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Mura CMS & Moodle LMS


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Overview of how to integrate Mura CMS and Moodle LMS. Originally presented by Paul Denato of Einstein Healthcare Network at MuraCon EU 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Mura CMS & Moodle LMS

  1. 1. Mura  &  Moodle     Paul  Denato   Web  Developer   Einstein  Healthcare  Network  
  2. 2. Current  Mura  Sites    
  3. 3. Current  Mura  Sites    
  4. 4. Current  Mura  Sites    
  5. 5. Current  Mura  Sites    
  6. 6. Current  Mura  Sites    
  7. 7. What  we've  accomplished  with  Education   o  25,000  Registra?ons   o  3,500  Trained  on  the  LMS   −  200  SCORM  courses   o  450  courses  and  5,700  classes  
  8. 8. Why  Moodle  
  9. 9. Why  We  Chose  Moodle   o  Free     o  Connects  with  MSSQL   o  Wide  reaching  open  source  community   for  help  with:   −  Overall  configura?on   −  SeQng  up  SCORM  courses  
  10. 10. How  we  connect     to  Moodle  
  11. 11. DataBase  Connectivity   o  To  set  up  MSSQL  with  PHP  we  used  both  of   these  2  methods   o  Install  PHP  Drivers  for  SQL  Server  if  you’re  using  IIS   −  hTp://­‐us/download/ details.aspx?id=20098   o  Install  the  FreeTDS  extension  for  PHP  in   other  environments   −  hTp://   −  hTp://jus?­‐   php-­‐on-­‐mac-­‐os-­‐x/  
  12. 12. Authentication   o  Set  up  the  custom  login  page  
  13. 13. How  we  tie  in  to  the  LMS   Site  Administra?on    ▶    Plugins    ▶    Authen?ca?on    ▶    Manage  Authen?ca?on    
  14. 14. Authentication   o  Set  up  the  custom  login  page   o  Addi?onal  data  to  Moodle  
  15. 15. Adding  User  Fields   Site  Administra?on    ▶    Advanced  Features    ▶    Users    ▶    User  Profile   40556   NE33224   Typical  Einstein   Employee  ID  
  16. 16. Authentication   o  Set  up  the  custom  login  page   o  Addi?onal  data  to  Moodle   o  Manually  enroll  users  upon   successful  LDAP  authen?ca?on  
  17. 17. How  we  tie  in  to  the  LMS   Root    ▶    login    ▶    index.php   Walker  Safety  Training   Course  ID:  5   Manually  enroll  the   student  &  add  data   Populate  vars  and  direct   to  SCORM  Player   Query  Moodle  with   Course  ID  to  get  Sco  ID  
  18. 18. Calling  the  SCORM  Player   o  Plugin  variable  with  the  test  domain  
  19. 19. Plugin  Set  Up   This  domain  will  be   where  the  login  lives.  
  20. 20. Calling  the  SCORM  Player   o  Plugin  variable  with  the  test  domain   o  Extended  aTribute  containing  the   Moodle  Category  ID  
  21. 21. Extended  Attributes   Select  Moodle   Page  Type   Set  the  Extended   APributes  
  22. 22. Extended  Attributes   Add  it  to  the  main   content  area.   Select  the  display  object   required  for  this  page.  
  23. 23. Calling  the  SCORM  Player   o  Plugin  variable  with  the  test  domain   o  Extended  aTribute  containing  the   Moodle  Category  ID   o  The  plugin  display  object  uses  this  ID   to  make  an  AJAX  call  to  the  moodle   datasource  
  24. 24. DSP  Object  AJAX  Call  
  25. 25. Switch  Statement   Switch  Statement   Case  0  =  Learning  Object   If  it’s  1  we  go  into  the   grading  styles  
  26. 26. Demo  
  27. 27. Further   Integration  
  28. 28. Registration  Plugin   o  Current  LMS  contract  running  out   o  Administrator  registra?on  only   o  Instructor  lead  class  and  online   learning  module/assessment    
  29. 29. Adding  the  Moodle  SCORM   o  All  values  would  be  aTached  at  the   course  level  in  the  current  plugin  
  30. 30. Training  Landing  Page  
  31. 31. Training  Landing  Page  
  32. 32. Training  Landing  Page  
  33. 33. Training  Landing  Page  
  34. 34. Demo  
  35. 35. Select  SCORM   Content  
  36. 36. SCORM  Landing  Page   o  Incoming  Residents   o  Easy  access  to  all  required  training   o  Extended  aTributes  
  37. 37. SCORM  Landing  Page   These  are  the  course  id’s   from  Moodle.  
  38. 38. Demo  
  39. 39. Wrap  Up  
  40. 40. Final  Thoughts   o  Individual  SCORM  Content   o  Mul?ple  Enrolled  SCORM  Content   o  Select  SCORM  Courses  by  Request  
  41. 41. Questions  
  42. 42. Thank  You   Contact  Info:   Paul  Denato   @denato   /denato