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One of our favorite cartoonists Hugh Macleod says, "If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they'd punch you in the face". We agree, and we spin it in a different way. Every talk is an opportunity to connect her to something she may love or become curious about. We believe there is more than enough novelty floating in this world to interest her.

How we do it has 3 parts essentially,
SHE as a person what she likes, what interests her
APP as a unobtrusive, natural, impression enabler
ADS as a large pool of what is out there, and what she needs to see

It will be unusual selection for both advertisers and users, and she may even get her next phone free? And why not everyone wants to impress her.

Do you have an idea that she needs to see? Call us 1-800 - DIAL - DIME

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