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Solar Boat


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Solar Boat

  1. 1. Subject: Design of a “Family” Ship – one day trip Presenter: Murat TosunBachelor in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Istanbul, Yildiz Technical University, 2009. 22.09.2011
  2. 2. Solar BoatYou live near to river, you like to sail a boat but you dont want to pay every time for renting and want to have your own boat however you dont want to waste your money for oil.So it is time to save your environment as well as cash! The answer is SOLAR BOAT!
  3. 3. Render Views of Solar BoatDriven by solar power, this boat creates a symbiosis between nature and technology.It is a small catamaran made of fiber glass suitable for 2 persons. A solar module arching over the boat creates comfortable shade and generates power for charging up the batteries. It’s easy handling and diversity make it an ideal boat for all who enjoy cruising and savoring nature in peace and silence. This system is very much suitable and ecologic for sailing alongside.
  4. 4. Profile ViewSure we are in Liege and you can never foresee how the weather will be on weekend. Do not worry! It has also a conventional pedal system. If there is no sun and batteries are finished, you can cycle.
  5. 5. Top ViewIt is easy to handle, requires no drivers’ license, and can be maneuvered well over a one- handed steering pin.
  6. 6. Back ViewThe boat can be transported using a trailer.
  7. 7. Front View
  8. 8. Technical Data of BoatThe boat is motorized using direct current motors with a power range of 400-500 W. The overall battery capacity can allow for driving time of about 4-6 hours without sun. The boat has a cruising range of approximately 25 km.Hull dimensions and some characteristics are as below: Length : 3,50 m Beam : 1,635 m Depth : 0,545 m Range : 4-6 hType of structure as below: Unsinkable, foamed hull Hull made of GRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic) 2 seats at the stern Lockable box
  9. 9. Weight Assessment Unloaded weight = 160 kg (approx.) Passengers = 2, max. 180 kg (including luggage) Draught (unloaded) = 0,20 m Draught (loaded) = 0,30 m
  10. 10. Propulsion SystemMain propulsion system is based on SOLAR POWER!System equipments: Solar panel Solar charger 400-500 W outboard-motor Battery charger for charging the batteries over the public gridIn case of low-battery/in a cloudy weather –especially in Liege- PEDAL system can be put into use!
  11. 11. Stability of BoatThe boat consists of 2 main parts as main hull and solar panel. And these two units together creates a significant stability.
  12. 12. ConclusionFive main points to get this boat: Solar power is renewable energy source, so it is ecologic. When you are saving your environment, at the same time you will save your cash! In case of bad scenarios such as low battery or bad weather, you have a conventional pedal system too. Due to catamaran type structure, it has great stability! You will not need great effort to sail. It has easy handling! With GRP foamed hull, it is very light and unsinkable! It is ergonomic for 2 persons to sail on river or lake.Enjoy cruising in the river of Liege in this environmentally friendly solar powered boat!