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Interacting with the Mura CMS Core


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Originally presented by Guust Nieuwenhuis at MuraCon EU 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Interacting with the Mura CMS Core

  1. 1. Mura CMS Interac(ng  with  the  Mura  Core Guust  Nieuwenhuis,  Prisma  IT MuraCon  EU  2014   Edinburgh,  Scotland
  2. 2. Guust Nieuwenhuis Managing  Director  BELUX SPECIALITIES COMPANY FREE TIME Prisma  IT Applica(on  Architecture,  Content  Architecture,  Analysis,   Development Mura  CMS,  ColdFusion,  Railo Family,  Playing  the  Drums  &  (Double)  Bass,  Mountainbiking,   Games,  …
  3. 3. The Mura Core The  engine
  4. 4. UCliCes Base   Objects  /  Beans   The Mura Core The  engine  of  Mura  CMS,  access  to  all   func(onality. Helpers
  5. 5. The Mura Scope The  entrance
  6. 6. ▸  Mura’s  API ▸  Single  point  of  access ▸  Always  available ▸  ‘$’  or  ‘mura’ The Mura Scope A  standard,  concise  syntax  for  interfacing  with   the  Mura  Core.
  7. 7. Documentation The  reference
  8. 8. Software Engineering might be science, but that's not what I do. I'm a hacker, not an engineer. Jamie  Zawinski,  founder  Mozilla
  9. 9. Let’s take a look!
  10. 10. Thank you for  listening Guust  Nieuwenhuis g.nieuwenhuis@prisma-­‐ hYp:// +32  497  33  04  91