3 Tips About A Boyfriend Break Up


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3 Tips About A Boyfriend Break Up

  1. 1. 3 Tips About A Boyfriend Break UpDid you wake up this morning with a devastating heart ache? Perhaps youreexperiencing a monumental "hangover" headache and you dont even drink. Didyou dread looking in the mirror, because you know what youre going to look like?There is a very good chance you have if you have ever had a boyfriend break up.Frankly there are many things in your relationship that could have brought forththe breakup. However, you and I are going to concentrate on just three of themtoday.1. Cheating with another woman:Are you even sure you know what cheating is or what it actually involves? Whenyou set down and began to examine the event that brought about the ending ofthe relationship, there are several question to ask yourself.Was he texting a female you didnt know about? If so was it someone at work andthe text involved work. That could be a legitimate and perfectly innocentrelationship and does not even qualify as cheating.Does it mean he was having an ongoing sexual relationship with someone fromhis past? Yes! That definitely is out and out cheating on your relationship. Are youso jealous that when he even glances at another woman, you expect he ischeating on you?As you can see there are many definitions for cheating. Therefore you need to beperfectly clear in your mind what your definition is about cheating prior tobreaking up with your boyfriend.Now Im going to throw a little curve at you from out of nowhere. Prior to startingyour "steady" relationship, did you and he talk about what each of you expectedin your romance?You may be really surprised by his explanation when you do the boyfriendbreakup thing, when he just looked at another woman or was texting someone at
  2. 2. work. When this happens you may need to decide if your expectations were outof the so called norm. One thing about it though, is when you really think about ityou may have to decide if you want to breakup with the boyfriend or continuewith the overall relationship.2.Long distance love affairs:You can almost bet when you’re trying to maintain a long distance relationship itis painful, extremely difficult and almost always ends in a boyfriend breakup;unless both of you are fully committed to making it work. If you’re not committedget prepared because the breakup is likely going to be just around the corner.It is very likely you have seen more than one person experience thisphenomenon. It really seems to be prevalent in the college age young people.Many of them had relationships in high school that carried forward into the earlycollege years. However, when the schools were hours or miles apart and studies,social events and loneliness cuts in the boyfriend break up can occur.3. Lifestyle changes:What if your beau has become a real pain in the butt? It just might be the perfecttime to change your life. Even though the boyfriend doesnt want to break up youmay have to be the one, who takes the bull by the horns, and does the breakingup.Oftentimes as you mature and put on a few more years your thinking, goals andsocial approaches may change and often do. You may just be finding yourself noteven wanting a permanent partner. And frankly there is nothing wrong withspreading your social wings.Take the time to dig into your heart, mind and soul to see if the boyfriendbreakup maybe exactly what you need right now. Yes both you and yoursignificant other may hurt when the breakup takes place, but both of you may bemade of some very strong stuff and find out its the best thing that ever happenedto you.
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