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Murano glass sculptures


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This presentation showcases the luxury Murano glass sculptures. - Your Source For Original Murano Glass

Published in: Design, Entertainment & Humor
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Murano glass sculptures

  1. 1. Seal of Authenticity Always check for Vetro Artistico® Murano seal before buying a Murano Glass piece The only official guarantee of authenticity
  2. 2. MURANO GLASS sculptures
  3. 3. Introduction to MURANO GLASS • Type of glass object made in Murano, Italy. • World-renowned for colorful, elaborate, and skillful designs. • Century-old lampworking techniques are used to manufacture them. • Range of products: chandeliers, candlesticks, decorative plates, vases, mirrors and much more.
  4. 4. MURANO GLASS Marine
  5. 5. MURANO GLASS Clowns
  6. 6. MURANO GLASS Abstract
  7. 7. MURANO GLASS Animal
  8. 8. MURANO GLASS Figurines
  9. 9. Why MURANO GLASS • Use of centuries old timetested techniques • Handcrafted products • Renowned for its beauty, elegance and finesse • Range of products to choose from • Comes from the romantic city of Venice, Italy • Will add the luxury feel to the space
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