Current Trends in Wall Art


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Compiled and written by Karin Eaton, Executive Director, Mural Routes, and presented at 12th National Mural Symposium, Canada, in October 2009. A overview of the contemporary usage of mural and wall art, as submitted by the international mural art community and members of Mural Routes.

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Current Trends in Wall Art

  1. 1. THE BIG PICTURE Current Trends in Wall Art Presented by Karin Eaton Executive Director Mural Routes Changing the Landscape: 12th National Mural Symposium October 17th , 2009 Midland, Ontario
  2. 2. In the beginning…. Over the past many centuries muralists have left their mark as chroniclers, visual storytellers, messengers of the times in which they live.
  3. 3. School of Athens, Raphael (1508-1511) Vatican City, Italy
  4. 4. Observations: TRENDS IN MURAL MAKING You can trace the changes in mural trends from the glorification and beautification of churches, palaces and other institutions, through expressions of protest and social upheaval to an era of commercialism, expressions of culture and heritage to a time of more freedom of expression and styles. Follow the money, follow the passion Major Movers in setting current trends in mural making Judy Baca – Social Planning & Resource Council (SPARC) Los Angeles, CA Karl Schutz – Chemainus Festival of Murals & Global Mural Conference Jane Golden – Mural Art Program, Philadelphia
  5. 5. Glorification & Beautification Public Art Commissions Decorative murals Advertising Urban Renewal Community Engagement Celebrating Heritage Cultural Expression Tourism & Economic Development Youth employment and education Social messaging Memorials Marking Territory Random acts of wall art TRENDS IN MURAL MAKING ALL MURALS  Tell a Story  Change the Landscape  Create a Sense of Place
  6. 6. Academe, John Pugh, 1980 - Taylor Hall, Chico, CA Public Commissions
  7. 7. Curtain Wall Derek Besant, 1980 Toronto, Canada Public Commissions
  8. 8. Public Commissions Sense of Place, Frank Perna, 1997 - Kennedy Subway Station, Toronto
  9. 9. Light Walk, John Pugh, 2001 - Palo Alto Medical Foundation, CA Public Commissions
  10. 10. Public Commissions 100 Years of Lincoln’s South High Street Gary Drostle, 2002 Lincoln, UK
  11. 11. Public Commissions Calle de la Eternidad, Johanna Poethig, - Los Angeles, CA, 1993
  12. 12. Public Commissions Loop Tattoo, Johanna Poethig, - Chicago, IL, 2005/06 Non-woven media
  13. 13. Public Commission Indian Land Dancing, Todd Osborne & Tracy Van Duinen Chicago, IL, 2008
  14. 14. Public Commissions Often sponsored by institutions or government agencies. Also funded as percent for art projects or by private patrons of the arts. Kids Play, Bill Wrigley, 2006 – Toronto, Canada
  15. 15. Private Commissions Meditation, in memory of Arthur & Helen Joynt Artist: Carol Knowlton Dority Westminister United Church, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, 2009
  16. 16. Political Murals In the mid-20th Century, protest and political murals made a big impact on both the movements that they represented and on mural making of the time. Mexico, Northern Ireland and the Berlin Wall all had examples of this type of mural art. Much of this has disappeared. But the influences remain. Greeting to Taniperla reproduction, in Toronto, of a mural destroyed in Chiapas, Mexico 1998 The mural has also been painted in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, Spain; Florence, Italy; Mexico City, Mexico; Oakland, California; San Francisco, California.
  17. 17. Political Murals Murals of Northern Ireland
  18. 18. Bobby Sands mural on gable wall of Sinn Fein offices on Falls Road, Belfast Political Murals
  19. 19. Memorial Murals Woodstock Road, East Belfast
  20. 20. SPARC’s first public art project and its true signature piece, the Great Wall is a landmark pictorial representation of the history of ethnic peoples of California from prehistoric times to the 1950’s, conceived by SPARC’S artistic director and founder Judith F. Baca. Begun in 1974 and completed over five summers, the Great Wall employed over 400 youth and their families from diverse social and economic backgrounds working with artists, oral historians, ethnologists, scholars, and hundreds of community members. The Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of LA’s true cultural landmarks and one of the country’s most respected and largest monuments to inter-racial harmony. Social messages
  21. 21. Social messages To Cause to Remember, Johanna Poethig - homeless shelter in San Francisco, CA 1990
  22. 22. The goal is to create 30 murals, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), that depict each of the 30 human rights Articles in the UDHR. To help commemorate this milestone anniversary in the international fight for human rights, community groups and artists are collaborating with Amnesty International on this powerful citywide project. Project: Urban Canvas Initiated by Amnesty International Toronto in 2008 Article # 26, UDHR YOUTHLINK Toronto, ON, 2008. Social Messages
  23. 23. Heritage Murals This movement started in Chemainus BC, Canada in the mid-1980’s and spread to small communities across North America, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. They are often associated with tourism and economic development. Native Heritage, Paul Ygartua – Chemainus Festival of Murals, BC 1983
  24. 24. Heritage Portraits of Our Past, Sarah Collard – Village of Islington, Toronto, 2008
  25. 25. Heritage & Tourism Century of Sport, Alan Potter – Invergordon, Scotland, 2007
  26. 26. Heritage & Tourism Pipes and Drams, Anna Smith – Invergordon, Scotland, 2006
  27. 27. Heritage & Tourism Decades of Green Dragons Basketball, Keith Goodson – Lake Placid, Florida, 2008
  28. 28. Heritage In the Way of Progress, Phil, Jennifer & Jamie Richards Scarborough, ON, 1996
  29. 29. Heritage Prairie Denizens Pat Kirkwood Halverston Lampman, Sask., 2009
  30. 30. Heritage St Andrews Harbour 1907, Geoff Slater – St Andrews, NB, 2007
  31. 31. Heritage Valour Road Commemorative Mural, Charlie Johnston Winnipeg, Man., 2008
  32. 32. Heritage Emily Carr’s Beloved Trees, Steffen Junemann – Chemainus, BC, 2008
  33. 33. Heritage Hyde Park Kenwood Oakland mural, detail, Rahmaan Barnes – Chicago, IL, 2008
  34. 34. Decorative DeBoers Gallery Door Entrance, Lambertus DeGraaf - Owen Sound, ON, 2003
  35. 35. Decorative Dyonsius – Wine Cellar Ceiling E’ Terra Inn Michael Marcotte
  36. 36. Advertising/Signage Artist, Robert Mataranglo
  37. 37. Urban Renewal Rush of Fall, Phillip Adams & David Guinn – Montreal, Quebec, 2009
  38. 38. Urban Renewal 24th and Mission Utility Box, 2006 Precita Eyes Muralist Association and Creativity Explored 24th and Mission Utility Box, 2006 Precita Eyes Muralist Association
  39. 39. Urban Renewal Achieving Harmony, 2009 Past and Present, 2008 Sarah Collard, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  40. 40. Urban Renewal / Youth Engagement Recontre entre les cultures / Where diversity meets, Yannick Picard, Montreal, Quebec, 2007
  41. 41. Community Lewisham Street Rhythms, Gary Drostle - London / United Kingdom, 2003
  42. 42. Community Bert Monterona - Port Coquitlam, BC, 2009
  43. 43. Community Bert Monterona - International Mural Festival, Winnipeg, Man. 2007
  44. 44. Community Reflections of Good, Juan Chavez – Chicago, IL, 2006
  45. 45. Youth engagement Puppets, Daniel Adoot, Michael Brown, YiRu Li, Jessey Pacho, Izzy Rashid – Toronto, 2008
  46. 46. Youth engagement Youthlink, Harbourfront Community Centre project – Toronto, 2004/05
  47. 47. Youth engagement Peace Dove, Soulimage artists, WonG, Manny, Ben & Jay – Toronto, 2009
  48. 48. Youth Engagement It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, Youth Project Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, Toronto, ON, 2009
  49. 49. Youth Education Reflections on Beauty, detail with Jaime, Youth Employment and Education Project - Toronto, ON, 2007
  50. 50. Community Engagement /Youth Education/Social Message Come-Unity, Rob Matejka, Tristan, Johnny, Maggie, Jordan – Mural Routes Urban Canvas Project -Toronto, 2009
  51. 51. Youth Engagement 3 Toronto Graffiti Writers Painting Graffiti, Gonzo, Phade & Espr Toronto, ON 2009
  52. 52. Urban Renewal / Community Engagement Philadelphia Muses, Meg Saligman Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, 1999
  53. 53. Urban Renewal / Community Engagement Behold the Open Door, John Laidacker & Re-entry workers – Mural Arts Program in collaboration with Philadelphia Prison System, Philadelphia, 2008
  54. 54. Urban Renewal / Community Engagement Holding Grandmother’s Quilt Donald Gensler – Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, 2004
  55. 55. Random Acts of Wall Art Keith Haring, Subway Art, New York
  56. 56. Random Acts of Wall Art Banksy, Street artist, UK
  57. 57. Random Acts of Wall Art Banksy, UK
  58. 58. Random Acts of Wall Art Tusk, Queen/Portland Alley, Toronto
  59. 59. Random Acts of Wall Art Trace was painted by Mat Hand as a gift to Toronto when he was staying there prior, to being the keynote speaker at the 12th National Mural Symposium. The mural depicts Cathy, a former Torontonian now living in Berlin, where the artist resides. Trace - Mat Hand, 2009
  60. 60. Current Trend - Materials and Methods  Fresco  Paint  Plywood panels  Aluminium  Vinyl  Canvas  Non-woven media  Mosaic  Mixed media  Video / illumination  Walls – also ceilings and floors  Utility boxes  Street furniture  Vehicles
  61. 61. CURRENT MURAL RESOURCES There is a vast library of books and online documentation of murals, mural projects and mural artists. The websites below provide links to many other sources.
  62. 62. THE BIG PICTURE Current Trends in Wall Art Presented by Karin Eaton Executive Director Mural Routes Mural Routes gratefully acknowledges the support of: Ontario Trillium Foundation Toronto Arts Council Ontario Arts Council City of Toronto and the hard work of the volunteers and groups that help to achieve its goals. Working together to enhance communities through mural art