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Islam and the Environment


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Islam and the Environment

  1. 1. 22 Slides including Covers More On Islam BriefcastAdvocating a harmonious balancebetween humans and nature
  2. 2. What’s Wrong with the Environment? Global Warming Loss of Bio Diversity Climate Water Change Scarcity Depletion of Ozone layer Acid Toxic Rain Materials Destruction Air Of forests Pollution2 A More on Islam presentation
  3. 3. Other pressing environmental issues… Diseases ( eg. AIDS) Interference in nature (eg. Cloning, Homosexuality, Unnatural feed, Abortion) Wastage (eg. Fireworks) Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons3 A More on Islam presentation
  4. 4. Islamic Approach to the Environment Islam describes the environment Creation & Ownership and teaches us that it has been created by Allah Humans and Islam prescribes how humanity Environment should use the environment Proactive Islamic teachings are meant to take Care proactive care of the environment Preservation Islam’s guidance form the principles & Protection of Environmental Protection Prophet’s (pbuh) Environmentalism has been taught Example (pbuh) and demonstrated by the Prophet4 A More on Islam presentation
  5. 5. Creation of Allah “Glory to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge.” (Quran 36:36)5 A More on Islam presentation
  6. 6. Balanced Creation S AN A M OR HU FL“And the earth - We havespread it out wide, and S TS S RE AL FO IMplaced on it mountains ANfirm, and caused (life) ofevery kind to grow on itin a balanced manner”(Quran 15:19) NTA IN S RD S OU BI M6 A More on Islam presentation
  7. 7. Diversity of Flora "He Who has, …. sent down water from the sky." With it have We produced diverse pairs of plants each separate from the others. (Quran 20:53)7 A More on Islam presentation
  8. 8. For the use of humanity “Eat (for yourselves) and pasture your cattle: verily, in this are signs for men endued with understanding.” (Quran 20:54) “See they not that it is We Who have created for them - among the things which Our hands have fashioned - cattle, which are under their dominion?-” (Quran 36:71)8 A More on Islam presentation
  9. 9. Proactive Care of the Environment According to Francesca De Chatel, a Netherlands-based anthropologist : “And yet a closer reading of the Hadith, the body of work Muhammad’s (pbuh) that recounts significant Environmentalism events in Muhammads Proactive (pbuh) life, reveals that he Guidance on the was a staunch advocate of environment given 1400 environmental protection.” Years Ago (pbuh) “One could say he (Muhammad) was an "environmentalist before his time," a pioneer in Francesca De the domain of conservation, sustainable Chatel’s Observation development, and resource management, and one who constantly sought to maintain a harmonious balance between man and nature”.9 A More on Islam presentation
  10. 10. Recent Initiatives for environmentalprotection 1975 1987 1992 2000 2005 2007 Stockholm Rio Paris Earth UN Earth MD Kyoto IPCC Summit Report Summit Goals Protocol10 A More on Islam presentation
  11. 11. Principles of Environmental Protection 1 Ownership of all things with Allah, the Creator and Sustainer. 2 Humans are vicegerents (representatives) 3 on earth. Humans are permitted to utilize the environment 4 without wasting Humans are and causing harm. accountable for their deeds.11 A More on Islam presentation
  12. 12. Afforestation and Wasteland enrichment Guidance and Practice of the Prophet (pbuh) Planting of Trees Waste land cultivation“Whoever brings “Whoever brings dead land to life, dead land to life, Dry land cultivation “Whoever plants “Whoever plantsthat is, cultivates that is, cultivates trees, Allah will give trees, Allah will give Land preservationwasteland, for himwasteland, for him him reward to the him reward to the is a reward is a reward Nature Reserves extent of their fruit” extent of their fruit” therein.” therein.” Wildlife Sanctuaries Protected Zones Additional Information Click here More Guidelines12 A More on Islam presentation
  13. 13. (pbuh)Prophet’s Teachings 1. “Whoever reclaims and cultivates dry, barren land will be rewarded by Allah for the act. So long as men and animals benefit from it He will record it for him as almsgiving.” 2. “If a Muslim plants a tree, that part of its produce consumed by men will be as almsgiving for him. Any fruit stolen from the tree will also be as almsgiving for him. That which the birds eat will also be as almsgiving for him. Any of its produce which people may eat thus diminishing it, will be as almsgiving for the Muslims who planted it.” 3. “If a Muslim plants a tree, then whatever is eaten from it by birds is a charity and whatever is stolen is a charity”13 A More on Islam presentation
  14. 14. Wild life preservation Guidance and Practice of the Prophet (pbuh) “On migrating to Medina, God’s Messenger (PBUH) organized the planting of trees and of date groves. He made the forests and green Protected spaces, conservation areas, where Zone every sort of living creature lived. These were called sanctuaries”- Dr. Ibrahim Ozdemir “In order to protect land, forests, and wildlife, Muhammad created inviolable zones known as protected and forbidden zones, in which resources were to be left untouched”- Francesca De Chatel14 A More on Islam presentation
  15. 15. Protection of Fauna Guidance and Practice of the Prophet (pbuh) Showing mercy to birds and  Killing animal for mere sport x animals Making animals “All creatures of “All creatures of Allah form the Allah form the Feeding properly  fight each other x family of Allah family of Allah for sport and he is the best and he is the best loved of Allah loved of Allah who loves best who loves best Freedom  Stoning Animals & Birds x His creatures” His creatures” Good Health  Mistreatment x Supplication for animals  Imprisonment x15 A More on Islam presentation
  16. 16. Conservation of water Guidance and Practice of the Prophet (pbuh) Water-Basis of Life “O children of Adam! Sensible Usage “O children of Adam! Wear your beautiful Wear your beautiful Prohibition of wastage apparel at every time apparel at every time Water- Shared Resource and place of prayer; and place of prayer; eat and drink, but eat and drink, but Prohibition of pollution of waste not by excess, waste not by excess, water bodies for God loves not the for God loves not the No disruption to ecological wasters” (Quran 6:141) wasters” (Quran 6:141) balance Additional Information Click here More Guidelines16 A More on Islam presentation
  17. 17. (pbuh)Prophet’s Teachings -“Even if you take the ablutions in a flowing river, do not waste the water”. -“Excess in the use of water is forbidden, even if you have the resources of a whole river”. -“People are co-owners in three things: water, fire and pasture”. - The Prophet (pbuh) prohibited urination in stagnant water.17 A More on Islam presentation
  18. 18. Removing and Reducing the causes ofgreenhouse emissions UNEP on The Kyoto Protocols Climate Change major feature is that it “We need to has mandatory reduce emissions targets on greenhouse-gas of greenhouse emissions for the gases, which will worlds leading mean altering economies how we live and which have do business.” accepted it.. (UNFCCC) The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Countries that ratify this protocol commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases, or engage in emissions trading if they maintain or increase emissions of these gases. Why do our lives and business need change?18 A More on Islam presentation
  19. 19. Irrational Consumption - The Vicious Cycle Buy more, Spend more Consumers Irresponsible Pressure on Business- Earners/Investors Produce More, to earn more Market More Pressure on Business to profit more every quarter Result: More Greenhouse gas emissions, More Global Warming, More Environmental Problems19 A More on Islam presentation
  20. 20. Responsible Business, SustainableConsumption Guidance and Practice of the Prophet (pbuh) Balanced Spending Prohibition of wastage Prohibition of greed Prohibition of Lying Prohibition of dishonesty Prohibition of hiding any defect in products and services20 A More on Islam presentation
  21. 21. 3600 Environmentalism Environment is not limited to the natural environment! It’s also the social, moral, economic and political environment that needs to be clean and free of corruption. As in the case of natural environment, Islam provides guidance and shows the way in all spheres of human life.21 A More on Islam presentation
  22. 22. "Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the succession of night and day, there are indeed messages for all who are endowed with insight" (Quran 3:190) Thanks for watching and studying the presentation. For further information, suggestions and comments please contact: All Rights Reserved. No part of the presentation may be modified. Distribution is permitted and encouraged. For other titles please contactLearn The original document is certified to be virus-free. Recommended Readingsmore…  The Holy Quran (Print)  The Holy Quran (Online) (pbuh)  Muhammad (Critical Lives)  Islam Primer  The Islamic Approach to the Prevention of spread of AIDS  Animal Rights: An Islamic Perspective (pbuh)  Muhammad : A pioneer of environmentalism  Preserve Water, Preserve Life  Drops of Faith: Water in Islam22 A More on Islam presentation