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Portal Overview - Murali Krishna Nookella best case portal


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IBM WebSphere Portal products case provide enterprise web portals that help companies deliver/covers a highly-personalized, social experience for their customers. WebSphere Portal products give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. These products help increase visitor response and reduce web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet your business needs.
Murali Krishna Nookella

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Portal Overview - Murali Krishna Nookella best case portal

  1. 1. ®IBM Software Group© 2009 IBM CorporationPortal ArchitectureMurali Krishna NookellaPortal Evangelist
  2. 2. IBM Software GroupPortal Context Diagram
  3. 3. IBM Software GroupPortal Services
  4. 4. IBM Software GroupPortal Architecture Presentation layer—A Web user interface plus pervasivedevice support Personalization—The ability to serve dynamic response to theuser based on personal profiles Collaboration—Tools that allow e-mail, team rooms, sharedplaces, etc. to be exchanged Portlets—A framework for easily attaching software modules(portlets) and services
  5. 5. IBM Software GroupPortal Architecture Applications and workflow—Integration of legacy andnew applications Search and navigation—Categorizing repositories ofcontent and searching them for relevant information Publish and subscribe—The ability to author newcontent and publish subscribers Administration and security—Basic Web site servicessuch as page design, performance monitoring, clusterservices, and metadata management Integration—Metadata
  6. 6. IBM Software GroupPortal Layers
  7. 7. IBM Software GroupPatterns – Business Patterns
  8. 8. IBM Software GroupIntegration Patterns
  9. 9. IBM Software GroupComposite Patterns
  10. 10. IBM Software GroupPortal Architecture
  11. 11. IBM Software GroupPortal Cluster Topology
  12. 12. IBM Software GroupWhat is a Cell?A cell is a group of nodes in a single administrative domain.The Deployment Manager manages the cell master configurationrepository. This repository stores the configuration for all nodesincluded in the cell.
  13. 13. IBM Software GroupDeployment ManagerThe Deployment Manager process provides a single point ofadministration for all nodes of the cell.The Deployment Manager manages the communication withthe node agent process presented on each node added to thecell.
  14. 14. IBM Software GroupMaster Configuration repository The master configuration repository contains the configurationdata of the cell. The Deployment Manager is responsible for the updates to theconfiguration repository. Only the Deployment Manager canupdate the node repository.
  15. 15. IBM Software GroupNode Agent The Node Agent resides in each node. It is responsible for thecommunication with the Deployment Manager, file transferservices, configuration synchronization and performancemonitoring.
  16. 16. IBM Software GroupCluster A cluster is a logical collection of application server processes.It provides the load balance, fail-over and scalability betweenapplication servers that are part of the cluster.
  17. 17. IBM Software GroupRoadmap to Building a Cluster
  18. 18. IBM Software GroupHigh Availability Portal Solution