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Endoscopic orbital surgery


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Endoscopic orbital surgery

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Endoscopic orbital surgery

  1. 1. Endoscopic Orbital surgery 30-12-2017 7.46 pm
  2. 2. This presentation is based on below papers . “Round-the-Clock” Surgical Access to the Orbit Endoscopic EndonasalManagement of OrbitalPathologies • ent_of_Orbital_Pathologies Transnasal Approach to the Medial Intraconal Space: Anatomic Study and Clinical Considerations • Endoscopic transnasal intraorbital surgery: our experience with 16 cases • Compartmental endoscopic surgical anatomy of the medial intraconal orbital space •
  3. 3. Endoscopic transorbital superior eyelid approach: anatomical study from a neurosurgical perspective •
  4. 4. See below videos Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Orbital Surgery • xXI • bKeSc&index=2&list=PLZquE6mn0cymkaXGLe oEXZpomHvBAGInb
  5. 5. “Round-the-Clock” Surgical Access to the Orbit Clock model of the orbit summarizing how the different approaches fit together and overlap. ON, optic nerve.
  6. 6. • All these domains are working! • • • • • • • • • • you copy paste any article/ Paper DOI ( digital objective indicator) in above websites you will get that paper FREE download. • All papers will have DOI if you go through original paper website or .
  7. 7. I will update soon Check