to convey their message to their peers. This a practical approach to learning, Ss have to come up with 3-5 if o not more if examples or words if they choose so.  8-10 mins  Tt will get Ss to now write down their sentences which is well structured. 5-8mins  Tt, now goes through the class asking for their sentences  2-3mins  Ss, will now have to match a worksheet (picture to writing)  5-10mins  We will check the answer as a group, but swapping papers with other peers 3-4mins
  5. 5.  We will go through a gap –fill sheet with 4 short examples now that students have completed the first sheet and now are used to the concept. 5mins
  6. 6.  Exercises,  She_______(have) long hair but now it is short.  He________(ran) every morning but now he cycles.  Jack_______(have) a car but now he has a helicopter.  I _______be a good student but now_____(laze)  They ______be friends but now they are ______(no)
  7. 7.  Tt, will get feed back at the end of the lesson to see what students have enjoyed or would have like to have happen even ask for negative parts of the lesson.  3-5mins