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Time Management

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This is courtesy of Mr. Yawar Baig.
May Allah bless him. Aameen.

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Time Management

  1. 1. Managing Time
  2. 2. What is Your Life’s Goal?  Today is your last working day and you are retiring. There is a farewell party for you and a friend of yours is giving a speech about you and your achievements  What would you like to hear in that speech? What difference do you want to make? 2
  3. 3. Some techniques for Life Goal    Imagine someone is delivering your eulogy or farewell speech on your retirement day. What would you like to hear? Imagine your picture on the cover of your favorite magazine. Write a caption for it. Think of those things in your past which gave you the most pleasure. Recall the incidents in as much detail as possible. What did you do? What happened? Why did you enjoy it? This will point you in the direction of your life goal
  4. 4. Time Log Time 5.30 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 Activity Record what you do every half hour for the whole day
  5. 5. Effective Time calculation Actual Time – Maintenance Time = Available Time Available time used in Life Goal = Effective Time (E T) Is this enough to achieve your Life Goal? 5
  6. 6. 4 – Keys for Effective Time 1. Prioritize: Effort versus Impact 2. Delegate: Urgent versus Important 3. Learn to manage the ‘Monkeys’ 4. Learn to say the magic word: “No.” Productivity is directly proportional to E T
  7. 7. INVESTMENT 20% of what you do, produces 80% of the results Waste Hard Work Do if you have to Leverage IMPACT
  8. 8. The 3 x 3 rule 1. Everyday make a list of 3 activities you need to do in order of priority according to impact. 2. Then start on the 1st and continue until you finish it. If you are interrupted, go back to it and complete it. Then go on to the next. 3. If any are left over, re-write the list the next day in the same way.
  9. 9. URGENT Urgent but not Important Urgent and Important Neither Urgent nor Important Important but not Urgent IMPORTANT
  10. 10. Working with the Quadrants 1. URGENT but not Important  2. Urgent and Important  3. Plan ahead and be proactive. Neither Urgent nor Important  4. Delegate. Don’t do it yourself. develop others. Say “No”. Don’t watch the electronic income reducer. Important but not Urgent  Therein lies your own development and growth. Plan and work towards it.
  11. 11. Managing Monkeys 1. Deal with them as they happen. 2. NEVER say, “Leave it with me.” 3. Don’t collect monkeys. Return them to their owners as soon as possible. 4. Feed them by appointment only. No drop-by
  12. 12. The magic word – “No!”  Develop Assertiveness: “Self expression through which one stands up for one’s basic rights without violating the basic rights of others.”
  13. 13. How to say ‘No!’ 1. Develop a reputation for being goal focused 2. Never ‘drop-in’ on anyone without notice 3. Never ‘Forward’ chain emails. Delete the ones you receive, unread. And tell everyone that you do this. Make punctuality an obsession
  14. 14. Friends    Is a role model for you You learn something new every time You can confidently introduce him to your parents Your can’t afford those that don’t fit this model
  15. 15. In the Final Analysis 1. Remember it is not about Time at all. 2. It is about Life. Your Life 15
  16. 16. Managing Priorities Start • What do you need to start doing? Stop • What do you need to stop doing? Continue • What do you need to continue? 16
  17. 17. Watch Yourself – Others do!!  Watch your thoughts, they become words,  Watch your words, they become actions,  Watch your actions, they become habits,  Watch your habits, they become character, Watch your character for it becomes your destiny
  18. 18. People remember us not by what we consumed But by what we contributed
  19. 19. For further information contact: Mirza Yawar Baig
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This is courtesy of Mr. Yawar Baig. May Allah bless him. Aameen.


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